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News Archive May 2002

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

ONP delay 31 May 2002 Hellscrag

Operation Na Pali may be delayed a couple of days, but is still slated for release this weekend.

ONP to be released this week 27 May 2002 Hellscrag

According to DavidM at TeamVortex, Operation Na Pali is to undergo final testing over the next couple of days and should be released by Thursday or Friday. Here's hoping!

Another Spatial Fear update 26 May 2002 Hellscrag

Spatial Fear is currently showing off a few new pics of their upcoming mod.

ONP so very near... 25 May 2002 Hellscrag

Operation Na Pali is getting steadily closer. We can expect to see it very soon indeed. With 38 playable maps, it looks like it will be worth the wait...

UnrealEd.info pumping out SP maps 23 May 2002 Hellscrag

Thanks to DavidM for tipping me off about this resource. UnrealEd.info are promoting a variety of SP maps, evidently of varying quality but potentially worth a look, at this page.

Further screenshot forum threads 22 May 2002 Hellscrag

In addition to the post below, there are further threads of interest currently on the forum. This thread by thechief7 shows some new screens of The Odyssey a.k.a. Skull, while this thread by Waffnuffly has some details of a new project he is working on. I'm sure either mapper would appreciate your feedback.

Above the Clouds screenshots 19 May 2002 Hellscrag

Four official screenshots of my own UT SP map Above the Clouds are now available at this thread on our forums. Check 'em out.

Team Vortex publish ONP races guide 18 May 2002 Hellscrag

The guys at Team Vortex have published a guide to the races you'll meet in ONP. It's nothing new to the experienced among us, but might be worth a read.

Nali Chronicles and Site Updates 18 May 2002 Zynthetic

zynthetic reporting for duty
Nali Chronicles have added two new shots of the interior of spaceship level being developed. They're also added an ingame screenshot of thier Quadbow weapon.
I hope everyone likes the new news posting system. Hopfully we'll be able to add more features to UnrealSP in the future.

Spatial Fear update 18 May 2002 Hellscrag

This update was actually released a few days ago, but for those who haven't yet seen it, check Spatial Fear for a new batch of screens. Now that I have less work to do, I should be able to post about these updates more quickly.

Techno signs in... 17 May 2002 Techno

I would really like to thank Hellscrag for giving me the info about this new feature. By his request, I am posting a news article to demonstrate that my account is up.
Also, due to the most recently released maps, I am already working on tips for Xidia, which will be followed by tips for Attacked! I hope to have them completed and sent to the site as quickly as possible.

UnrealSP now using PHP news 17 May 2002 Hellscrag

The day has come when we finally had to modernise. This site is now using a PHP-based news system, so more people than just me should be able to update the news page. Big thanks to Zynthetic for researching this for me. To access recent HTML-based news updates, click the Old HTML News link.

Attacked! now reviewed 16 May 2002 Hellscrag

A decent score has been awarded to Waffnuffly's Attacked! pack - this review is now available in the custom map reviews section, although there is no download link for it at present. One will be provided as soon as a permanent download location becomes available.

Team Phalanx interview 09 May 2002 Hellscrag

UTO scored an interesting IRC interview with a few members of Team Phalanx, one of the main topics of discussion being the recent release Xidia. Check it out.

Attacked! available at UTCMS 09 May 2002 Hellscrag

Attacked! is now available on Varpu's UTCMS at the following link: download

Skull gets a new name 09 May 2002 Hellscrag

Thechief7's SP pack which was previously known only as Skull is now officially called The Odyssey. The site has a new design, and along with it Thechief7 is offering a new version of the first map for download for those who are beta-testing inclined.

Operation Na Pali updates 09 May 2002 Hellscrag

Operation Na Pali will now no longer feature the jeep, since the implementation problems were holding up the release. On a brighter note, DavidM has revealed that the pack will feature a total of 38 playable maps... he claims that it's one more than Unreal had, but Unreal actually had 38 as well. Still, who's complaining? A SP campaign as long as the original game has got to be good.

Temporary Attacked! download 05 May 2002 Hellscrag

Until Waffnuffly gets Attacked! up on Fileplanet, the 19Mb file can be downloaded here. Enjoy...

Waffnuffly completes Attacked! 04 May 2002 Hellscrag

Waffnuffly has completed his long-term Unreal SP pack - this is great news for all of us. Stay tuned for a download link, this will be made available as soon as Waffnuffly has managed to get the file up on Fileplanet.

Operation Na Pali Coop 01 May 2002 Hellscrag

TeamVortex announced a couple of days ago that ONP will have full support for Coop. There is even a screenshot of coop in action now (that also shows off their new pulse gun a bit further). This is great news for the coop gamers among us.

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