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News Archive April 2007

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Site News Housekeeping 30 April 2007 Hellscrag

Two years' worth of old news has just been manually archived - hopefully this will make the site quicker to load for all of our loyal readers!

Unreal Tournament Flight to Kindri news 30 April 2007 Hellscrag

evil_blue_dude's small SP map pack still appears to be progressing: if you check out this forum post, you can get the latest report from the author, who reports that three of the four maps in the pack have now been substantially progressed, as well as a few editor screenshots.

Unreal Shrakith'a sequel announced! 29 April 2007 Hellscrag

Seemingly out of nowhere, Geoff "Makkura" Field, who brought us the amazing The Tower of Shrakith'a many years ago, has begun working on a sequel! The map pack will be built for the original Unreal. More details, including a preliminary publicity pic, can be found on the project's forum thread. This is, truly, fantastic news for Unreal single player fans!

Unreal Tournament WhirlWindWabbit's new project 24 April 2007 Hellscrag

WhirlWindWabbit, developer of Last Escape from Na Pali, has begun work on a new project (the forum announcement and a pic can be found here). In his own words:

"The story will follow a player wich is dragged onto Na Pali against his will, but in a somewhat different turn of events than usually. The player's journey will be an all too familiar "get out of here alive" quest, but I'm trying to take a bit of a different approcah experimenting with things that haven't been done before, story-wise. Story itself will make some connections with an already released mod (not saying which), so I'm not sure how people will really accept this. I'll also include some things I've used a long time ago in my story submition for LoV. As much as I see it in my head, it's all pretty exciting to begin with."

Unreal Tournament Residual Decay Updates 12 April 2007 Hellscrag

In the continued absence of the oft-promised Residual Decay web site, Mister Prophet has been very active on the forums over the last couple of days. In the first instance, he has posted a frank and very revealing update on the scope and status of the mod, which shows the mod to be even bigger than we had previously thought. Also on offer are some WIP pics of the new Jones player model and a movie of some new explosive barrel effects.

Unreal Tournament New pics from milb 5 April 2007 Hellscrag

milb posted a couple of new screenies from his presently untitled map pack on the forums, which include the first glimpse of the pack's lighting.

Unreal Tournament Residual Decay Pics 2 April 2007 Hellscrag

Mister Prophet posted a few new pics of Residual Decay on the forums. The rather stunning map pics are, unfortunately, of the mod's DM maps rather than its SP content; however, Prophet also chose to update the first page of the same thread with all the pics posted on the thread to date, which are worth reviewing if you missed any. Read on into the page following Prophet's latest release of pics for some interesting nuggets of information about how the mod's weapon roster will work.

Site News April Fool! 1 April 2007 Hellscrag

In case you didn't work it out already, there is going to be no Unreal movie! Sorry! Nice idea, though, wasn't it?!?

Unreal Hollywood Scoop: Major Unreal movie to be filmed! 1 April 2007 Hellscrag

This is surely the moment that Unreal fans have awaited since day one! A source in Hollywood has revealed that a major movie studio has signed a deal with Midway and Epic Games to produce a big-screen adaptation of the Unreal story. Rising star Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later, Red Eye) is to take the lead role as Prisoner "Jack" 849, whose journey across the dangerous world of Na Pali will be the thrust of the story.
The B-story of the movie will follow the trials and tribulations of a group of survivors from the crashed vessel ISV-Kran. Cameron Diaz (Charlie's Angels) will co-star as Kira Argmanov, and will be joined by veteran character actress Susan Sarandon (Stepmom) as her loyal crewmate Chief Medical Officer Tatiana Zimna and Angel co-star J. August Richards as the wisecracking security officer Sergai Dubrov.
Cillian Murphy
Cameron Diaz
Of course, Unreal wouldn't be Unreal without its alien races. Hollywood action hero Vin Diesel (xXx) will provide the body template and voices for the computer-generated Skaarj, Jack's chief opponents in his journey across the planet. Meanwhile, movie legend Christopher Lee (The Lord of the Rings) has reportedly been signed to play the part of a mysterious Nali priest who will aid Jack on his travels.
The two story threads will coincide at a climactic confrontration at the Nali monastery of Bluff Eversmoking. Details are sketchy at present, but the possibility of a romatic connection between Jack and Kira cannot be ruled out at this time. Hulk director Ang Lee and The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson are reportedly both being considered to direct the picture.
At UnrealSP.Org we hope you are as excited about this project as we are, and we would welcome your comments on our Unreal movie forum thread!
Christopher Lee Vin Diesel J. August Richards Susan Sarandon

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