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News Archive April 2004

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Screenshots at Hellscrag.net 30 April 2004 Hellscrag

Hellscrag's Mapping Portfolio is currently showcasing sixteen screenshots of the four maps the author currently has in the works - two for Déjà Vu: Gryphon Revisited v2.0, and two for Unreal: Battle for Na Pali.

New Blood Oath Pics 26 April 2004 Hellscrag

Jaspos has updated his Blood Oath site with three screenshots of a burning Na Pali Haven. This should be a pretty atmospheric piece of the pack.

Upcoming Maps News 25 April 2004 Hellscrag

Drew has announced the development of Skaarj Tower, a sequel to his previous coop-only map Skaarj Castle. Construction of the map, which is set in a large underground castle, is well underway and, unusually, the map is actually being built for Unreal. For more info and a screenshot, see Upcoming Maps. In related news, TheEmperorStalwartUK has informed me that a web site is under construction for his Unreal mission pack Return to Mars. I will publish a URL when one becomes available.

Legend of Vandora 23 April 2004 Hellscrag

Cheers to Stuart for pointing out that UT2004 SP project Legend of Vandora was missing from our Upcoming Maps page. My apologies to the LoV team for this curious omission, which has probably taken place through the update getting lost somewhere in my lengthy "to-do" list. Anyway, the project is now included on the Upcoming Maps page, along with a screenshot of the concept map CTF-Avali-2k4.

Jaspos' Blood Oath 23 April 2004 Hellscrag

Jaspos has got to work on an Unreal 2 map pack set of the Nali homeworld. The project, dormant for a while but now reactivated and entitled "Blood Oath", returns to such well-known locales as the Sunspire and Na Pali Haven, as well as adding several new environments.More can be found on the Upcoming Maps page about the project, which uses some mesh and skin assets that Jaspos offered to the late Na Pali Heaven project prior to its collapse.

Na Pali Forever 20 April 2004 Hellscrag

My surfing recently uncovered a new project, "Na Pali Forever", being developed by Team Uranus. More information on this Unreal SP pack for UT can be found on the Upcoming Maps page, including a larger version of one of the screenshots below. The site is not fully open for business yet, but team leader Skorch tells me that the pack is looking to include up to twenty maps in the final release.

Team UnrealSP needs a Modeller 20 April 2004 Hellscrag

Team UnrealSP requires a modeller / animator to provide several creature meshes and skins for their project, Unreal: Battle for Na Pali. If you are a modeller who would like to have a go at designing some animated creature meshes for the UT436 engine, and wouldn't mind working from other people's concept art, please get in touch via their team page.

More Site Updates 15 April 2004 Hellscrag

Upcoming Maps has been updated to reflect the latest developments. Team UnrealSP's sequel project has a new screenshot and has gained its proper title, Unreal: Battle for Na Pali, and Above the Clouds has been deleted due to many of its assets being signed over to the aforementioned project. Above the Clouds' spirit will hopefully live on the sequel's Pan'thali Haven map.
Additionally, the What is Unreal? page has been tweaked to clarify a slightly misleading description of UT2003/4's single player support or lack thereof. Thanks to MMAN UGITU for raising this point with me - keep the feedback coming in the suggestion box!

It's okay... 2 April 2004 Hellscrag

Contrary to previous reports, this site has not been taken over by TheEmperorStalwartUK. Our site's UT SP content isn't going anywhere!

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