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News Archive April 2002

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Waffnuffly lives 28 April 2002 Hellscrag

Waffnuffly has been in touch to report that he has been working hard on Attacked! during his absence. It's good to hear that this project still lives, and Upcoming Maps has been amended accordingly. Incidentally, there's a new pic of Above the Clouds on said page, although it doesn't show a great deal.

Upcoming Maps bits 27 April 2002 Hellscrag

Upcoming Maps has had a few minor updates to keep things with the times. There's a new pic of The Journey, the Spatial Fear link has been updated to point to their new site, and it is apparent that EddX's Zero Black still lives.

Xidia Review 24 April 2002 Hellscrag

I have taken the time to review Xidia. Congratulations are in order to the guys at Team Phalanx for creating an excellent pack, and it gets a deservedly great score. The review can be found in the usual section.

Xidia Released! 19 April 2002 Hellscrag

Visit Team Phalanx to download their newly released 8-map UT SP project. It's a 46Mb file but is also available in 5Mb chunks for modem users. This pack looks sweet.

Mappage Updates 19 April 2002 Hellscrag

Spatial Fear, which is now operating from PlanetUnreal, has a few new screenshots available on their site, which are looking good. In addition, they sent a few exclusive screenshot montages to MPZ, and these can be found here. Meanwhile, TeamVortex posted a pic of their modified pulse gun, which looks interesting.

Enigma joins the team 19 April 2002 Hellscrag

As of now, Enigma is fan fiction reviewer for the site. Welcome aboard.

We are back! 19/04/02 Hellscrag

Hey all, the new hosting is up. It's been a while but here we are...

Team Phalanx's new site 12 April 2002 Hellscrag

Team Phalanx has a new site. There's no new info on Xidia to speak of, but they suggest that the pack may be out within the next week!

UnrealSP.Org has a vacancy 09 April 2002 Hellscrag

Karmadude, fan fiction reviewer for the site, has left the team to return to the Worms community. As such, we now need a new full-time fan fiction reviewer for UnrealSP.Org. The person in question should ideally be able to write reviews more frequently than Karmadude was able to. If they wish, the reviewer can re-review the two stories on the site at present to recalibrate the scoring scale. If you think you are the right person for the job, please mail me.

MMAN UGITU moves house again 09 April 2002 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU, unsatisfied with Tripod, has moved back to Geocities as a base for his maps.

Enough silliness! 01 April 2002 Hellscrag

Okay I think we've had enough of April Fools now ;). Back to business as normal.

ONP's New HUD 01 April 2002 Hellscrag

TeamVortex has updated their site with pics of a new HUD being deployed for ONP. Looks good.

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