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News Archive February 2005

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Support OldUnreal.com 28 February 2005 Hellscrag

Our cousin to the cause, OldUnreal.com, is in need of financial help. If you make use of their archive of classic Unreal files, Smirftsch would appreciate any contribution you might be able to make to the budget of the site. It doesn't have to be a lot to make a difference. Donations are by Paypal. Thanks!

Brotherly Mappage 25 February 2005 Hellscrag

It seems that everyone's brother is getting on on the mapping game. If you surf into Upcoming Maps, you'll see that two new projects have been added (one is still pending a screenshot and so appears at the very end of the page). Firstly, SP-Plateau (working title), an UT SP map by kea's brother Diamond. This map is apparently nearing completion. Secondly, Saving Na Pali, a venture by Skaarj Slayer's brother (SH)The_Vortex_Riker, aided by Skaarj Slayer himself. Both have links to project threads or sites with more info and, in the case of SP-Plateau, screenshots.

Upcoming Map Pics 21 February 2005 Hellscrag

A quick visit to the Darkcloud Rising project thread will reveal a couple of new screenshots of GTD-Carthage's new UT SP map pack. Carthage reports that ideas are coming thick and fast - more so than one person can deal with - so if you're a SP mapper looking for a project to work on, check it out. An impressive new pic of The Chosen One was also recently posted on the forum by Kaka.

New Project: Darkcloud Rising 19 February 2005 Hellscrag

Undeterred by abandoning his previous project, GTD-Carthage has returned with Darkcloud Rising. The story is not fully worked out yet, but map one is set in a Skaarj facility. Less ambitious than the previous project Darkcloud, GTD-Carthage hopes to see this one through to completion. More info on Upcoming Maps.

New Project: Unreal RPG 13 February 2005 Hellscrag

Xavious and co have revived their idea for an Unreal RPG, which "will hopefully bring [Unreal] up to par with the likes of Morrowind." The team need to recruit content creators, however, including several mappers. More on the project thread.

The Chosen One Update 13 February 2005 Hellscrag

Kaka announced a significant update to the Chosen One web site. As well as a new design for the site itself, a number of new screenshots are featured. In other mapping news, TheEmperorStalwartUK ditched his project's suggestive working title of Sunspire Rear in favour of the title Lands of the Sunspire.

Unreal ported to UT2004? 2 February 2005 Hellscrag

Crazy as it sounds, mapper -oMLeTTe- has undertaken the task of converting the whole of the Unreal saga to the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine. He has already acquired a coder for his project and may be looking for more mappers. If you are interested in learning more about this project (several pics of the first couple of maps are available), Unreal: Reloaded now has an entry towards the bottom of the Upcoming Maps page.

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