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News Archive February 2003

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Na Pali Heaven shots 28 February 2003 Hellscrag

Just a quick update on Na Pali Heaven, which is now boasting three shots of a nice-looking map they are working on for the pack. It's recommended that you take a look.

Unreal 2 add-on "Na Pali Heaven" announced 28 February 2003 Hellscrag

This is major news for the community - a large Unreal 2 SP pack set in the classic Unreal world! Na Pali Heaven casts you as a guard from the ISV-Kran in a storyline set before the Vortex Rikers crash, and looks set to be an exciting project.

New single player projects for Unreal 1 & 2 26 February 2003 Hellscrag

While it's not this site's primary concern to cover Unreal 2, it is worth mentioning this forthcoming Unreal 2 SP map from Tygra. Alien Shadows will possess the "Unreal 1 atmosphere & gameplay, for real Unreal fans" according to the author. I look forward to its release. Additionally, our old pal Naveed is working on an Unreal Gold / RtNP single player pack called Freeze Factor - this 2-3 map pack will be set in a Mercenary base on a frozen moon orbiting the Nali Planet. More info, including the story, on our forums.

Eightball Maniac releases Sacred Passage 24 February 2003 Hellscrag

Eightball Maniac has recently released the Sacred Passage chapter of his epic Unreal fanfic. To read the chapter, visit EBM's site.

Nali Chronicles news 24 February 2003 Hellscrag

Work on Nali Chronicles progresses, with four new shots to keep us going while the team pulls the last couple of maps together. Take a look at the Nali Chronicles site.

Unreal 2 Coop Project 17 February 2003 Hellscrag

Planet Na Pali, developers of the RtNP Coop Project, have begun work on a Coop gametype for Unreal 2. They are looking for coding help, so if you think you have something to offer pay them a visit.

Spatial Fear 1.2 in the works 13 February 2003 Hellscrag

Liquid Element, whose UT mod "Spatial Fear: Prologue" was recently awarded "Mod of the month" by PC Gamer magazine, is working on a 1.2 "final" patch for the pack. This patch will contain only minor map changes, and so in the mean time the new version 1.1 of the mod remains a recommended download.

UnrealSP forums welcome Lightning SP Reviews 13 February 2003 Hellscrag

Lightning Hunter's review site now has a board hosted at our forums. We welcome Lightning Hunter to the site, and remind anyone in need of a board that we offer forum hosting to suitable Unreal causes.

Site re-coding update 7 February 2003 Hellscrag

I'm pleased to say that through gradual work as and when I've had the time, our custom map reviews area is now fully converted to UnrealSP's new style sheet. I'll get to work on the rest of the Community site area next. For now, however, some inconsistencies in site appearance remain.

Unreal 2 finds its way into our hands 7 February 2003 Hellscrag

As you probably all know, Unreal's single player sequel has been released and is finding its way into UK gamers' hands. We'll bring you our thoughts on the game as a sequel to Unreal in due course as a featured article.

Lightning Hunter listing all known SP maps 7 February 2003 Hellscrag

Lightning Hunter is working on listing all known Unreal & UT single player maps and packs at his SP review site. The list, which is nearly complete, can be found here. Our thanks to Lightning Hunter for providing this service. Somewhat off topic, Lightning Hunter has also recently released a "classic pack" of the best custom Unreal deathmatch maps as converted to Unreal Tournament - worth a look if you still play UT.

Spatial Fear 1.1 out now! 6 February 2003 Zynthetic

After a short delay, the 1.1 patch and full install for Spatial Fear has been released. You can find it on the Liquid Element site or on File Planet, mirrors are still being added.
In related news, Spatial Fear was included on this month's PC Gamer demo CD. There was a misunderstanding and it was printed that Spatial Fear was for UT2k3. Regardless, we congradulate the Liquid Element team.

Spatial Fear 1.1 soon 3 February 2003 Zynthetic

The anticipated patch to the recently released Spatial Fear could be released as early as Tuesday. This patch will contain enhancments to gameplay, weapons and the AI as well as fixing bugs discovered in the initial release plus more. The new version is being released in two flavors. One, a patch which is estimated to weigh around 45mb and the other as a full install expected to be around 100mb.

New map review 1 February 2003 Hellscrag

MMAN UGITU sent in a surprise review, dredging up Evil Atje's Sirius 38f3 from the Unreal SP maps of the past. If you're curious, the review can be found here.

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