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News Archive January 2006

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Unreal Tournament SkaarjOps weapon specs 31 January 2006 Hellscrag

The Bloblet Crew web site has been updated to show some of the surgery the team will be performing on the classic Unreal weapons roster. It's worth a look, and I'm sure the team would welcome your thoughts.

Site News Unreal Turboman Interviewed 28 January 2006 Hellscrag

Reciprocity has been busy again. This time, he has interviewed the elusive Turboman about the upcoming Unreal SP Firestorm - check it out.

Unreal Tournament New Bloblet Crew web site 24 January 2006 Hellscrag

The new Bloblet Crew web site has been revamped. It looks much nicer - nice one, guys.

Fan Fiction Another New Fanfic 23 January 2006 Hellscrag

It's another new fan fiction project! Also forum-based, like Frieza's Brink of Extinction, WhirlWindWabbit has begun work on a story written from a first person perspective. The prologue for Story of my Life can be found here.

Unreal Tournament New Bond Designs site 23 January 2006 Hellscrag

A new Bond Designs web site has gone live. There's not a lot of info available on Devastation at present, but more will no doubt be forthcoming in due course. In the mean time, if you are thinking of joining the Bond Designs team, you can peruse the recruitment policies and other info about the team and their projects.

Site News Unreal Tournament TCO Interview 20 January 2006 Hellscrag

Reciprocity's latest interview is with Kaka of Dead Cow Studios, who discusses the imminent project The Chosen One. Some exciting stuff - take a look!

Unreal Tournament UT SP news roundup 20 January 2006 Hellscrag

A couple of bits of news have emerged over the last week; firstly, the Bloblet Crew web site has gone live, providing an online home for SkaarjOps. Secondly, Mr. Prophet released the news that former Team Phalanx member Hourences has joined Team Red Nemesis to provide supporting content such as textures. Excellent!

Unreal Tournament USU bites the dust 14 January 2006 Hellscrag

Creavion revealed to a somewhat surprised forum populace today that Unreal: Skaarj Unleashed has been cancelled. However, don't be despondent, as the USU team will be merging with the team working on Lost Secrets of Na Pali and the content made good use of.

Unreal Tournament "TCO will be released in February 2006" 14 January 2006 Hellscrag

The headline says it all. Kaka revealed on the forums today that The Chosen One will be released next month. Mark it in your diaries, people!

Fan Fiction Brink of Extinction 07 January 2006 Hellscrag

Frieza has commenced a new fan fiction project with an intriguing premise, entitled Brink of Extinction. You can view the prologue on this forum thread, and I'm sure Frieza would welcome your feedback.

Site News Unreal Tournament The Landing re-reviewed 07 January 2006 Hellscrag

The Landing, originally reviewed as an unfinished release by Willis, has now been given a new once-over by guest reviewer Frieza. The score is still generous but much more reasonable than the original schema offering - you can check it out here.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Return to NyLeve: First level released 05 January 2006 Hellscrag

The first map of pBOOST's UT2004 SP project Return to NyLeve was released yesterday. You can get the file by visiting the mapper's web site - the file is only available on Fileplanet for now, so those who choose to avoid the Fileplanet service will have to wait.

Unreal Tournament Unreal: Skaarj Unleashed pics 02 January 2006 Hellscrag

The Unreal: Skaarj Unleashed web site has received an update with a few new pics, including a WIP of an interesting-looking fortress and a couple of high-tech scenes.

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! 01 January 2006 Hellscrag

Happy New Year from all at UnrealSP.Org! Let's hope that 2006 will see the release of some of the major upcoming mods.

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