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News Archive January 2004

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Legend of Vandora 22 January 2004 Hellscrag

Legend of Vandora has opened its doors. Legend of Vandora will be a single player mod for UT2004 that takes the player back to Na Pali and the context of the original Unreal. Although there is little to report about the mod at this stage, team leaders NozzeM and Winged Unicorn are running the "Legend of Vandora Concept Contest", in which people submit story concepts. The person with the coolest story concept will be allowed to work on the full story the team will use for the mod.

Return to Mars and Return to Earth 22 January 2004 Hellscrag

TheEmperorStalwartUK has reclassified Return to Mars from an "Unreal Sequel" to "Unreal Mission Pack 2". He has also announced that Return to Mars will be followed by "Unreal Mission Pack 3: Return to Earth". There remains no web site for the project at this time.

New Upcoming Map 5 January 2004 Hellscrag

Howitzer sent in word of a map he is building. "Is'kre Base One" will be the mapper's first SP release, and is being developed for UT using Oldskool Amp'd. A screenshot is available on Upcoming Maps, but there is no web site or project thread for the map at this time.

Happy New Year 1 January 2004 Hellscrag

Happy New Year everyone!

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