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News Archive January 2002

This archived news is presented "as-is", and is no longer maintained. As such, UnrealSP.Org offers no guarantee that links to external sites will still be valid. However, if you discover a broken internal link, please do contact me and let me know.

Unreal maps re-linked 26 January 2002 Hellscrag

Since Nali City have mirrored their Unreal maps, I have now re-linked those in the reviews section to Nali City - which has to be better than Fileplanet.

Fan fiction reviewage 25 January 2002 Hellscrag

Karmadude has reviewed Noailiat's Avenging Angel. Karmadude wants to review more of your stories - if you have a text you want reviewed, contact him at [email protected]. Check out the Fan Fiction Reviews section.

General stuff 22 January 2002 Hellscrag

Apologies all for being slow on the uptake with goings on in the community at the moment. At present I am in the middle of my semester one exams at University, so have less time to check mappers' sites. It'll be back to normal soon. Also, I'd like to extend a get well soon to Maverick, who is currently recovering from a nasty biking accident.

Help Nali Chronicles 22 January 2002 Hellscrag

Nali Chronicles have recently lost two team members due to their real life commitments and are looking for mappers who can do areas in the outdoor and Nali styles. If you think you can help, contact the team at the site.

Operation Na Pali shots 22 January 2002 Hellscrag

TeamVortex just keep turning out the sweet pics. Check their site for more visual goodness.

Fan fiction exclusive! 17 January 2002 Hellscrag

UnrealSP.Org is proud to present Avenging Angel by Noailiat - the sequel to Kran's Fall: Kira's Struggle, winner of the UnrealCenter fan fiction competition. Click here to read the story.

Spatial Fear interview 14 January 2002 Hellscrag

Alex Hammond of Spatial Fear has been interviewed in this interview at MPZ. Check it out for snippets of info on the upcoming mod :).

Mappage updates 12 January 2002 Hellscrag

Willis Unreal has been updated with two new pics of the presently unnamed pack Willis is working on. Meanwhile El Chicoverde has announced at Team Vortex that he has nearly completed his third map - two new pics are available there too.

Ortican score moderated 11 January 2002 Hellscrag

It was brought to my attention that I was rather generous when scoring Ortican. The score has now been moderated. I appreciate this kind of feedback, cheers all.

Ortican reviewed 10 January 2002 Hellscrag

It should have been done sooner, but Hourences' Ortican has finally been reviewed. Barring The Landing Unfinished, which doesn't really count, this is the first project released since this site opened that has been reviewed - so it is a bit of a milestone. The review can be found in the usual place.

Skull update 07 January 2002 Hellscrag

TheChief7 has updated his site with new pics of the second map of his upcoming pack, now only unofficially known as Skull. He is currently re-doing the first map, so I have replaced the pic on the Upcoming Maps page.

New Operation Na Pali pic 05 January 2002 Hellscrag

TeamVortex has been updated with a shagadelic pic of a map Chicoverde has been working on for the pack. Sweet :).

Testing... 05 January 2002 Hellscrag

I am testing a new system with a radomly selected background image, but at present for the front page only. Hit refresh to see another image. The idea is that viewers surfing round the site will see a variety of backdrops as they move from page to page. Please post what you think on this thread on the forums.

Mappage Updates 03 January 2002 Hellscrag

Drevlin has updated the Cleanout site with two new pics. MMAN UGITU has a new PC and is cancelling The Beginning to start afresh on The Journey. Upcoming maps is updated, also to include Willis' new map :).

Willis' new project 02 January 2002 Hellscrag

Willis is working on a new, creepy project while Na Pali: Broken is overhauled. He's very hush-hush about it at the moment. But we can still start looking forward to it :). Screenshots are on our forums.

What we missed out on 02 January 2002 Hellscrag

Drevlin has updated his old site with a load of screens of projects he never finished. And God, are there a lot of them! It's sad that so much potentially great material in the community is lost.

TeamVortex release another trailer 02 January 2002 Hellscrag

I meant to post this yesterday but forgot. TeamVortex have released another trailer for Operation Na Pali that is of a similar length to the previous one. More cool stuff...

Happy New Year! 01 January 2002 Hellscrag

It's just turned 2002 here in the UK, so a big happy new year from the UnrealSP.Org team - may you all have a great 2002!

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