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Walkthrough: Terraniux


Now within the depths of the Terraniux research installation, you must continue your search for a way off this planet you've landed on. It's not going to be easy - the Mercenaries are tough - but you hardly have much of a choice.

You start in the same room with the panel and the button (which has now been activated), but the panel now reads:

"Pump activated, Biowaste transferred in section B."

Go back through the door so that you return to the area with the polished floor. You will see that the biowaste has been pumped out.

Follow the curved walkway back round to the central area where you have a view of the control room force field. From here, drop down into the empty storage tank and follow it through under the control room so that you approach some large doors that were previously locked and under the biowaste. The doors open as you approach, so go through; you will be in a large empty biowaste storage ring beneath a walkway above. As you enter a Slith comes down from the left, so kill it.

Including the now sealed pipe you came in through, there are four exits from this storage ring. The only open one is 90 degrees anti-clockwise from here, but, if you go the long way round, clockwise, you can grab and extra Health Pack. Either way, go round to the open pipe. There is a Slith lurking here, so blow it up, then take the nearby Flashlight and go through the open pipe.

You will be in the bottom of another empty storage tank. The walls here are grey not green - this tank has been empty for a while. In fact, you will see that this storage tank is damaged, with bits of debris around the place. Explore the floor of this tank, looking behind the debris and metal barrels to find two ASMD Cores, a Health Pack and a cluster of 40 Tarydium Shards. Then, step on to the raised section of floor; this is a lift to the walkways above.

As you reach walkway level, you will see two Mercenaries crouching in discussion on the central walkway. Interrupt their conversation with a big gun, such as the Eightball Gun for example.

You are now above the tank in the damaged containment room. Look to the back of the room and you will see a red button. Press it and it will glow blue (as in the picture above). If you climb up on to the ledge above the button via the support struts, you can grab a Health Pack and Tarydium Shards.

Now, if you stand by the button looking back down to the front of the room, you will see two alcoves at the sides of the room. Enter the one on the left to get a Kevlar Suit, Tarydium Shards and a Health Pack. Now go across to the other alcove and you can grab an Energy Amplifier plus more Tarydium Shards. There is a door in this alcove; go through it.

You will now be in a tall but short-ish area with a locked door ahead similar to the one you came through, biowaste in reservoirs underneath, and a lift beyond a pillar with an information panel.

"Lift 2 Status: A broken pipe was reported."

Well, this lift is broken and will not take you up to the top of the tall shaft beyond the pillar. Step on to the LEFT side of the lift though if you want to get some useful gear.

The lift will rise about half way then be blocked by a broken pipe that has fallen across its path. However, if you use your Flashlight, you will see that from this side of the lift you can use the lift clamp as a step to climb up on to the broken pipe. If you walk up the broken pipe you will see that you will arrive between two vertical pipes with rings round them; step on to the rings here and go round the back of the pipes to collect a can of 12 Eightballs and a box of 10 very useful Flak Shells. If you fall off (the lift won't come back down), don't worry, you can drop down from above later.

Anyway, jump back down off the pipes into the biowaste below. Here, once you have killed the Slith swimming around in the gunge, you can grab a Health Pack before climbing back out at floor level. Return to the damaged containment room, and proceed to the front of the room (the far end from the button), where you can come out to an information panel at the bottom of a short flight of steps to a walkway. Read the panel:

"Section C: Status Empty, this Containment Room is damaged, please avoid sending BioWaste here until we can fix it."

Climb the steps out on to the main containment ring walkway. Horizontal beams here yield a Health Pack and a can of 12 Eightballs. This walkway goes round in a circle directly above the empty containment ring below; go a short way anticlockwise to kill the Mercenary on guard here. But don't go any further anticlockwise yet, go instead clockwise until you reach a locked door on the left with the following legend:

"Control Room, ACCESS DENIED"

Horizontal beams here also yield a Health Pack which you can collect if you need it. When you're done, go through the opening opposite the locked door. You will be in a hub room with waterfalls of biowaste pumping out into a vat below; collect Tarydium Shards and a Health Pack from on top of the walkway here.

If you jump into the vat of biowaste and kill the Slith within, you can get a Health Pack from the bottom of the pool. Surface out onto a small platform here and collect another Health Pack and also a Toxin Suit (if you want to - bear in mind that it will replace your Kevlar Suit), then ride the lift back up to the main walkway again.

This room has four exits. Get your bearings by finding the opening by which you entered this room, which has no door, then go through the door opposite this entrance.

You will now be by the entrance to Section B, 90 degrees anti-clockwise from Section C by which you initially entered this area. Collect the two Flak Shells and two clusters of 40 Tarydium Shards from the horizontal beams here, then go down the steps to Section B's information panel.

"Section B: Status 48% Full."

Enter Section B and kill the Mercenary that comes running down the central walkway. Looking into the storage tank, you will see that it is about half full.

You don't have to go into the biowaste here, but if you do you can liberate a Health Pack from the pair of Slith swimming around in there. Take the lift out of the biowaste then go and press the red button at the back of the room. Once again, it will go blue. You can also collect a Health Pack from near the button if you need it. If you go up on to the ledge of the button you will find two Flares. Then, do what you did in Section C; stand by the button and look into the two alcoves.

The one on the left contains a Shield Belt, a fairly pointless Jump Boots inventory item, and a door back to Lift 2 which is now unlocked. The other alcove contains a Mercenary - watch out. It also contains two cans of 12 Eightballs and 40 Tarydium Shards. Go through the door in this alcove, and you will arrive at an area with an ASMD Core and the infamous Lift 1. Read the information panel here:

"Lift 1: Security Lock, Access denied. Containment room pumps must be activated for entrance to hydroponic greenhouses."

Once again, the biowaste contains a Slith and a Health Pack. Deal with that then return to Section B. Leave Section B and follow the hub ring anti-clockwise to Section A, where you can get an ASMD Core and a Health Pack from the horizontal beams before entering.

Now, descend the steps and look at Section A's information panel.

"Section A: Status full. Biowaste redirect to Section B active."

Enter Section A and kill the two particularly tough Mercenaries here. You can raid the biowaste to find two Slith and a Health Pack. When you're done, go and press the red button in this section.

Collect the box of 50 Bullets from by the button, then Tarydium Shards and a very useful Super Health Pack from atop the ledge. Plunder the alcoves, starting with the one on the right-hand one for a box of 10 Flak Shells, then go to the left-hand alcove to get two ASMD Cores and use the door here to return to Lift 1. Provided that you have pressed all 3 buttons in the containment rooms, the panel has changed:

"Lift 1: Status working. Access to hydroponic gardens permitted."

Step on the lift and ride it up; prepare for the athletic Mercenary who drops down from above as you near the top. From the top of the lift, make a right to enter the first of the hydroponic greenhouses, where a panel reads:

"Greenhouse A: Section A is full. Biowaste flow must be redirected from the Control Room. Section B of the waste facility has free capacity. Please be sure to monitor the water supply for impurities."

Now, enter the greenhouse. Explore the plant beds to collect two Nali Healing Fruit, then kill the Mercenary who lurks in the corridor behind the far side of the greenhouse. Return to the area near the information panel, then enter the corridor here. At this point a small lift goes up to an entrance to an inner room; ignore it and instead take the passageway that goes round the back of Lift 1.

When you are behind Lift 1, look down the shaft between the pipes. By dropping down onto the rings here you can get a box of 50 Bullets and another Super Health Pack; you probably don't want to get them yet but remember about them and come back later if you need them.

Now, continue round and into the second greenhouse. A panel on this side of the greenhouse reads:

"Greenhouse B: Please verify that the Biowaste is being pumped through the Control Room filters and that no foreign objects are blocking the flow."

Venture into the greenhouse. Kill the Mercenary who is busy here then raid the plant beds for more Nali Healing Fruit; you can also collect Tarydium Shards from beside the large pillar at the far end of the greenhouse. Return now to the inner end and go to the panel on the far side of the greenhouse.

"Greenhouse B: The Karkilys Zegnus need more fertiliser. Please dispatch a group of guards to inspect the Nali homes in Noork's Elbow. Disembarkment authorisation must be granted in the Control Room."

Once again, enter the corridors within and ingore the small lifts to the interior (though you may want to kill the Mercenary within). Take the next corridor, which goes round behind Lift 2 (now's your chance to get that ammo if you missed it earlier), then go round into the next greenhouse.

This final greenhouse has another panel:

"Greenhouse C: The night is coming soon, please maintain careful control of the hygrometric level and air temperature. Constant monitoring is necessary to keep them within appropriate levels."

Once again, enter the greenhouse and kill the Mercenary on guard. Two more Nali Healing Fruit can be found in the plant beds. Then, go to the far side of the greenhouse from the information panel. There is a short slope at the top of which is a metal door / lift controlled by a red button nearby. Don't press the button yet, instead now going to the small lifts into the inner area. Collect the box of 50 Bullets and Health Pack here then ride the lift into the antechamber above. Partake of the two clusters of 40 Tarydium Shards in this antechamber, then go through the large door into the inner room and kill any Mercenaries that attack beyond.

You will be on a crossroads of walkways with an Assault Vest in the middle. Collect the armour then look around; three exits lead into the greenhouses whilst a fourth is locked with the following legend:

"Access Denied. Control Room authorisation must be granted to access Noork's Elbow."

Drop on to the floor beneath the walkways then collect what you need of the Health Pack, Flare, box of 50 Bullets and can of 12 Eightballs here. Then, stand on one of the floor plates with the pink symbol on it. These plates are lifts which will take you up to another floor above.

As you reach the top, a Mercenary will attack you. Kill him then collect the Tarydim Shards he drops. Then, explore this floor to obtain various items; firstly, collect the Dispersion Pistol Powerup in the centre. Then, visit the small offshoot chambers in turn.

One chamber contains two Flak Shells, a box of 50 Bullets and a Nali Healing Fruit. Clockwise, the next is empty. The third alcove has an ASMD Core, a Flak Shell, a Flashlight and yet another Nali Healing Fruit. The fourth alcove has an ASMD Core and a Nali Healing Fruit plus a Kevlar Suit.

As you collect the Kevlar Suit, a door opens ahead on to a balcony overlooking Greenhouse B. You can drop from here on to either one of two pipes, one of which contains a Health Pack and the other a box of 10 Flak Shells. I tend to go for the Flak Shells as there is so much health around; you can always come back up if you need both.

Drop down to the greenhouse floor and find your way back round to Greenhouse C, and that button you didn't press. Press it now, and the metal door comes down as a lift, allowing you access to the room above with a biowaste pool and a Mercenary to kill.

Kill the Mercenary then go round the far side to collect a Force Field inventory item. There's another locked door here, with the following legend:

"Access Denied. Control Room authorisation must be granted to access Noork's Elbow."

Somehow you have to get into the control room... but you're out of routes to take. Well, there's only one way left to go, so plunge into the biowaste.

Swim down to the bottom. You are in a pipe with an exit of either side and a tunnel at one end; take the end tunnel to surface in a short closed pipe where there are two 25kg cans of Tarydium Sludge (GES Biorifle ammo). Then, return to the main pipe and look at the exits. The one on the left is a quicker way but the one on the right takes you to some extra goodies, so take the one on the right. Two small doors later, you will be in an open-topped stretch of pipe. Take this opportunity to surface for air.

You will be in a small area of piping beneath some walkways above. If you pipe-hop to the far end of this area, you can collect two cans of 12 Eightballs. As you traverse the pipes here, also look out for a Mercenary on the walkways above that you can kill.

Now, go back into the biowaste and continue along the pipe. Soon you will arrive in another cross-pipe; make a right and surface in another short closed pipe in which there is a Health Pack.

Take the plunge for one more time and follow the other exit out of the cross-pipe; shortly you'll surface in a very dark tunnel, so activate your Flashlight to light the way round its twists and turns.

Some winding later and - at last! You emerge inside the much-sought Control Room.

Kill the two Mercenaries on guard here... there's a GES Biorifle by the force field, so collect it first, then press the two red buttons on either side of the control room.

"Access Room Security locks disengaged."

"Lift to Noork's Elbow activated."

Now, before you leave, look into the mouths of the pipes entering this room. In one corner by some metal crates a pipe mouth contains a box of 50 Bullets; use the smaller crate as a step and jump in to get 'em. Then, push the smaller crate over to the far corner and use it to jump into the pipe in that corner where there's a handy Super Health Pack.

When you're done, go through the Control Room doors back on to the main containment ring and find your way back to Lift 1 through Section A or Section B. Watch out, because another Mercenary and another Slith have appeared in the Lift 1 area.

Once back in hydroponics, return to Greenhouse C and go back up the lift operated by the red button. In the room with the biowaste pool, the previously locked door is now unlocked with the following legend:

"Access granted."

Go through the door and you will be on the walkways with the open piping below where you swam earlier. Collect the two 25kg cans of Tarydium Sludge here, then head for the opening in the wall on the left. Inside there is a lift; this is the lift to Noork's Elbow mentioned earlier.

Ride the lift down and walk towards the door at the bottom to exit the level.

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