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Walkthrough: Na Pali Haven

Jeremy War

The Na Pali Haven... a once peaceful Nali town which stands at the foot of a mountain atop the skyborne Na Pali rock. The beautiful haven seems quiet at first, but its peace is an illusion that does not last that long... for within the mountain, something alien lurks.


You start in the corridor you entered at the end of the last level. Follow it round to the right and climb steps until you arrive at and pass through a sliding door that leads out on to the surface of the rock.

You are in a small earth hollow now, so follow the earth slope up to the main ground level which is covered in grass. You will round the corner of a building, and be spotted by a KrallElite - basically a blue-tattooed Krall with greater intelligence and health - who may go for a Nali standing in the area. Use the Rifle in zoom mode to decapitate it before it can harm the Nali.

If you made proper use of the rifle's zoom mode, you will still be in the vicinity of the earth slope you just came up. Opposite the earth slope, a small arched doorway goes through a stone wall. Shoot open barrels from behind a lantern post here to get two clusters of 40 Tarydium Shards, then go through the doorway itself. Following the ground beyond, you will come to a piece of land where a huge white obelisk stands at the centre of a lake with a waterfall cascading down off the mountain on the left. You can take a dip if you want, but all you'll find is a locked underwater tunnel into the mountain.

Various buildings and doors cluster round the banks of this lake, but the only point in the lake where you can climb out leads you back on to the land where you are currently standing. Nothing to do here then, so go back through the arched door to the main area.

Before going any further into the built-up area of the town, cross back over and walk along the raised strip of grass between a building wall and the earth hollow by which you emerged from the caves. Jumping over a low fence, you will arrive in a garden at the edge of the rock (don't fall off!) where one of the flowerbeds contains five Nali Healing Fruit.

Go along the grass to the left of the building. You will arrive on a lawn where two Nali Cows are grazing; there are two locked sliding barn doors here, plus another locked door on a balcony accessible by a flight of wooden steps. Three barrels at the back of the area each contain a Nali Fruit Seed, but apart from that, this area too is a dead end.

Clearly there is nothing more to do in this area for now, so return once again to the built-up area at the top of the earth slope. As you travel you will see a church above on a plateau to the left, but it is inaccessible. So, enter the area between the buildings here.

A door on the left of this area is locked, and as you reach the far end of the area the grass turns to tiles as a road heads under a building to the left, but the road is blocked by some heavy metal gates that won't budge in a hurry.
Go back and investigate the one door that you haven't tried yet, the door that is to the left as you stand facing the church on the plateau. Finally some progress as the door opens and you can step inside to a small room with an earth floor. You can open barrels in this area to get three Bandages should you need them, then take the corridor to the right, which ends in a locked door. Return to the small room and take the other corridor; this one ends in a switch which unlocks the door you were at just now.

Returning to the door and going through, you will come out in a barn with two Nali Cows. A Nali stands on a wooden trapdoor in the centre of the room beneath a heavy-looking wooden platform suspended from the roof. Not a great deal you can do in here for now, so look at the room's two exits... the door at the back right is locked, but the sliding barn door at the back left has a turning wheel nearby. Operate the wheel, and the door will slide open leading you back on to the grazing lawn with the Nali Cows. However, the other sliding barn door in this area has also opened, allowing you access to another room.

Enter the revealed room, which also has an earth floor. Within, you will find a Nali being watched by a pair of Krall guards whilst a KrallElite guards the doorway in to the next room. Kill the guards before the Nali can come to any harm. Then, raid this room for its gear; two ASMD Cores are at the back of this room, while crates in another corner contain three Clips.

Go through the doorway the KrallElite was guarding. Kill the two Krall who attack as you enter, then collect the Health Pack from the far side of the room. Head for the wooden steps at the far end of the room, then go beneath them to collect two boxes of 10 Flak Shells.

Climb the steps and kill the bewildered Krall who was asleep at his post. You will be in a balcony room with tables where a window has a view out to the surrounding sky. In their respective corners of the room are a Health Pack and two boxes of 8 Rifle Rounds.

Go to the far corner of this room and behind the partition wall there; you will come to a lever which you can press and watch through a window as the doors on the balcony above the grazing lawn swing open. So, leave this building and go back out through the barn doors to the grazing lawn. Climb the steps on the left so that you arrive on the balcony. On the balcony, kill the two Krall who come out of the now open room. When they are dead, you may want to take the opportunity to pay a visit to the Nali Healing Fruit in the flowerbed you passed earlier.

Enter the upstairs room. Here, glass windows overlook the built up area you were in earlier (you can smash them if you are feeling destructive). Explore the right-hand end of the room; there's a Dispersion Pistol Powerup on the floor, and if you jump on to the table there's a Health Pack and a diary.

"They let us go about our business here, but it is a farce. I know that they are watching us, controlling us. I believe that this once safe haven is as deadly as the surface planet below."

Go to the far end of the room and through a doorway there - beware a SkaarjScout who comes out from the right as you enter the corridor beyond. Kill it, then go into its alcove for a Health Pack, before continuing along the corridor and through the next doors on to a balcony above the Nali Cow barn.

Follow the balcony a short distance. At the back of the room, one of the pillars has a light bracket on it from which no lantern is suspended. Jump on to the light bracket and it moves down slightly, causing a hidden door off the balcony to open. Return to the balcony and enter the secret room. Collect two Health Packs from the floor within and open chests for an Eightball Gun and a can of 12 Eightballs. There's also a diary on the table.

"I have gathered all of these strange artifacts in the hope that the Messiah shall make use of them in the quest to free us from the Sky Demons. I know not what their uses are but the signs were clear, the stars foretold the need."

Leave the chamber and follow the balcony around to the far side of the barn. Look again at the heavy wooden platform suspended above the praying Nali - you are going to be dropping that platform, so you need to find a way of displacing the Nali so he doesn't get killed. You could be brutal and shoot him (once), but I prefer a more subtle approach.

Open the door at the end of the balcony. Two Krall on guard inside will come out and attack you. Lead them on to the balcony then drop down to the barn floor - the Nali will see the Krall jump down and take fright, which will shake him out of his catatonic state and make him get out of the way.

When the Krall are dead, return to the balcony via the steps outside. Follow the balcony round and go into the room the Krall were guarding. There is nothing special about this room; crates contain three Clips, and another door leads out on to a smaller, isolated balcony above the barn. Go out on to this balcony and collect a Flashlight that is on the left, then press the lever on the right.

When you press the lever, the heavy wooden platform will be released from its support on the roof. It will fall down and smash through the wooden trapdoor in the floor, into the cellar below, then break into pieces itself on the cellar floor. Follow it down - via the barn floor so that you don't take falling damage - so that you too land in the cellar.

The cellar has gear and crates in the corners, and an exit to a small foyer. Don't go to the exit yet. Visit the various corners to find two Health Packs and containers with three clusters of 40 Tarydium Shards and a box of 8 Rifle Rounds.

Ready a powerful weapon now and approach the exit. As you do so, doors will slam shut locking you in, and will not open until a nasty SkaarjWarrior who drops in through a hole in the ceiling is dead. Kill the Skaarj and go out into the foyer. If you double back to the right, you will follow a corridor past a Nali before going up a slope to a small room where you can open a door back to the barn, but you don't need to do this unless you're looking for health and ammo.

Stand in the foyer and look at the back wall. There's a fairly obvious crack in the wall there - use a reasonably powerful weapon such as your powered up primary fire Dispersion Pistol, and shoot the wall by the crack. It will blast open to reveal another cellar beyond.
Go up to your home-made hole and take a jump into the cellar beyond. Several Pupae will attack you here so you will have to kill them, but if like mine your Dispersion Pistol has reached power 5 by now, then you can silence them each in one primary fire shot. Time to raid the cellar now, so go to the back on the right for two 25kg cans of Tarydium Sludge and a Health Pack. Collect what you need, then approach the far end of the cellar, where a single Pupae attacks from beneath a staircase. Kill it then go under the stairs yourself for two boxes of 10 Flak Shells.

Climb the stairs now. As you open the doors at the top, watch out for a SkaarjTrooper with a GES Biorifle who will attack from the next room. Kill the Skaarj, then collect the GES Biorifle and ASMD that he drops. Raid this ground floor room - there are two Health Packs behind a table to the left, and two ASMD Cores at the back of the room ahead. The door to the left is a route out to the main built-up area, but you don't want to take it yet. Go instead towards the staircase to the right, taking a brief diversion under the staircase for two Clips.
Climb the steps here and go along the top room, which opens out into a library to thge right guarded by a SkaarjTrooper with a Dispersion Pistol. If you go into the library, you can collect two Health Packs from between the bookcases and read a diary on the table.

"I've seen strange flying beasts vanishing into the depths of the mountain at night. The roar as they fly overhead is deafening. Never before have I heard its like. I feel that a geat evil must dwell within the mountain."

Opposite the library, there's another door you haven't ued yet. Go through and you will find a small room guarded by a SkaarjWarrior. There are two cans of 12 Eightballs and a lever within; if you activate the lever, you can watch through a grid in the floor as the hefty metal gates outside that were blocked earlier swing open.

Go back down the steps and out through the door on the ground floor of this building. You will be back near the start, having come out of the previously locked doors. Turn left and go along outside, and you will arrive at the open gates. Pass through the gates and go along to the right on the tiled road beyond. Shortly, you will pass a Nali and arrive at a plaza with a pool and statue in the middle.

This attractive plaza is guarded by two Krall who see you from a distance. Decapitate them with the Assault Rifle, then take a look around. To the left, the road continues through below a building. First things first, visit a small grassy hollow on the right accessible by a few steps that contains barrels that reveal three Clips. A similar hollow to the left of the road has a small arched door out to the bank of the lake, but it doesn't get you anywhere useful.

So, follow the road off through the arch. You will come out on another stretch of tiled road; if you go to the dead end on the left, you can open three barrels which contain a random assortment of Tarydium Shards, Pupae and Health Packs. If you need to go back for any health or ammo, do so now. When you're ready to move on, head off up the road.

As you turn the first corner to the left you will come up against the combined strength of a SkaarjTrooper with a Dispersion Pistol and a SkaarjInfantry with a Stinger. Kill them then collect the two Stingers the SkaarjInfantry drops. Go along to the second corner of the road then collect the Health Pack on offer there.

Continuing down the third straight of the road, you will pass a door to a building on the left, but it is locked. Continue along the road, collecting on the way the Clip hidden behind the chimney breast of the building on the left. After the third corner, you will descend some steps and reach a small arched door on the left, which you can pass through on to a grassy lawn on the edge of the Na Pali rock.
This grassy area has a Nali and a Nali Cow standing by a hay cart to the left. A sliding door into the building on the left is locked; further along on the left another small arched door leads on to the third bank of the lake. Here on the lake side of the nearest building, there is another locked door; remember its position. Return to the grassy lawn.

Go across the grassy area to the point where the grass stretches off into a ledge around the mountain on the edge of the rock - the following picture was taken looking back from that point.

Going on round the edge of the mountain, you will pass beneath a Skaarj dock carved out of the mountsin side with a forcefield over it. It's of no relevance to you for now, so go on past. Soon you will see a Krall and KrallElite looking out over the edge of the rock; I use the Rifle's zoom mode to decapitate the pair of them. Go to the far end of this ledge to collect the Assault Vest there, then turn around and head back to the main grassy area. Go straight across the area and back out through the small door to the road - the other features of this area are for later.

Follow the road to the left and on round until shortly it comes to an end on a balcony round a water pool in a lower area below accessible by steps. A pair of KrallElite are on guard here. Once again, the Rifle comes out...

Go to the far corner of this area and descend the steps to the poolside. Open barrels here for two Flares, then look down into the water and kill the Devilfish lurking within. There are two entrances to water tunnels here; take the one nearest the bottom of the staircase, but beware the two Tentacles who will attack from either side within.

I like to take the long way round. So, go along the ledge alongside the water in the tunnel in a clockwise direction. In the next straight after the first corner, kill the Tentacle and Devilfish lurking. Round the second corner, you will pass the other entrance to the water tunnels and will have to kill another Tentacle. When you have gone three quarters of the way round the tunnels clockwise, you will see light hitting the wall that is streaming through a crack from a cellar beyond. Shoot the crack open like you did before.

The cellar beyond is a large wine cellar. Dispose of the giant wine barrel that blocks the way then turn left as you emerge in the main cellar. Going along are two more alcoves with giant wine barrels, one of which contains a Pupae. Go to the far end, where you can collect two Health Packs, then double back between the racks in the centre of the room and you will come up behind a SkaarjWarrior on guard.
Kill the Skaarj then open crates beyond to find two boxes of 10 Flak Shells. Go round to the left, past another giant barrel containing a Pupae, until you reach a door out of the main cellar room. Beyond the door, the corridor winds up and round to a Krall whom you should kill. At the very top of the ramps you will meet another Krall before ultimately coming out in a small storage room.

Vases on the shelves in the storage room here reveal nothing, so open and pass through the doors on the right into an inn where a group of Krall are playing dice while a Nali stands behind the bar.

Load up a few Eightballs and blast the Krall out of existence. Go behind the bar and press the pale block underneath; this will later allow you access to the balconies above the inn floor. If you're short of health, jump up on to the bar and collect the Health Pack there. When you're done, go and investigate the fireplace.

A hidden switch at the back right of the fireplace opens a hidden door near the bar, but watch out for the two Pupae who jump down the chimney from above. Enter the revealed room behind the hidden door and go along to the far end where chests reveal two boxes of 10 Flak Shells. There's also a diary on a small table here:

"I don't understand why they toy with us. My establishment used to be a place of laughter and joy for my fellow citizens. Now I just serve the whims of the Sky Demons in exchange for the lives of my family. I await the Messiah."

Leave the hidden room and go out through the other door from the main inn room into the inn porch. To the left is the front door (it was locked when you passed it earlier but is unlocked now) out to the tiled road. To the right is a flight of steps to a door that, provided you pressed the block under the bar, opens to reveal a small room beyond which is guarded by a SkaarjWarrior. When the Skaarj is dead, go through the next door, and you will come out on the balconies above the inn floor. Follow the curve of the balcony until it forks into doors to the left and right.

Take the left fork and enter the right of the two doors at that end of the balcony. This bedroom is occupied by a sleeping SkaarjWarrior, and a chest nearby contains at random either a Flare or a Pupae. The other door at this end of the balcony leads to a short corridor with two bedrooms off it; the one on the right contains just a chest with a Pupae / Flare at random, whilst the one on the left has a sleeping SkaarjWarrior but also a chst containing SCUBA Gear.

Return to the balcony and follow it round to the remaining door. There is a chamber with a lever. Press it to receive the following message:

"Outer Doors Release Lever"

The door you have opened is that door you saw on the lakeside on the third bank of the lake. The quickest way to get to that door is to blast the window open and jump through; you will land on the third bank of the lake, where the doors you have now opened reveal a small room with a Health Pack, a box of 10 Flak Shells and a lever.

Press the lever and return to the lake bank. Go to the right and through the small arched door, arriving back in the grassy lawn on the edge of the rock where the sliding door in the adjacent building is now open. As you go in the direction of the open door, a SkaarjWarrior will come out from inside. When he is dead you may be inclined to go inside through the open door, but first take the following diversion for some useful gear.

Look over towards the arched door to the tiled road. You will see to the left of that the grass plateau continuing round the end of the town walls. Follow it round, and it opens out to a grassy area where there are two boxes of 10 Flak Shells. Continue round the ledge and you will go down a long straight where two Nali Healing Fruit can be collected, before arriving in another area where there are two cans of 12 Eightballs.

One last stretch and one last corner, then you will arrive at the end of the ledge, where there is a Super Health Pack. Collect the pack then start to retrace your steps along the ledge. As you return, expect to meet three Krall in the Eightballs area and two Krall beyond the Flak Shells area. Decapitate them with your Assault Rifle then return to the main grassy lawn.

Enter the open door and go into the small room beyond, where barrels can be opened to retrieve a Health Pack and two boxes of 8 Rifle Rounds. Continue through the next door and you will arrive in a room modified by the Skaarj to incorporate a lift and two large information panels. Read the panels.

"All security forces must keep the Nali townsfolk under control. Kill all those who show signs of resistance. We only need maintain enough pliable workers to mine the Tarydium."

"Observation Center: The Eye Sees and The Mind Knows. Remember not to disturb the Nali townsfolk unnecessarily as their belief that they are still free prevents outright rebellion. This false hope is our primary control mechanism."

There's a Health Pack at the back of the room. Collect it if necessary then activate the small green panel by the entrance. The lift descends to this floor; step aboard. You will rise to a Skaarj-outfitted room above. Behind you are two cans of 12 Eightballs. To the right of a cluster of metal crates are two packs of Razor Blades, and a SkaarjTrooper with a Dispersion Pistol beyond drops a Razorjack when he is killed.

Go to the far end of the room and collect of the two Health Packs should you need two. Go through the door on the left and you will be in a room with a control panel and a window overlooking the waterfall.

Activate the panel and a display (pictured) appears, with a picture of the obelisk and pool at its centre. A message bleeps your Universal Translator.

 "Mountain Base Underwater Entrance Controls"

 You have opened the metal barriers underwater blocking the tunnel beneath the waterfall into the mountain. So, collect the Health Pack here then go back out to the lift. Go down it (activate it by pressing the green panel behind the support pillar) to the ground floor. Leave the building and go round to the left, through the arched door and back on to the lakeside. Jump into the water and swim to beneath the waterfall. Enter the now open underwater tunnel beneath the waterfall to exit the level.

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