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Walkthrough: Watcher of the Skies


Your travels through the Skaarj plant have led you high up into the mountains. Now, you emerge in an icy wasteland far above the lush footlands of the planet. But you must ignore the cold - you have to press on and find that shuttle.

You start at the top of the lift from the waste facility. Ahead is a door. Step through and you emerge on a slippery icy plateau. As you arrive outside, a Skaarj scout skimmer flies overhead.

Look about you. The foggy plateau continues on ahead. To the left, a Mercenary stands in the shadow from a large torch. Kill it before it sees you.

Note: This map behaves differently on the hardest skill settings - you'll meet a single SkaarjLord and two StoneTitans instead of several Mercenaries and one StoneTitan.

Head on round the plateau. You'll approach three UMS drop boxes before a rock.

Head for the boxes and kill a Mercenary that spots you from beyond another large rock to the right. Then, destroy the partially buried boxes. The contents of two are buried but you can get a pack of 10 Grenades from the other. Go on round the plateau, passing to the right of the flat rock ahead. You'll also then attract the attention of a Mercenary from beyond the rock and a MercenaryElite from further down the plateau. Kill them both - Flak Cannon and CAR recommended.

When the Mercenaries are dead, jump up onto the boxes to retrieve a Super Health Pack, an Assault Vest and three cans of 12 Eightballs, then go down the curving valley towards the next torch to collect your fourth Dispersion Pistol Powerup.

From that torch, you'll see on round the valley to where a StoneTitan lurks beyond the next rock. Prepare yourself for the fight. Switch to the Eightball Gun or preferred weapon, then go in on the attack.

Use the space available to dodge boulders, and use rocks as cover. Eventually, the StoneTitan will moan and collapse.

When the StoneTitan is dead, head on down the valley. Eventually you'll reach the final torch, nearby which are two wooden crates and a hole in the ground. Open the crates for an Energy Amplifier and a Health Pack, then jump down the hole to exit the level.

The scene cuts to an intermission with a view of the first torch. The player records a log entry.

After escaping from the Tarydium plant I wound up outside... on a freezing, ice-filled plateau. The contrast with the lush climate from before was startling. Anyway, while on the surface I was surrounded by jagged cliffs and sharp peaks, so I'm thinking I'm high in the mountains. I must have covered some distance underground, and gained some serious altitude! The good news is that I'm still headed in the right direction.

When the log entry is complete, press Fire to start the next level.


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