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Walkthrough: UMS Prometheus

Matthias Worch

The UMS Prometheus went down in a deep valley, breaking into two halves on impact. Now, as your mission for the UMS is approaching completion, you are about to face a tough slog of Mercenaries infesting the downed vessel.

You start at the top of the lift you took to exit the previous level. You are in a small rock canyon. Step forwards and you'll reach a ledge where the ground drops away below.

To the right at the end of this lege is an entrance in the rock cliff but it is impassable, blocked off by planks. Look instead down off the ledge; you will see the ground below and another ledge part of the way down on which there is a barrel. Drop down on to this intermediate ledge and shoot the barrel open for a Nali Fruit Seed.

Drop down to the ground level. At the head of the canyon is nothing but a boulder-blocked tunnel you may recognise from the previous map. So, go instead down past some hay bales to the mouth of the canyon. At the mouth of the canyon, you emerge in the huge valley that holds the towering crashed ship. Watch out for a Gasbag that descends from the left.

Kill the Gasbag and climb the slanting rock on the right to collect a Nali Healing Fruit from a small plateau. Then, return to ground level and head through the valley to the left towards a UMS drop box that you saw from your high vantage point in the previous map. Open the box for a Grenade Launcher.

Continue straight on from the drop box until you reach a pillar of rock. Go down the earth slope to the right beneath the crashed ship and follow round the edge of the rock pillar. You will soon find yourself in the gap between the two halves of the crashed ship, with a pair of force field bridges above connecting the broken corridors.

Go towards the force field bridges then veer off to the right beneath the hull of the ship. You will see that you are approaching an access ramp into the ship that is guarded by a Mercenary. Kill the Mercenary with your Grenade Launcher. I would emphasise at this point that the Grenade Launcher and CAR would be your weapons of choice for this level because of the types of ammo you are going to find on the Terran ship.

When the Mercenary is dead, destroy wooden crates to the left of the ramp for a Flare and a box of 50 Bullets. Collect the gear, then go up the ramp into one of the ship's ammo storage holds. Your arrival inside will quickly attract the attention of a Mercenary and a MercenaryElite on guard in the hold. Back off down the ramp and kill the pair; be particularly careful of the MercenaryElite's ability to fire whilst shielded.

When the guards are dead, climb the ramp once more. If you go to the right and approach the door there, you will find that it will not open properly. So, follow further round to the right behind the crates there and go to the far end of the hold. There, you will find a crate open with two 50 bullet CAR Clips on offer. Avoid the door to the left at this end of the room, and go further again round to the right. You will see a third door ahead, but go round to the right once more first to grab a pack of 10 Grenades.

Return to this third door and go through it. You will emerge in one of the ship's corridors. The corridor leads to the left; follow it to the next entrance, jumping over debris from a collapsed door and going through the doorway from which the door evidently fell. You will be in another ammo hold. As you enter, watch out for a Mercenary and a MercenaryElite who attack, coming through the door ahead.

Cross the hold to the far side. There, open crates reveal a Rocket Launcher and a pack of 10 Rockets. Go through the door on this side to enter a corridor parallel to the previous one. Left is doubling back, so go along to the right. The corridor turns a right corner and soon reaches a central point where the lower of the two force field bridges stretches across from the entrance to the left, while a door marked "Turbo-lift" sits to the right. Near this junction, a Health Pack sits beneath a unit marked "First Aid Station". Collect the pack. If you need any further health, then wait a few seconds and the health will respawn and you can collect it again. There is no limit on the use of this Respawning Health Pack.

You can look through the turbo-lift door, but the lift is raised and you will be squished if it comes down. So, go to the left out on to the force field bridge and cross to the other half of the broken ship. As you reach the far side, there will be a small ship-quake. Ignore this and look around. You are at a corridor junction; ahead is a turbo-lift in the down position, and there are hatch doors on either side. Step into the turbo-lift first. At the top, you will find that a force field blocks the exit, behind which a MercenaryElite is directing a Mercenary with a hovering carrier.

Ride the lift back down and step out. Turn around so that you stand facing the turbo-lift then go through the door that is now on the left.

Follow the corridor. A Mercenary will dart out from a corner ahead; kill it. Continue along the corridor - half way along a panel will spring into life on the left.

UMS Prometheus - Power Circuits: Warning: Circuit overload detected in Network 1

Go along to the corner and collect the Health Pack there (remember the Respawning Health Pack over the force field bridge if you need more). Go round the corner and follow the next stretch, but watch out for a gap in the walkway about half way along with molten metal beneath where one of the circuit networks has overloaded.

Go through the door at the far end of the corridor. You emerge on a raised platform with a ramp descending to a damaged engine pipe surrounded by molten metal ahead. Watch out for a MercenaryElite which attacks from the right. If you back off into the corridor, mind that broken walkway.

When the Mercenary is dead, descend the ramp and collect the two 50 bullet CAR Clips from the corpse on the floor to the right of the ramp.

Shortcut: You will need to go into the damaged engine pipe. You can do so now if you wish; in the pool of molten metal ahead are pieces of solid debris. Use them as stepping stones to get into the pipe, then ascend to the top of the sloping section. Go to *.

Return to the corridor and follow it back round to the junction (mind that gap). Cross over the junction and go through the other hatch into another similar corridor. Half way along the first stretch, you will find another panel.

UMS Prometheus - Power Circuits: Warning: Circuit overload detected in Network 2

At the corner, collect the Health Pack. Then follow the next stretch to the left. There's one final panel.

UMS Prometheus - Power Circuits: Status: Network 3 normal

Go down to the end of the corridor and through the door there. You will be on another raised platform and ramp over a floor below. This room continues further back - as you enter there is a small explosion and a ship quake as a Mercenary and a MercenaryElite come running from the back. Kill them both. I would remind you again at this point of the Respawning Health Pack back over the force field bridge.

Descend the ramp and collect the box of 50 Bullets from a corpse to the left. Go to the back of the room and you will find a way through beneath the engine pipe. Go through and double back along the other side of the pipe. Turn right at the end, and you will be at a small control room in the centre of the engineering area.

The far entrance of this room leads out to molten metal. To the right is a lift. To the left is a Health Pack in a first aid station - shoot the glass to access it. Collect the Combat Assault Rifle and 50 bullet CAR Clip from a corpse here, then read the panels on either side of the room.

UMS Prometheus - Engine 1 Status: Warning: Power level approaching limit | Warning: Pressure level approaching limit

UMS Prometheus - Engine 1 Status: Warning: Power level approaching limit | Critical: Pressure level exceeded limit!

When you're done, go to the back of the room and ride the lift up to the level above. You will be in a raised corridor; to either side metal walkways lead out past the engine pipes. Go to the left and look along the walkway - you will see that it is damaged. A Mercenary snipes from the far end; shoot it, but beware a Mercenary coming round from behind - don't get ditched into the molten metal below.

Go back through and along the undamaged walkway, then go round into a corridor at the far end to find another Health Pack in a first aid station. Then, go out on to the damaged walkway and inspect the engine pipe. There is a breach in the engine pipe here; jump from the fragment of damaged walkway opposite and land inside the pipe.

* You are at the top of the collapsed section of pipe mentioned earlier. Follow the horizontal stretch of pipe along, but watch out for the small pools of molten metal inside. At the top, you are in a small chamber. Climb on to the raised section of floor here and go round towards a raised walkway over a tank of molten metal. As you approach, a couple of sections of the walkway collapse. Jump across on to the walkway. Follow it to the right. A round entrance to the right requires you to jump through on to the next section of walkway - watch out because pieces of that walkway collapse too. My advice is to cross it as quickly as possible, jumping as you go.

Repeat the exercise for one more weak walkway. At the far end, jump into the pipe there, and you will find that it slopes upwards before bringing you suddenly up on to the roof of the crashed ship. It's very dark so it's difficult to see where you are going. You don't want to fall off, because you'll die. Look for the upward slope of the hull and climb up it. If you want to get your bearings first, look round from your current position and you'll see the green lights trimming the hull.

Climb the slope of the hull and go over the top. You will soon be sloping downwards again towards the trimming lights on the other side of the hull. Make your target a UMS drop box ahead containing two Health Packs.

Approach the box. In doing so you will attract the attention of a pair of Mercenaries who attack from the right. Kill them both. Follow the edge of the hull to the right from the Health Packs (use the green lights as a guide). When you reach the last green lights you are very close to the break in the ship so be careful. At this point, turn right and climb the hull, heading for a dim blue glow you may see up there.

The dim glow turns out to have been emanating from a pair of small rooms that have had their roofs ripped off. Enter the one on the right and collect the 50 bullet CAR Clip you find there, and also a pack of 10 Rockets in the same room. Then, go through the door from this room into the inside corridor. A Mercenary is lurking there; kill it. Go left and you will reach a crossways stretch of the corridor with a pair of lift shafts on one side. Go along this stretch and open the first aid station there for a Health Pack. As you approach, you find you are at the top of the turbo-lift you investigate earlier. The force field blocking it collapses as you approach.

Go on round, past another lift, into the next stretch of corridor parallel to the first, and kill the Mercenary lurking there. Visit the two small rooms on the left. The first contains a Health Pack. The second contains a Combat Assault Rifle. Now it's time for the lifts. Of the two, the one on the left leads to a corridor that goes out to the break in the ship. Avoid it. Take the one on the right, which leads to the upper force field bridge.

Cross the bridge. You arrive in a corridor junction. To the left, the place is smashed and impassable. To the right leads a corridor marked "Crew Berths". There's a panel ahead:

UMS Prometheus - Information Terminal - Information Network offline

Go down the crew berths corridor to the right. Turning a corner, you will be attacked by a Mercenary from a distance while another emerges from the first door on the right, the one marked "5". Kill them both. Visit berth 5 and you will find an Assault Vest in a closet. Then, return to the corridor and go along to berth 6. It is empty. In berth 7, you can collect a 50 bullet CAR Clip from the closet and read a diary.

Log Andrew G. Jackson, Medical Officer: This has been a smooth ride, no major incidents for almost 2 weeks. And I'm still getting full payment. I think work doesn't get much better than this.

Go through the door at the end of the corridor and enter the next stretch.

There are two doors on the left and three more berths on the right. Go first to berth 8 on the right and open the closet for a Health Pack, then read another diary here.

Log Oliver F. Russel, Scientific Assistant: I know that we got something in the water tanks again. Peter saw some kind of slimeball through the pipe controls again. Looks like another long night of water analysis. God, I hate space vermin.

Open closets in the remaining two berths for two ASMD Cores and another Health Pack, then go across the corridor and through one of the doors on the other side. You are in some kind of medical bay, with a hole in the floor. There is nothing else of interest here except for some body parts, so jump through the hole to exit the level.

The scene cuts to an intermission with a view of the medical bay. The player records a log entry.

The Prometheus came down hard in a valley, shedding debris as she dropped out of the sky. There are bodies everywhere. I have to assume that the whole crew was wiped out... a hundred and fifty souls. God, I hate this planet. The ship is a nightmare! The hull is breached in several places, one of the engine cores has melted down, and the corridors are infested with Mercenaries. But I'm close to being done... I just have to find the data cores and then trigger the ELT on the bridge.

When the log entry is complete, press Fire to start the next level.

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