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Walkthrough: Glathriel Village (part 1)

Matthias Worch

Emerging from a cave, you arrive at the peaceful Nali settlement of Glathriel Village. There seems to be no trace of any Skaarj here - strange compared to the infestation to which you have become accustomed. But not everything is quite right...

You start in your boat, floating away from the foot of an underground waterfall. As you pass through this cave, a Gasbag sights you and comes down from above, but you can ignore it because the boat soon pulls you away into a lake with another small waterfall nearby, then stops at a jetty. It's night time now as you arrive in the peaceful scene.

Upon climbing out of the boat on to the jetty, you are on the lake banks at the foot of a gentle slope which curves up to a bright-windowed house. In the other direction, a plank bridge acros a section of the lake leads to a small island with a fishing hut on it. First things first though, drop into the water.

Explore the floor of the pool. You'll find two tough Devilfish and a collapsed UMS drop box - whatever was in the box has gone. If you want to, you can swim back into the cave and kill the Gasbag that saw you at the start. Climbing out onto a rock ledge there, you will find a Nali skeleton and wooden crates that reveal two Clips. Return to the lake.

Swim to the jetty and climb out. On dry land, cross the plank bridge on the left and approach the illuminated fishing hut. There, a Nali stands looking out over the lake. Nearby, its fishing rod lies on the ground alongside a Combat Assault Rifle - presumably the contents of the collapsed UMS drop box you found underwater. Collect the CAR. You can go into his shed if you want - you'll find nothing interesting but some captured fish on his table.

Go back across the bridge and head up the path towards the house. It climbs up the slope, passing the windows of the house, towards a garden at the top. If you're unlucky you'll meet a large Manta here (on harder skill settings in fact you'll find a Giant Manta there). There's nothing useful in the part of the garden the Manta came from, so go to the left and enter the village (a Nali Healing Fruit can be collected from a plant box at the end of the first house if you need it).

You will shortly emerge in a small village courtyard, with houses round the side. To the right is a door into the first house, and a little bit further along an opening into another grassy area. The nearest house on the left (the one you saw from the jetty) can be accessed by a door in the wall that faces this courtyard. At the far end of the courtyard there is another house, a garden area and a place where the village seems to continue round to the right. But stay at this end and ignore the doors for now.

Go to the above mentioned entrance to the grassy area on your right. Go through the gap between the houses and jump over a low fence to get into a Nali Cow pen. There, you can go behind the barn to find another Nali Healing Fruit. When you're done exploring the area, return to the courtyard.

Go through the doors into the house at this end of the courtyard (not the large one that you could see from the jetty). Inside, a Nali meditates by his hearth. Leave the Nali alone and go to the back of his hut to read the diary on his table.

The Nightstalkers came again last night. We did what we always do - lock the doors, douse the lights and pray that they don't find us. But they forced their way into even more houses. I fear the day when one of those screams will be my own.

You're done in this house, so go outside and head for the far end of the courtyard. Where the village seems to continue to the right, your passage is blocked by a piece of smashed building which is impassable. However, there's another house to investigate at this end of the courtyard and also a small garden area to the left. Go into the garden area and smash the UMS drop box there to get a 50 bullet CAR Clip. Then, go into the house at this end of the courtyard.

The house is lit by a fireplace in the back right corner. There's a table on the left with a diary:

Maybe I should try to get into the hideout. I don't care if it's already too crowded and can barely support the sick - at least I'll die a peaceful death there.

All is not right in this village. Before leaving though, go up steps at the back into the sleeping chamber in the loft where a chest between the beds contains Bandages. When you've done that, leave the house and return to the courtyard.

Enter the third house, the large one that you saw from the jetty. Within, a Nali bows before a statue aboard his mantelpiece. Leave him alone and climb the staircase into his loft to locate and read the diary on the back table.

I saw another spider in the basement today. They squeeze through the crack in the wall and take away whatever I want. I know I will have to close the crack, but how can I do it safely when any moment a spider could appear and threaten my life?

Go downstairs and look around. You'll see beneath the main staircase a further flight of steps going down into the Nali's basement. Descend and enter the small room.

Raid containers in the basement for a set of Bandages and a Nali Fruit Seed. Then, look around at the walls. In one of the wall panels you will see a crack through to a chamber beyond. Shoot that section of the wall to blow it open, then jump through the revealed hole after the wall collapses to exit the level.

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