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Walkthrough: Foundry Tarydium Plant

Cliff Bleszinski

Your continuing search for a means of escape has brought you to a dreary Skaarj Tarydium processing facility. The facility is densely guarded by Skaarj forces; passing through will not be easy.

You start in the entrance to the Skaarj installation. Ahead is a metal door. To the right is a panel which reads the following:

Tarydium Processing and Purification Plant

Approach the metal door, which opens before you. Step through into the large room beyond.

You are in a tall chamber with large tanks of moving water to either side. Directly ahead, a lift to a floor above is in the raised position. Approach the tank to the right; in front of it you will find a box of 50 Bullets. Then, go round to the right of the tank. There, you will find a Minigun which is useful (in secondary fire) for killing the Brute that approaches from ahead. Kill said Brute. Then, watch your back for another Brute that arrives on the scene and kill that too. Continue round this tank to the back of the room and collect another box of 50 Bullets from behind the tank there.

Look to either side. At this end of the room on this side is a doorway. On the other side is the other tank with supplies round its base, and another doorway. For your first move, enter the doorway on this side of the room. You will arrive in a foyer where your passage into the room beyond is blocked by some hefty electric beams. A panel here gives you some information:

Barrier to higher lift controls intact. All systems normal.

Leave this foyer and cross the main room to the other large water tank. At this end you can collect a box of 50 Bullets. At the other end, you can collect another box of 50 Bullets. Round the wall side of this tank, you can collect a useful Assault Vest. You will also see a box of 8 Rifle Rounds raised on a storage box, but you can't reach it yet. So, stick with the Minigun and go through the doorway on this side of the room opposite the one through to the electric beams.

One short corridor later, you are in a control room. Ahead are two large hinged electrodes. To the right, a SkaarjScout operates a control panel. Kill the Skaarj with the Minigun then read the panel. It says the same as the previous one.

Barrier to higher lift controls intact. All systems normal.

There's a large lever by the panel. Press it and look round at the hinged electrodes to the left. They move into a junction box and you will see the electric field reroute through the mechanism. The message on the panel changes.

Barrier to higher lift controls inactive.

A SkaarjScout comes running in through the corridor. Kill it, then go back outside to the main room. Cross the room to the entrance that was blocked before. The beams are deactivated, the panel reading a familiar message:

Barrier to higher lift controls inactive

Go through the opening and into the room beyond. There, you will find a large lever and two boxes of 50 Bullets. Collect the ammo then press the lever; make your way back out to the main room, and you will see that the large central lift between the two tanks has come down. Step aboard (you'll have to go round the other side) and collect the Flak Cannon you find there, then select said weapon.

After a short pause, the lift will rise. You will be in an upper area above the main room below. Here, you will be attacked by a pair of SkaarjAssassins that come from either side, so kill them, then step off the lift and look around.

Two walkways run on either side of the tanks. Four UMS drop boxes have fallen in through this room's open roof and have landed around the top of the lift. Open them for two 50 Bullet CAR Clips, a pack of 10 Grenades and a pack of 10 Rockets.

You can climb on top of the tanks here; you'll find 12 Eightballs on top of each. Then, make sure you are on the walkway on to which the exit from the lift faces. There is a Health Pack in either direction on this walkway. Collect what you need, then go down to the end of the walkway that was to the right as you exited the lift. You will find wooden crates there that reveal a box of 10 Flak Shells and a box of 8 Rifle Rounds. Try not to fall through the window in the floor here.

Return to the lift and cross over to the far side of the room on to the other walkway. Look in either direction; to the right you will see a corridor entrance. Go to the left for now. At the end of the walkway, you will find wooden crates that reveal a Health Pack.

Now for the fun part. Look through the floor window into the room below. You will see the box on top of which was the ammo you couldn't reach before. So, jump through the glass window (which smashes under your weight) such that you land on top of the box and collect the box of 8 Rifle Rounds there.

Once you have the ammo, return to the higher lift control room to reactivate the central lift. Ride the lift then at the top go back round the sides of the lift on to the second walkway. There, go to the right and head for the corridor entrance.

Enter the corridor. It leads you round to the left and out on to a clockwise curving balcony above an empty horseshoe-shaped room below with a large structure in the centre. Step on to the start of the balcony and collect the box of 50 Bullets there, then head off round the balcony.

Follow the balcony round. About half way round, you will see or be seen by a SkaarjWarrior guarding the balcony. Take it out with the Minigun or CAR, then collect a Health Pack from near a metal panel on the wall at the half way point. From near the metal panel, drop off to the floor of the room below.

The floor follows the whole of the area round, but the only area of interest is at the central point below where you collected the Health Pack. There, you can collect two boxes of 50 Bullets from between the balcony support pillars. Collect the ammo and continue through between the pillars, arriving on a wide lift which takes you up behind the metal panel, which opens. Before going back out on to the balcony though, go into a recess on the other side of the lift from the panel to collect a Super Health Pack. When you're done, step back out on to the balcony. The panel soon closes again.

Continue clockwise round the balcony. At the far end, you will find another box of 50 Bullets, then you will go round a stretch of corridor and find yourself on a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt leads you towards a panel that a SkaarjScout is operating. Follow the belt and use your Minigun to kill the Skaarj. As you reach the corner where the Skaarj was operating the panel, you will see that the conveyor is about to lead off towards some hefty mashing jaws. Step off the belt and read the panel.

It has been 0 days since our last accident.

Save your game now. The next section is awkward. You could be forgiven for saving several times to avoid the frustration of having to do it all again.

Let the conveyor belt lead you towards the first two pairs mashing jaws. As you approach, they will open and close slowly. These ones are easy enough to go through without being squished. However, after an S-bend in the conveyor you will have two more that are tougher to get through. Make your way through these and follow the belt's next corner round to the right. A straight section and one more corner later, you are at the last two pairs of mashing jaws. These ones are extremely tough.

Go through the first and step off the conveyor to the side - if you approach the last pair of jaws you will reveal a SkaarjScout lurking beyond. With a bit of luck, the Skaarj will chase forwards and be mulched by the jaws. If not, then kill it normally. Either way, watch out for a Brute that comes out from alcoves to the left in the corridor beyond and approaches.

Kill the creatures then save your game and negotiate the final pair of jaws. In the corridor beyond, destroy a wooden crate on the left for a can of 12 Eightballs. Follow the corridor; soon you will arrive on a raised walkway that follows the back of an open room to the left which has three large unbreakable windows to the great outdoors. Hop down into the room and you can collect an Eightball Gun from beneath the central window, plus two Health Packs from near gratings at the far end. Collect what you need of the gear then climb up some steps at the Health Pack end to return to the raised walkway.

Follow the walkway as it turns back into a corridor. Go into the corridor and follow the next corner round to the right; you will emerge in a control room inside the large structure you saw from the curving balcony earlier. A SkaarjScout attacks from a raised balcony round the edge of the room. Kill the Skaarj then look around; in the centre of the room is a large glass window recessed in the floor. Two cans of 12 Eightballs sit on the floor beyond the window. Go round the window and collect them; then, as there's nothing else productive you can do in here, jump through the floor window (which smashes under your weight) into the room below.

Look around. You are in a low-ceilinged room with grids in the floor that look down into a room full of molten metal. In one direction, this room is a dead-end, so proceed through it in the other direction. As you approach a Stinger lying in the centre of the floor, there will be an explosion to the left as a Behemoth blasts its way out through the wall.
Collect the Stinger then use your recently re-supplied Eightball Gun to smash the Behemoth. Enter the Behemoth's little alcove for two cans of 12 Eightballs. Leave the alcove and cross this end of the low-ceilinged room; you will emerge in a walkway space beside a huge noisy pipe within a much larger room. Continue along past the noisy pipe, and round with the curve of the pipe into the area where the walkway space opens out beyond. Be prepared to meet three Pupae there; Eightballs seem fairly effective.

There is a lift at the back of the area you are then in. Step on and ride it to the top. One short low-ceilinged corridor later, and you are on a raised platform above the area with the huge pipe. From here is a bridge across the room to another platform, but a SkaarjScout that sees you here presses a plunger at the far side of this platform that destroys the bridge. Kill the Skaarj then go to the right following the wall to collect two boxes of 10 Flak Shells from behind some large storage boxes. Emerge back on to the platform and look around.

To the right is the broken bridge. Ahead, the entrance to a corridor. Ignore the corridor, and go to the broken bridge. Take a run jump and you can make it across the gap. Once on the other side, look around again. To the right is another, darkened corridor entrance. To the left are two boxes of 50 Bullets by some storage boxes and a door. Collect the ammo and try the door; it is locked. So, go to the darkened corridor entrance.

Follow the short corridor. The corridor turns into a vertical shaft to another corridor below; drop down and kill the Pupae that attacks from the left. To the left is the only way that you can go from down here, towards a door at the end of this corridor. Approach the door and go through it. You will emerge in a minor control room.

There's a Nali in the middle of this room - he may summon you or he may be afraid. Either way, watch out for a SkaarjAssassin that drops in through the left of the two glass ceiling windows. Kill the Skaarj (try not to kill the Nali in the process).

Follow the Nali if it is willing. If not, what it would show you towards is a corner of the room to the left under an overhang where there is a Shield Belt beneath a light fitting. Collect the belt and also the Asbestos Suit from the raised area to the right, then go towards the exit at the back.

Go through the double doors there. Beyond, you will find a lift. Step aboard and ride it to the top; you will come out in a corridor that leads out between boxes into a pump room operated by a SkaarjAssassin. Kill the Skaarj. Leave the pump room to the left down a wide corridor; follow its corners and you will soon emerge through the previously locked doors back out where you jumped across the broken bridge. This time, run jump back across the broken bridge and enter the brightly lit corridor entrance that you ignored before to the right.

You will arrive at the top of a short lift shaft downwards. Drop down and into the corridor below. Go along this corridor, passing an entrance to the right, and poke your head round the next corner to Flak bomb a Behemoth patrolling a flight of long, shallow steps that lead down to the floor below where the large pipe is. You don't want to go down there yet, so go back round into the corridor and through the entrance near the bottom of the lift. You will emerge on a low platform beneath the broken bridge with a lever and a strange readout to the left. You have a view of the large pipe ahead.

Activate the lever. The slider needle will move from black through purple, red, and orange, finally reaching yellow. An alarm will sound. The ground will shake as the pressure builds up then with considerable force a section of the large pipe will explode. Drop to the floor below and grenade two Pupae that attack there. Your next aim is to enter the damaged section of pipe, but first go under the balcony where you activated the lever to collect two boxes of 10 Flak Shells.

Enter the pipe. You could go either way along it, but to the right would reveal nothing useful, so make a left. The pipe will curve round a number of times, before leading you out into a larger mechanism chamber with molten metal below gratings in the floor.

Steep steps climb the sloping side of this otherwise empty chamber to the left. Jump up them one by one and go through an opening at the top to emerge on a conveyor belt that will try to push you back upwards. The conveyor system winds down round to the floor of a large storage room. Descend the ramps but watch out for a Behemoth that attacks from the right as you reach the bottom.

There are plenty of nooks and crannies down here but they reveal nothing. So, head straight for the two exits ahead. Go first to the one in the far right corner, past a tank of molten metal. You will find that it is barred off. So, go back across the room and approach the other exit. Climb the short ramp to this exit, which is open, but as you do so, an alarm sounds and bars slam down over the doorway. A Brute blasts a hole in the wall to the right of the door and attacks - kill it then jump in through its hole.

You are in a short stretch of corridor that joins up with the corridor leading from the newly barred exit. Collect the Assault Vest here, then go through past the passage to the door into the furthest corridor. Go to the right and press a lever at the end of the corridor there - a lift descends at the other end of this section of the corridor. Step aboard and the lift rises automatically to an upper corridor, whereupon you will be attacked by a SkaarjAssassin whom you must kill.

Step off the lift into the Skaarj's little alcove for two Clips. Then go back across the lift and step off at the oher end. You will find a room off to the left where two Pupae drop off ceiling beams and attack. Enter the Pupae's room. There, you will find a locked door with a mechanism to one side. Press the large square button on the mechanism and it activates, opening the locked doors. Step through the doorway - watch out for four Pupae that attack you from ahead and to the right.

Look around; you are on a raised area above the conveyor and storage room below. Go round to the far right for two Health Packs. Then, go to the back of the raised area and head to the right - two more Pupae will jump down off the roof of the lava chamber, so kill them.

Visit the corner here and look down through the hole in the floor in this area. It looks down upon the other exit from the storage room, which is no longer barred. Drop down and head through the exit. Enter the dirt-floored maintenance corridor beyond and follow it round to the right. You will arrive in a slightly fogged room where a group of four Pupae drop out of a ceiling vent. Kill them all.

This room has a large pipe full of flowing molten metal, and several consoles. Go to the right towards the lava pipe and enter the deepest part of the room in that direction - you will find a crawlspace under the pipe that contains a Pupae. Kill the Pupae then go through the crawlspace - you enter a large room behind the pipe where you can grab a GES Biorifle and two 25kg cans of Tarydium Sludge.

Return through the crawlspace back into the foggy room. Head through the room in the other direction, then take either route, they both go to the same place - head to the right at the end, and kill a SkaarjWarrior that ambushes you in this area (the GES Biorifle seems fairly suitable). You will come out in another small foggy area by the lava pipe. Go to the back of this area and you will find another crawlspace under the pipe to the right, this one also guarded by a Pupae.

Go through it. You arrive on a walkway near a pool of molten metal that has spilled out of a broken pipe. You are actually beneath the low ceilinged room you entered after the mashing conveyor earlier, just as a curiosity... you can see it through grids in the ceiling. Anyway, follow the walkway round the edge of the pool of metal and you will find that the mouth of the shattered pipe is accessible by crossing a fallen girder. Cimb inside.

Follow the winding pipe. Rounding a corner, expect to be unpleasantly surprised as the section of pipe you are in collapses into the molten metal behind you, leaving you trapped with three Pupae ahead. Slime the Pupae, and try not to be incinerated!

Get out of the newly sloping section of the pipe and continue round its winding course. As you follow the last straight, part of the pipe wall ahead to the left explodes, revealing a hole out into another room. For now, go past the hole, and into the very last dead end of the pipe for an Eightball Gun and a can of 12 Eightballs. Return to the hole in the pipe and jump out. You are in a basic storage facility. A SkaarjScout attacks from a recess behind as you emerge; kill it, then go into its recess for a Health Pack.

Step out into the facility and look around. There are doors to either side (the one on the right is damaged). Go into the four corners of the central part of the room and behind pillars in said corners for four cans of 12 Eightballs, then approach the undamaged door (the one with the red sign over it). The door opens as you approach, to reveal a Behemoth that charges you. Kill the Behemoth, then watch out for a Brute that blasts its way out through the damaged door at the other end of the room as you do so. Kill the Brute too.

Go across the storage facility to the alcove the Brute came out of. It's a small store where you can pick up a Super Health Pack and two boxes of 10 Flak Shells. Then, go back across the room and go through the undamaged doors to the corridor beyond.

The corridor leads you round to the right into a room full of water pools. In the room, there's a lift by a yellow post to the right, and at the far end of this room there is an Assault Vest behind a barrier which you cannot jump over. You want that armour though. So, jump into the water storage tanks. Follow the tanks round so that you enter the area beneath the entrance corridor. After killing a Slith prowling there, you will see a grating in the wall to the right. Use the Dispersion Pistol to destroy this grating and reveal a duct beyond. Enter the long narrow duct. You will be led along for a while and then to the right, after which you can surface and climb out into area containing the Assault Vest.

Collect the armour and use the supports for the barrier on this side to jump back out to the main room. You're done here now, so head for the lift by the yellow post and climb aboard. After a short ride, you will be in a large low-roofed room containing vertical pipes and pumping machines. The room is guarded by a pair of SkaarjWarriors whom you should kill. Then, you can look around the room and admire the machinery, but there's nothing useful so head to the far corner from where you entered this area to find there another lift by another yellow post.

Proceed to he next tier of this multi-levelled structure. The next floor has a bunch more machinery and a SkaarjAssassin on guard - kill the Skaarj - but once again there is nothing useful, so cross the to the far side of this third level and ride the lift by the yellow post there. This lift will take you up to the top level. Entering this room and approaching a lift to a balcony ahead, you will be attacked by another SkaarjAssassin that drops down from the rafters. Kill it.

Approach the lift at the back but go past it, entering the area under the balcony. By going to either side of a large central pipe, you will be able to procure two boxes of 10 Flak Shells. Now, ride the lift up to the balcony. There, you will see a valve hatch on the floor above the pipe beneath the balcony, and a double red switch on the wall to the left. Activate the red switch. The valve hatch opens and is clamped into position by a pair of mechanical arms. Approach the open valve and drop through it, landing with a splosh in the water pipe below. Ready your Combat Assault Rifle or Minigun at this point, if you have the ammo.

The pipe leads off on a straight for a while. Follow it, and you will eventually curve round to the left. Entering the next straight, you will be approaching a tank where a Slith is circling. Kill the Slith and enter the tank - you will see that the pipe continues vertically downwards from the floor of the tank. So, submerge and follow it. The pipe curves round in a U-bend, bringing you back up into another similar tank also patrolled by a Slith.

Kill the Slith and enter this second tank. From there, the pipe leads off horizontally again. Follow it, going round the next curve to the right. There, you will see that you are coming to the end of the pipe at a water pool ahead. A Behemoth has seen you from a ledge and attacks; kill it with your Rocket Launcher or Eightball Gun.

Enter the pool. You will find a ramp out on to the Behemoth's ledge, so climb out and collect the two cans of 12 Eightballs from either side. Continuing back into this area, you can collect two Health Packs from either side of a short corridor entrance.

Go through the short corridor. You will emerge on a genuinely huge octagonal lift with a button ahead. Go forwards and press the button, and the lift starts to descend rapidly.

After what seems like a very long journey, during which time you will be kept busy by a SkaarjBerserker that drops down from above, you will eventually stop at the bottom of the lift shaft. If you can't see it immediately, use your Searchlight to find doors leading off one of the dingy walls here. Go through the doors and enter the corridor beyond to exit the level.

The scene cuts to an intermission with a view of part of the foggy maintenance area with the lava pipes. The player records a log entry.

A Tarydium processing plant... operated by the Skaarj! They must have another colony around. There are Skaarj everywhere. But this time, I'm hunting them... they didn't seem to know I was coming. I figure I'm about half way to the shuttle.

When the log entry is complete, press Fire to start the next level.

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