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Walkthrough: Edge of Na Pali


You're back on the planet. Looking up as the shuttle pulls away above, you suddenly feel very alone. Check your inventory - no Combat Assault Rifle as promised, but you do have the self-recharging Marine SCUBA Gear, a Dispersion Pistol and a Universal Translator.

You start on a raised platform in a tall bay built out of materials resembling those you saw in the Skaarj mining bunkers back at NyLeve's Falls when you first landed on this planet. Look around.

To the left, a box top jumpable to from this platform carries a Clip, and to the right a similar box top carries two Flares. Wooden crates on the floor behind the starting position reveal a Clip. Collect the gear, then go out through a double door which was ahead as you started.

Beyond the door, a short corridor leads into another room where a wooden crate reveals a Clip. You can go behind a box on the left for a useful Flashlight as well. Then, look around; there are two exits ahead in the form of sets of double doors. Go through the left doors into a small closed chamber where wooden crates reveal a Flare and you can collect an Automag from on top of a small table. This room also contains a rickety window through to the corridor beyond the right-hand exit from the previous room. Shoot the window to pieces and hop through to gain access to the corridor the fun way. Within the corridor, go and read the red sign on the far wall to find out where you are. It beeps a Universal Translator message:

Terra-Emi Mining Bunker

Go to the left and round the corner. Two Bandages lie beyond the next box on the right as you do so. As you turn the corner, you will see that the bunker leads outside towards a Nali Hut, and as you approach the exit, some UMS logistics drop boxes outside the bunker collapse to reveal some gear. Go outside to collect your first shipment of stuff from the military; you will find a 50 bullet CAR Clip (Combat Assault Rifle ammo) and a useful Combat Assault Rifle. Then, go round the front of the Nali hut to see where you are.

Mind the Nali Rabbit as you go around the front of the house, then step into the hut and prepare to meet your first opposition in the form of a Tentacle attached to the ceiling. In the hut, a wooden crate on the table can be shot open for a Health Pack. Leave the hut, noting as you go the entrance to a base ahead to the left, then veer off towards the cliff on the right. Go along the cliff and you will find a pool; dive into the pool and have a swim. A human corpse has a Clip nearby and also a log.

LOG: W. Marshall: Hiked through the mountains and making good time. Should make it to Dahlgren's coordinates in a few hours. Finally found some water. Thought I was going to die of thirst.

When you have collected the Clip, climb out of the pool at the end where the bank is shallow. Motice how your Marine SCUBA Gear recharges. Then, go round the back of the large rock on the left and approach the base entrance. As you pass a palm tree, you should notice a LesserBrute on guard - take it by surprise with secondary fire of your Combat Assault Rifle.

Before entering the facility, go round to the left of the medium sized rock nearest the entrance, and you will see that one face of it is shallow enough to climb. Do so, and you will find a human corpse on top. Read his log.

LOG: S. Dalton: Watched those brutes beat Marshall to a pulp last night. He never saw it coming. Probably better that way. I emptied an entire clip on one of them and he just kept coming. At least they haven't tried to get me up here...

Look towards the base entrance and to the left. There's a wooden crate behind some boxes there; it contains a Health Pack if you need it. Then, go to the base entrance and step inside.

Inside, a ramp goes up to a door guarded by a LesserBrute. Kill the LesserBrute, then investigate the boxes to the right of the ramp. The first one is open, containing an Assault Vest. You can go behind that box for two Clips. If you go right to the back, you will find yet another dead man with log.

LOG: J. Parkman: On the Prometheus the crew behaved like a team. Here, they have turned on each other. Wish I didn't have to rely on them to survive. I think crewman Dalton deliberately led the brutes to crewman Marshall. Then he watched him die.

Go back to the base of the ramp and climb it. A sign at the top identifies this structure.

Terra-Sun Mining Station (South)

Go through the door here. You come out in a room with a mechanical platform and tunnel on the left, and a button on the right. Ahead, you can open a wooden crate for a Clip, and go behind a box to the right in the corner for an ASMD Core.

Press the button and step on to the mechanical platform. It takes you down through the tunnel and into a room at the bottom where you will be met by a LesserBrute. Kill it then descend the ramp towards the door ahead, collecting the Clip from the recess to the right of the ramp. Go through the door.

The room beyond, along a short corridor to the left, has a ramp down towards the great outdoors. First, read the sign up here.

Terra-Sun Mining Station (North)

Look around for gear. A wooden crate jumpable to on boxes to the left contains a Health Pack, plus two Bandages and a Clip are hidden between the first box and the raised walkway. Collect the gear as appropriate, then go outside.

As you emerge, a fully-sized Brute comes from behind a box on the right, so keep your guard up.

You can explore the immediate outdoor vicinity. You are at one end of a valley; a wooden crate behind boxes on the left reveals a Health Pack, while wooden crates by a lamp post on the right reveal a Clip. Continue down the valley, and just before it opens out into a broad downhill slope, you will come to three UMS logistics drop boxes which can be shot open for two CAR Clips snd another Combat Assault Rifle. Head off down the slope, but watch out because a Brute sees you from ahead and starts firing rockets, whilst a Manta swoops down from atop of a tall rock behind. Kill them both, then carry on down the slope.

At the bottom there is another stack of boxes, nearby where the Brute was standing when it spotted you. Another wooden crate behind the boxes there contains a Health Pack. The path leads off at a shallower gradient now, to the left of a chasm with a waterfall cascading down. Go along this wide ledge, and shortly you will come to a Nali hut. Go inside it, and you will find a Nali - leave him alone. Open barrels for a Clip. There's also a dead man with a log:

LOG: G. Dahlgren: Still no reply from Dalton's team. It's been four days now and still no sign of the others. I don't think we're going to survive. I heard someone actually made it off this planet. Hope they send a ship back for us...

When you're done, step out of the hut and continue along the ledge.

The ledge follows the cliff round, continuing past the waterfall, then goes up a short slope as the waterfall chasm ends, arriving on a small rise with two Nali huts. Go to the right of the first rock mesa and into the hut on that side of the area. Mind the Tentacle within. Inside, open barrels in one corner for a Flare.

Go out of the hut and to the left, approaching the next Nali hut there. Go inside, killing another Tentacle, for two Bandages and a Clip near a corpse. Read the unfortunate woman's log:

LOG: J. Arnold: Had an encounter with a small reptilian creature this morning while scouting for food. It ran away, but came back with three more I think and they've been waiting outside all day. They're giving me the creeps.

Leave the hut. Ahead there is another canyon, with a ledge continuing along this time to the right. To the left is another bunker entrance, but first go a short way off to the right for a UMS drop box containing a CAR Clip. When you have the ammo, approach the bunker entrance. Kill the LesserBrute on patrol there, then enter the bunker corridor (there's a Nali Healing Fruit behind boxes to the right if you need it). Go into the main bunker room.

To the left is a lift shaft down with no lift currently present, and a button. Go behind boxes at the back of the room first for a box of 50 Bullets, then go to the lift shaft and press the button. Shortly, a lift comes up and stops. Climb aboard, then ride the lift as it returns automatically to the lower level. Enter the room at the bottom. An ASMD Core is behind the first box on the right. Further into the room, you will see a doorway and corridor to the right, and also a shadowy corner to the left. Go into the shadowy corner and go round behind a pillar to collect an Assault Vest there.

Select your Combat Assault Rifle now and go through the doorway, heading up the corridor. As you go to the left of a box in the corner, you will be sighted and attacked by a large Behemoth. Use the box for cover and pummel it with primary fire until it dies.

Go into the room the Behemoth was guarding, and shoot open a wooden crate at the far side. Go into that area for two Clips. Then, look around the room. There are two sets of doors from the room, one to each side. Open the one that was to the right as you entered; you will see a rail over a slime pool beyond. There's a cart at the far end. So, back out into the Behemoth room and look for a red button on the wall at this end. Press it, then return through the doors to the slime pool. While you wait for the cart to make its slow progress towards you, destroy the explosive barrels lining the walls.

When the cart arrives, step on it. It automatically returns to the far side, with you on board. Once there, you will be at another set of doors. Go through into the bunker beyond and kill the LesserBrute on guard. Inside the bunker, there is a door immediately to the left. Go through into a room with a small table and a window similar to a room like this at the start of the map. Collect the Automag and Clip from the table then break the window to go back out into the main bunker.

The exit from this bunker is to the left, but first go to the right and behind boxes back in the main bunker room for an ASMD Core. With that, return towards the exit, reading first the sign on the right.

Terra-Mina Mining Facility

Go out through the exit; you are at the bottom of the waterfall canyon, with the waterfall cascading down on the left into a pool. A bridge crosses over the pool to the next stretch of land, guarded by a LesserBrute. Before moving on, go round behind to the left of the bunker entrance to find a wooden crate with a Health Pack. Collect, then come back out and go towards the bridge, killing the LesserBrute as you do so. The water will reveal nothing useful, so stay on dry land. Cross the bridge and head up the canyon, arriving at another bunker entrance at the far end. A wooden crate to the right of that entrance reveals another Health Pack.

Enter the bunker and kill the LesserBrute who comes out from the right, then go between boxes on the left for two Bandages. Go round to the right inside the bunker and through doors at the end into the next area, but beware the Tentacle lurking behind a ceiling beam beyond. Go to the back of the room and open wooden crates for a Health Pack and a Flare, then go to the leftermost end of this room to find a small table with another ASMD Core and at last an ASMD. Collect the gun.

Break open the window there as a shortcut, then jump through and leave the facility. Time to retrace your steps, so go back along the waterfall canyon, crossing the bridge and re-entering the facility at the end. In the Terra-Mina bunker, go back to the doors by the slime pool. Press a button on the left before the doors (activating the cart), then go through and riding the cart back over the slime pool. Go back through into the Behemoth room.

Go straight across the Behemoth room and through the doors at the far end. Beyond, open a wooden crate for a Health Pack and then follow the corridor round to leave the bunker into the other canyon you saw from above. This canyon stretches off to the left, but first before following it open the UMS drop box ahead for a CAR Clip then go round to the right. Follow the base of the end cliff of this canyon until you go behind boxes and find a wooden crate which contains a Super Health Pack. Collect it, then look up the canyon.

Go up the canyon. As you approach a strangely lit Nali hut at the far end, a LesserBrute comes out from behind some boxes. Kill it, then enter the hut. Inside the hut there is a box of 50 Bullets on a table to the left. A barrel on the right past a dead Nali contains a Flare, and there's a Nali Healing Fruit at the back. Collect the gear then leave the hut - go round behind the hut to find a corridor entrance to a bunker where a LesserBrute is on guard. Inside the bunker you will find a lift ahead. Go round behind boxes on the right, killing a LesserBrute who is on guard, and opening a wooden crate for a Health Pack. Go behind a box on the other side of the room for a Clip, then approach the lift.

Press the button by the lift, then step aboard. Ride it to the top, and step out onto the outside ground at the top. You have come out some way up the valley from where you went down the first lift, but there's nothing of interest that you missed along the ledge in between. Here by this bunker entrance is a Nali Healing Fruit. Collect it then go to the left of the boxes ahead, where there is a Clip but also a LesserBrute.

So, head on up the valley to the left. The valley goes up a slope, passing three UMS drop boxes along the way which contain CAR Clips. Shortly you will arrive at the top of the valley.

There's another bunker entrance at the top. Before entering, boxes on either side of the entrance hand behind them an ASMD Core and 40 Tarydium Shards. When you've collected the gear, go to the entrance itself - you may be alarmed to see two dead Brutes - what did that?

Enter the facility. A wooden crate on the right contains a Health Pack. Beyond that, there's a sign.

Terra-Neo Mining Station

Go on beyond the sign and round behind the box there for a box of 50 Bullets. Then, go to the left. You will find two locked sets of doors and a button. Press the button; the doors nearest the button slide open, revealing a storage facility beyond where a similar button explodes as you enter. The doors close behind you, locking you in... you might want to save your game now.

The storage facility is a ring-shaped complex with pillars and boxes stacked around the place getting in the way. Select your Combat Assault Rifle and go to the left, heading round the facility in a clockwise direction. Shortly, you will round a corner and see (or hear if you don't get far enough around) five small reptilian creatures swarm on to and kill an unfortunate Brute. Then, the five fast and voracious Pack Hunters come after you. Back off at a run, firing your Combat Assault Rifle constantly - don't get cornered - until all five Pack Hunters are dead. Once you are sure that you are safe, start again going clockwise around the facility.

As you approach the point where you were spotted by the Pack Hunters, you will see an ASMD Core behind a box to the right and also a ramp to the left. Collect the core then go up the ramp.

The ramp leads up to a low balcony above the facility. At the far end of the balcony are three Bandages, two clusters of 40 Tarydium Shards and a button. Look clockwise down the facility from here, and you will see some shut doors. Press the button and they open (revealing the level exit), but don't go through them yet!

If you were looking at the exit doors, then you will probably have seen the Stinger on top of the box below. Go down to the floor via the box to collect the Stinger. Go clockwise down the facility, going past the doors you opened and continuing round (via a box of 50 Bullets on the right) until you reach the doors by which you initially entered the facility, which have now re-opened. Go out into the foyer beyond, and you will see that the previously locked doors to the right have opened too.

Go through the newly opened doors and into the corridor beyond, winding round the boxes in the way until you arrive in the next room. Said room has a lift upwards, a wooden crate containing a Health Pack on the left, and a box of 50 Bullets on the right. Collect the gear, then approach the lift. Press the button by the lift and step aboard. Ride it to the top of its shaft, and you will come out in another corridor. Follow the corridor right round; you will come out via a tunnel on a muddy plateau high up on the cliffs above the valley, which is guarded by a SkaarjWarrior.

To the right, a small UMS ship similar in appearance to the hulk of the Vortex Rikers has crashed on top of the cliff, carving a trench out of the ground. Go along this trench, shooting some wooden crates open from behind a box for two Health Packs. Follow the trench along; you will see a gap beneath the left of the ship that forms a tunnel through to another part of the plateau; go through it.

This part of the plateau is also guarded by a SkaarjWarrior; kill it. Explore the plateau. A UMS drop box contains a CAR Clip. A human form sits slumped against a lamp post on a metal crate with his possessions strewn around him; an Automag, a Clip and a Shield Belt. As you approach him to read his log, he convulses and dies.

LOG: K. Divad: Our mission to locate the Vortex Rikers is a failure. The UMS-Chantilly was pulled into the atmosphere of this god-forsaken planet, and we crashed into a mountain. Only Pilot Worch and myself survived. They don't pay me enough for this.

The unfortunate pilot Worch is actually back at the other end of this plateau, draped over the cliff edge. You can read his log if you care to do so:

LOG: M. Worch: My head hasn't stop spinning since the crash. Who keeps moving the ground down there? Oh God, I'm going to be sick again...

All done here. Return through the gaps to either side of the ship and go back into the bunker corridor on the first plateau. Press the button there to call the lift, then step aboard. Having ridden it back down and returned to the foyer, go back into the storage facility. Going anticlockwise, when you find those doors that you opened earlier, go through them to exit the level.

The scene cuts to an intermission with a view of one of the bunkers. Pack Hunters are pattering around. The player makes a log entry.

When I looked up and saw the shuttle pulling away, it really hit me - I was back. I felt a familiar sick rush of adrenalin and fear. Sure enough, it wasn't long before I ran into a Brute. I've been battling by way through the environment ever since; at least the Combat Assault Rifle's a powerful weapon. No sign of the Prometheus in this valley or the surroundings - I need to keep searching.

When the log is complete, press Fire to start the next level.

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