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Unreal creatures: Wildlife

Untamed beasts of a savage land

Not all of Na Pali's endemic life is benevolent to Prisoner 849. Care must be taken when traversing forgotten temples, dank caves and windswept canyons, as they may be nesting grounds for territorial creatures looking for a fresh meal.


These small native piscines travel in shoals. On lower difficulties, they will completely ignore you, but get too close to these shoals on a higher setting and they will start to show interest in you via their teeth; each bite does 1 point damage. Not much, but they bite repeatedly so it mounts up. They are too small to be worth killing and are difficult to target, so it is best to simply swim away if they get too busy, and save yourself the ammo.


These large-jawed underwater denizens are devout meat-eaters and can give quite a powerful bite. When a Devilfish spots you it will pursue you relentlessly until either you or it is dead. Although there is an advantage in that they will also go for critters that jump in after you, Devilfish are best exterminated quickly to avoid losing too much health, so tackle them, but make sure that you don't forget to come up for air. There's nothing more annoying than drowning whilst fighting...


Hefty multiple-tentacled water natives who swim around with a distinctive ink trail. When they spot a target they swim at it head-first then whip round and lay in with a flailing tentacle attack. These enemies are quite hard, but given that nowhere in the game were they actually used, you only need to worry about them if you play custom maps.


Slith are large amphibious creatures which can slither lumberingly on land but who are really in their element wheeling around underwater. They have two main attacks in the form of spitting green acidic saliva, and a melee attack with large, fast and deadly claws. Get cornered by a Slith with its claws and you're as good as dead, which is why it's always best to fight them on land. They are much faster and more manouvreable than you underwater, so if met by a Slith underwater then get away as fast as you can. Push them back using a weapon with kick like the ASMD.

Predator (aka Pack Hunter)

Predators are lightning-fast runners. One Predator on seeing you will probably squeal and run away, but will soon come back with several other Predators and pursue you as a group. They really are pack hunters, chasing a victim down in a flood and then forming a circle to tear flesh off the vanquished's bones. They are equipped with small but incredibly powerful jaws, so it is imperative that you never allow yourself to get cornered. Predators can run just as fast as you... Return to Na Pali only.


Spinners like to lurk in dark shadowy places like crypts, mine workings and ancient temples. These spiders have two attacks in the form of flesh-tearing fangs at close range, and spitting acid at long range. Both attacks are nasty and best avoided, but of the two it is generally preferable to snipe and dodge rather than get torn to shreds. Watch out when visiting dark areas, because Spinners can drop down and ambush you from unexpected locales. Return to Na Pali only.


These amoebas are highly acidic in composition. Creatures whose natural environment is space, their structure intrigued the science officer of the ISV-Kran. Aggressive creatures who follow you and deploy their acid on you if they can reach, they are difficult to target so explosive weapons are the easiest option. Such creatures were picked up in space by the ISV-Kran, Skaarj Mothership and UMS Prometheus.


Tentacles are immobile creatures that attach themselves to a ceiling, where they remain in a visually hard to pick out dormant state until a potential victim is nearby, whereupon they unfurl three tentacles and start firing spikes at the prey. If the prey comes too close then the Tentacle will use its limbs to give the prey a hefty whack that sends the prey flying back. Tentacles are not hard to kill but if left alone can whittle you down to quite poor health quite quickly.


These are not your average horseflies. These creatures can lurk inconspicuously in a corner somewhere then fly out and attack you when you are least expecting it, although you are given some warning by the distinctive rattly buzzing of the Fly's wings. Flies use their tail stings as weapons, so when one attacks it will fly at you then curl its tail under to give you a jab. Although not this attack too dangerous in itself, the Fly will keep coming back for more until either you or it is dead. They are not tough, so make sure that it is not you that dies.

Cave Manta

Cave Mantas are weaker versions of the basic Manta. A distinctive white in colour as opposed to the usual Manta green, these creatures only take a couple of hits to kill but tend to attack in groups of more than one. However they attack, make sure you use an appropriate weapon like the Automag, with which you can back off continuously whilst maintaining accurate fire. Cave Mantas suffer from the same lack of concentration as regular Mantas.


Mantas are small reptilian flying creatures who use their tails as nasty stings. A typical Manta attack pattern is to fly at you, then dart off to one side swinging its tail at you. It can deliver quite a nasty sting. There is one weakness though, Mantas tend to wheel off between attacks and swoop around. This gives you a good opportunity to get some shots in. Best weapon has to be the Automag, which you can use to accurately hit the Manta whatever it is doing. If it is following you, you can back off and continue firing. Otherwise, well, just snipe and there you are :-) .

Giant Manta

These larger and nastier versions of the regular Manta are much more dangerous than their miniature cousins. They are faster and require a lot more damage to kill, thus a certain change of strategy is required. Use a bigger gun than the Automag and circle strafe more (their greater speed gives them a boost on your backing off tactic). They do have a disadvantage though; their size makes them less manouvreable in cramped areas, giving you the opportunity for extra hits. Only used in Return to Na Pali and some custom maps.


These curious balloon-like night stalkers float around and vomit large red balls of explosive plasma at their prey (usually you). The plasma is slow-moving and has a limited range before it detonates, but if you get caught in it it is quite unpleasant. Thus avoidance is a good tactic. Up close, the Gasbag can beat you with its fists, so that isn't ideal either. Gasbags aren't especially tough but they can dodge projectiles, so good weapons to use are the Automag, ASMD and fast-action Flak Cannon (at closer range). Eightballs locked on can hit but often miss.

Giant Gasbag

This semi-boss is extremely rare. It is basically like a huge version of a regular Gasbag, but with the added attribute that it can spit out normal Gasbags as well as red plasma fireballs. The upshot of this is that you should use a big gun like the Flak Cannon to dispose of the Giant Gasbag before it has a chance to spawn too many regular ones.

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