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Unreal creatures: Friendlies

The benevolent natives of Na Pali

The planet of Na Pali is not only home to dangers and monsters out for your blood. To the contrary, the planet enjoyed relative peace before the arrival of the warmongering Skaarj. Prisoner 849 will meet some of these gentle natives on their journey.

Nali Rabbit

Cute and entirely harmless, Nali Rabbits are often found grazing the grasses of the planet. Try not to step on the poor things as that will almost certainly result in their gibbing. Mind you, that is probably an incentive rather than a disincentive... anway, these cute little Nali Bunnies pose no threat to you... unless of course you have six Eightballs loaded and think you are locked onto a bigass Titan but are in fact locked on to one poor doomed Nali Rabbit.

Baby Cow

Unmatured offspring of the harmless and stupid Nali Cow, these small creatures are seen very occasionally, normally with the larger adults. Like the adults, they are grass grazers, and will take no notice of you unless you do something to threaten them, at which point they will panic and run all over the place, often getting in the way of your fire. Mind that rocket...


Adult versions of the Baby Cow, these slow and un-intelligent creatures are pretty much irrelevant. They are farmed by the Nali for their milk, hide and meat and are thus often found in Nali barns or enclosures. They have a distinctive mourfnful call which will instantly inform you of the presence of one of the creatures; the Baby Cow also has a similar but higher pitched call.


A plain Nali is the basic towns-person and worshipper of the planet. A benevolent and timid race, the Nali are easily afraid of threatening creatures. However, if your rate of Nali survival is high, you will often find that these four-armed people will summon you and lead you to some kind of helpful and powerful item. For this reason, endeavour to save as many Nali as you can from attack, and never shoot them.

Nali Priest

The Nali are a simple and holy people. These more colourfully tattooed versions of your basic Nali frequent the planet's temples and sacred sites. Or at least they used to, until the Skaarj came along. Now these Nali like the others are also suppressed and in fear for their lives. That doesn't mean to say that a Nali Priest can't be just as helpful as a basic Nali if not mistreated...

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