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[TBD] Harry Potter ReMastered

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Subject: [TBD] Harry Potter ReMastered

Post Posted: 25 May 2021, 16:23

I just found this forum upon suggestion from an OldUnreal.com member; I'd like to share some details (and questions) on this UE1-based project because why not, though as the title states it's not about Unreal the Game per-se. So I hope I'm not out of place nor am looking like an idiot right now.

A beta source code from Harry Potter 2 has been leaked recently. Because the game is legally in a grey area, I took a little hobby for my spare time: Re-finish the game AGAIN (thus leaving a fully manageable source code), complete with a fast climbing feature, cutscene "skipper" and so on. As the days passed, I found myself adding widescreen support, fixing any of these "little details" I could catch, "fixing" the DEP-dependent crash, and even implementing some scrapped features (including but not limited to those cancelled by time constraints or EA's decisions such as the In-Game menu). Here's an example:
(WIP; These were the original icons and general design before EA asked the replacement you saw in the final version, I'm still determining whether should the styles be toggle-able or not because I don't want to get a C&D)

The plan is to eventually release both the finalized source code, and a minimal install trying to emulate a hypothetical "release version" without dev tools nor any ScriptText at HGame.u; This version should be capable of doing just everything the 2002 release does, if not more. To avoid poking the bear, the former is meant not to have any built files whatsoever (only base source + resource data (user shall build it by himself)), and the latter is meant to be packed into an installer that should only work if the user owns the original version (after all, I intend to keep it compatible with other languages, so the installer shall copy the voice/text files from user's version).

I'm a noob to Unreal though, I've never played nor dealt with Unreal stuff ever before! and I'm still in the early "taking control" phase trying to learn the general structure; currently my only weapons are Google, public tools, and some spare time to study in lower-level. Consider that I don't know just how much has changed internally in comparison to Unreal/UE1 itself (though I can tell there's so many remnants I don't think it has changed much, but still there's many edits).

May I ask for a starting point? i.e. which tools should I use or so? (well, I'm taking a tour on as many forums and websites as I can including this thread, but anything is welcome)
I got some experience in C++ and I'm getting the hang of UnrealScript.

All that said, don't know if you're interested in checking out the current progress (let alone whether is it even possible to upload to Github or so)?

Thanks for reading!

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Subject: Re: [TBD] Harry Potter ReMastered

Post Posted: 25 May 2021, 17:01

Hey, welcome! Fellow fan of the UE1 Harry Potter games here (weirdly it was a HP2 mod back in 2011 that ended up leading me to Unreal and by extension this site!) sounds like an interesting project for sure - can't give you much help where to start regarding programming tools but perhaps others here could give you more help there, though I guess it also depends on what you're planning besides the stuff you already mentioned in your post regarding cut content (eg. will you be making level edits etc).

I actually have messed around with attempting to port/re-build the game in Unreal 227 for many years but always seem to lose steam/question the point of it haha (plus there's a whole bunch of engine level C++ changes that make the scripting side of things quite tricky). I did manage to compile HPModels.u for 227 though lol.

Once again, wish you all the best with this and hope you manage to avoid any C&D letters from EA heh

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