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Troubling "In-Real-Life" events

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Subject: Troubling "In-Real-Life" events

Post Posted: 26 Dec 2017, 23:41

Hello there!

Every one of us had (or will have) very important milestones in their lives. The most important one for me has just appeared.
One I won't pass the way I did others in the past. I'll have to work very hard this time which will be a very difficult task for me as I've never been a "hard-worker" type.
Being born with a really-strong-mind is a blessed thing but it also carries the potential of a wrong self-esteem to form.

Unreal became my very own and only addiction of mine, so severe I often find myself checking all the different forums every few minutes. Unreal became a family-member here you know. There's pretty much no place around me where Unreal is not present. Which is okay as I found joy in it. But I'll really have to cut this passion for a while as I'll need every free seconds to reach the goal of my life I set.
A goal that will never be reached without fighting hard with mysef.

Some of you may already know the goal as it's pretty obvius. Most of you may bless this day as I'll cut myself away.
I had my fights and I'm still pretty sure that you guys should be more polite in order to get some fresh meat to the grinder. The community was very different back then when I joined. Been a "spectator" since 2003.

For those who are before their own milestones (regarding studies), a weaker but hard workin' mind will always surpass the natural talent that is accompanied with laziness.

Have fun guys!
Can't wait to see next year's "the day MMU left events" emergin' all over the community. :'D

Ps:. Always improve yourself, and learn as much stuff as you can. Grab every single bit of information as it makes you more valuable.
Do pursue your dreams!
Here's a car mechanic, surveyor, water-mechanic, wastewater-drinking water technician who's on it's way to become a veterinarian. Wish me luck as I'll need it. Hard times ahead. :'D

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Subject: Re: Troubling "In-Real-Life" events

Post Posted: 27 Dec 2017, 03:18

Good luck! You may have annoyed me sometimes but I bear you no ill will. And if you want to help animals, that is an A+ thing to do in my book. Hopefully you'll be able to fix up loads of them.

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Subject: Re: Troubling "In-Real-Life" events

Post Posted: 27 Dec 2017, 10:00

watcher_of_the_skies wrote:Hello there!
Do pursue your dreams!
Wish me luck as I'll need it. Hard times ahead. :'D

Pursuing your dreams is always a good thing but those dreams have to be realistic. I've always admired your intentions (e.g. the 365 project) but you've set yourself unrealistic goals in the past. Concerning studies: becoming a veterinarian is a long term goal and will require setting timetables and sticking to those. Sometimes you will have to give up a lot of other things and will have to prevent yourself from taking on the many other (new?) interests. It's going to be hard work and will require perseverance. Not everythng will go as planned but that's part of life. It will take time to get into the flow so don't be afraid to adjust your planning in time to accomodate for difficult moments. Just make sure your planning leaves room for adjustments AND certainly include moments for recreation and recharging. Also don't be afraid to ask for help - it's not a sign of weakness.

Best of luck!

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