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Subject: DM-VDM-SubitaMorte

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Hidden in the mountains of Arborea lies a long abandoned fortress, the population was wiped out by a human plague that killed many Gen Mo'Kai all across the planet. Liandri managed to make a deal with the alien species by eradicating the virus in the fortress, in exchange the location was salvaged to be used in the Grand Tournament. The Gen Mo'Kai agreed as they saw the fortress as a relic from an older era and instead of using the place for religious purposes, they want to give the fortress a new purpose, it's the equivalent of turning a church into an arena...., the Gen Mo'Kai truly have a unique sense of duality.


My first vehicular DM map for UT2004, ever since I played DM-BB-VehicleWar I fell in love with DM with vehicles, I never understood why Epic didn't do anything with the concept of vehicular DM, not even the sequel UT3 has anything similar. This map is also the first map that I made with my new PC, this map took longer than I thought because my PC uses Windows 11 and it has some issues with the editor of UT2004 (actors take a long time to select depending on how many actors are visible, an issue that always existed but now it's much worse). I'm very happy at how this map turned out, the bots are decent mostly thanks to the custom actor from DM-BB-VehicleWar but even then they aren't the smartest when it comes to using vehicles. I had to create a new counterpart of the Leviathan because the original had an issue when it deploys (the vehicle doesn't kill anyone). This map uses all the vehicles of UT2004 including the ones from the Bonus Pack and Assault exclusive vehicles, the only exception was the TC-1200 as it's useless. I hope you enjoy the map :)
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