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Subject: AS-TheEyeInTheSky

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Long ago in a far away galaxy a civilization is preparing sacrifices to satisfy the hunger of their angry gods, a game is played where the players must complete a certain set of objectives before time runs out while also defeating all opposition that presents itself. After countless eons this civilization was thought to be nothing but myths until Liandri received a special invitation from an unknown source about a challenge in the far distant corner of the galaxy, the instructions were simple: send the best gladiators to this desolated planet and complete a set of objectives to receive the most prestige reward : immortality , the names of the winners will be immortalized and worshiped for endless generations. Liandri accepted the invitation and prepared to embark to this unknown sector of the galaxy to win the ultimate game.

Only true champions will prevail.


My first Assault map for UT2004, this level took me longer than I thought, mostly because I had to make an Assault map without any help from tutorials from the internet. This map was inspired by many egyptian Assault maps, including many trials maps, which use a lot of platforming challenges. It was quite the challenge to make this map have full bot support, but at the end I'm very happy with the end result. With this map I have learned more about how to make terrain and I also learned how to use Scripted Triggers, which are very useful and have basically replaced many actors from UT99. However the most difficult thing was doing the cutscene at the beginning of the map, not because I couldn't understand how to do it, it was because of the technical issues I had with the Scene Manager actor. I was originally going to add a cutscene at the end of the map but because of my awful experience doing the other cutscene I decided not to. This map has two secrets, let see if you can find them. Also this map is quite long, so I recommend a round time limit of 20 or 30 minutes.

Oh and the name of the map is definitely an Alan Parson reference :)
Somewhere in Nevada...

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