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Subject: DOM-HighTension

Post Posted: 19 Sep 2023, 05:57




Cities have always been a trademark of humanity, not only they function as a place where humans can live, but it also reflects the culture of the people that live in it. It's with great excitement that humans were able to create the first cities that are able to exist floating in space, now independent of planets humanity can literally live in every corner of the universe, however the inhabitants of this particular city aren't as happy as they should because of their boring-average lives. Liandri saw an opportunity to make a dream come true for this people and give them the excitement that they were lacking, Liandri transformed the top of the tallest building into a Domination arena and to make things even better every match is broadcast live to all the people in the city. Jerl Liandri President of LC commented : "If there is something that we have learned is that sometimes senseless violence can gives us a sense of enjoyment that can cure any civilization, this grand tournament shall continue the tradition of previous gladiator tournaments in human history and give the people a spark in their lives, and better yet, nobody gets hurt".


I have played a lot of custom maps in UT99, some of them I will remember for all of my life, one of these maps is DM-1on1-Contact made by Doctor Frag, that level is so simple but so effective and apparently the community agreeds as it is quite the popular map. I decided to make a Domination map based on the level that I love so much. I'm very happy with the result, I managed to make a map that is simple to understand and with a lot of options for getting from one corner of the map to another. I also used Sabbath Cat's enhanced control points, not only they look prettier, but they also allow to change the lighting of the map depending on who controls a CP. Bots are great in this map, special thanks to Buggie for helping me with the bot support.

Hope you all enjoy \o/
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Subject: Re: DOM-HighTension

Post Posted: 20 Sep 2023, 17:00

At first glance it's reminiscent of a certain custom DM map, but I can't recall the name of it. You know - the one that floats in a weird void.

I've just played a botmatch on this map :D Pretty cool one, I must say. But your description says it takes place on top of a skyscraper, but it looks more like a purpose-built arena to me. Unless the skybox backdrop is the skyscraper, then it's a one big-ass 'scraper. I also like translucent control points, but the jump pads could use some animated texture inside of them, like something from SpaceFX.utx. And the VacuumZone could be either replaced with TriggeredDeath or have a bDestructive property set to True, just like in DM-Morpheus.

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