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My UT-music collection

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Subject: My UT-music collection

Post Posted: 22 Jul 2023, 09:17

Like a lot of players of UT99 every so often I get sick of it and stop playing, but unlike most of them (as I've learned) I don't uninstall it when I've stopped playing. This is for a variety of reasons but mostly I know I'll always come back to play it again some day.

I've been playing UT99 since the Demo Version. A little before, actually, as I had a friend who was given a testing disc before the Demo was officially released.

So from downloaded maps to old UT sites that no longer exist, I've a tonnage of .umx files to share... for anyone that wants them.

Total size: 2.59GB
Number of files: 845

For all your mapping needs. Some are amazing, but admittedly quite a few suck eggs.

Or if you don't map yourself and have something that can play .umx files just to listen to them, that works too.

I had some for a Klingon MOD made for Unreal1, but they were so terrible I didn't include them with this.

I once made a mixtape of UT-music to play in the car while I was driving...
...admittedly, I'm a little weird!


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