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UT2004 - Unreal 2 Invasion Monsters (Beta 5)

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Subject: UT2004 - Unreal 2 Invasion Monsters (Beta 5)

Post Posted: 24 May 2021, 02:03

This is a pack of over 30 Unreal 2 invasion monsters for UT2004. The update improves many of the monsters to be closer to how they are in Unreal 2. For example, the skaarj get their dodging and blocking abilities, and the araknids can leap.

Credits: VendorX, Gebsani, Wail of Suicide, Milk, Satore, Fraghouse Team, Iniquitous, Legend Entertainment


Full changelog:
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Subject: Re: UT2004 - Unreal 2 Invasion Monsters (Beta 5)

Post Posted: 25 May 2021, 09:20

Nice one!! :D , I used Invasion Everywere and it was a lot of fun. The characters were recreated pretty well and I love the inclusion of the new weapon...

The ReadMe has a tiny oversight, "KnownMonsters=U2Creatures.FlyingSnake" appears twice.

But besides that I found this package pretty awesome, I'm going to use some of this enemies for future singleplayer campaigns in UT2004... (sometime in the far far future) :)
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Subject: Re: UT2004 - Unreal 2 Invasion Monsters (Beta 5)

Post Posted: 02 Jun 2021, 13:00


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