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ChaosUT Mapping Contest 2017 at!

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Subject: ChaosUT Mapping Contest 2017 at!

Post Posted: 01 Sep 2017, 09:53's annual mapping contest has begun as of today:

The 2017 ChaosUT Mapping contest

The Prize

Thanks to Carbon, a big box UT will be the prize to the winner!

The Rules

-Theme of the contest is CHAOS ...spooky bloody chaos! Inspiration, textures and decoration can be taken out of the ChaosUT mod.
-No weapon placement from this mod... we want this maps playable for everyone. Even for people without Chaos-UT installed.
-The playable area must be inside a 4096x4096x4096uu space. 1 bonus-point if you can get even the sky-zone inside that space.
- You can use any pack (u/utx/umx/uax) you want, but must include any exotic one into your submission. Filesize should be reasonable, so for a +1 point, the sum of all files used inside a zip file should not be bigger than 10 MB.
-Any game-type allowed.
-The contest badge must be placed somewhere into the map on a visible place. Not just in some easter-egg room.
masked 256x256 pcx version by Terraniux masked 1024x1024 pcx version by nogardilaref.
- Map Screenshot, Bot-Support and Music (at least a MyLeveled blank.umx) are a must.
- When naming your map, make sure the name has the -CMC- prefix. (DM-CMC-MapName, KOTH-CMC-MapName etc.)

ChaosUT mod can be downloaded here:

This thread by Dr. Flay might help :thuup:
ChaosUT mapping files and logos - Google Drive

Contest time

From September 1st to October 13th (UTC-0 time). :twisted:


The maps will have a public voting poll to ascertain the Gamers Choice. But also a separate vote of all the participants to determine the winner of the contest. The mappers can vote for others but not for his own map. This will be explained in details later in the Vote threads.


The Submissions have to be posted here in the contest thread. Contest map should be submitted in a .zip, .rar or .7z archive file without password protection.
The archive file should contain the map, a screenshot and a readme text file with any required credits.

The official contest thread can be found here:

Best of luck to you all! \o/


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Subject: Re: ChaosUT Mapping Contest 2017 at!

Post Posted: 03 Sep 2017, 21:21

Thanks for spreading, SteadZ :)
Deep cover GEcko!
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