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Unreal Tournament - My UMX Compilation / Amiga/XM/S3M/IT/MOD

Posted: 02 Nov 2022, 12:08
by GEARvision
Hi, I'm new to the forum

I think no one's uploaded something like this, Let me know If you enjoy it... :) I Thank Dad for this game, it's a treasure to me even to this day.

I'm here to share and preserve for what's this game, the best ever??? :)
Please share it, this pretty much sums up a genre of music, or generation as a whole

I used Wave64 (Wavpack) encoder to stream 32-bit Float (bare minimum if you want to perfectly mimic the sound) EDIT: Original is broken, It's currently downgraded to FLAC, but I may revisit this.
But that's not the point, I'm here to share what I have. I roughly "stopped" playing UT99 around 2012, I feel like I need to mention this because all of these UMXes are actually pretty ancient

Link to the UMX collection ---
Or!Aovu4LYP3ruOlLIQBFD ... g?e=VMKWBd

Be cool and be nice!

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Re: Unreal Tournament - My UMX Compilation / Amiga/XM/S3M/IT/MOD

Posted: 19 Nov 2022, 15:57
by GEARvision
I forgot to mention, But this is worth 17 Hours of playback C:
This is my birthday (22 years-o), thought it's time you check this out!
I pretty sure I was single digit when I listened to a good chunk of these, along with the ones my dad played almost every single day.
I always come back to this soundtrack I'm for certain It's the best tastes in music you can have

A little of story... I kept in Haru.umx even if it's a wav and not a tracker, but It's one I'd heard in an MH japanese-themed map, it always stuck with me, It has a magic to it that I could say defined my times back then, plainly innocent & relaxing, almost feeling encapsulated in it, as much I as I feel encapsulated right now as I try to find people who I can relate to with this, I could say my life journey has brought me back in a circle... Image