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Psy-Corridor (+ continue the story activity?)

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Subject: Psy-Corridor (+ continue the story activity?)

Post Posted: 21 Aug 2014, 00:34


The corridor seemed endless. An endless strait of pain. A trail spattered across the floor, left by the dark, limping silhouette, was the only blemish upon its polished surface.
He stopped, leant against the pristine wall to examine his mangled frame.
His job was done... but it had not gone through without a price, and a painful one at that. Red stained his clothing, though whether it was his own or his victim's blood, he could not say.
What did it matter? All he did know was that he had finished what he had set out to accomplish.
It all rushed back to him. The feeling of adrenaline, pulsing through every vein in his body, trying to escape in vein as he sank that shimmering sharp knife into the flesh of the man who had ruined his life. It was done. Finished
The one who had made his life a living piece of shit was gone. GONE. No-one could do anything about that. Nobody could bring him back now. Gone.
He laughed out loud, long and hard. His way was clear. Only one man now stood in his way of leaving this squalor, and he knew for certain that this time, it would be a lot easier. He... would come to him. He knew it, he could feel it.
When? When would he come though?
Waiting was painful. His leg flared up again, a moment of flaming agony, and a grotesque expression flickered and twisted across his face as it straightened out.
The corridor; dark, and empty. It would not be far to go. He was close. Oh, so very close now. The closed doorway was only a short distance away, emitting cold light onto the walls framing it, yet no sound; Empty?
Time to move. Walking would strain his leg. He needed to save his strength for the battlefield. Nevertheless, he stood up and attempted a few endless feet in the door's direction, soon falling back against the no longer spotless wall once again.
Progress, yet small, but progress at least.

11/6/14 ~ SteadZ

Maybe Unreal related, maybe not - up to your interpretation.

If you want, you could continue the story as to what happens next ;)



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