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Skaarj Fan Art

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Subject: Skaarj Fan Art

Post Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 23:26

Ok, this sudden discovery of Unreal art has motivated me to draw something (that is slightly better than the hellish mess in my Insane Asylum for Squigglers thread).
So behold, a Skaarj Warrior. Drawn in about 10 minutes with a reference picture (Unreal opened up in the background).


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Post Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 23:28

Looks nice, especially the whole head.
I'm expecting tons of pics drawn in 10 minutes now.

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Post Posted: 18 Feb 2010, 19:07

I like it. He's not quite as muscular as the real thing, but the detail on the head is great.
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Subject: Re: Skaarj Fan Art

Post Posted: 26 Jun 2011, 20:48

Great Pic...big gratulation :D
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