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Apartments (UT fanfic)

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Subject: Apartments (UT fanfic)

Post Posted: 24 Jul 2009, 17:36

This story is set around the 1999 UT game.

Chapter 1

There are several people who could change the world, the whole universe as we know it, and they are all living under the same roof. Not that they know it. They all live in the same three-floored block of apartments. There are five apartments, two on each floor except the top floor which has a penthouse. The place is called Necrit Apartments, an old building being run by Karik, a necris, who occupies one of the ground floor apartments. The other ground floor apartment is owned by Jaquine, an astrologist human who lives her life day to day like the stars tell her.
On the first floor lives Gallion, leader of the tournament team Dark Phalanx, one of the teams that people were betting on the victory of this year. The other apartment held a pair of pure blooded Skaarj, Graphter & Terminator, who pretended they were hybrids to remain inconspicuous for the crime they were going to pull off.
The penthouse owner was Simon Dalton, son of the famous Marine John Dalton. His room was fitted out with top security to prevent any attempts of his assassination, as many people wanted to kill him & steal the immense riches he had earned from his ballistic weapons company.
22nd of June, UK, Earth
On the evening of June 22nd Jeri Liandri & the president of Earth (Satta Jones, a Nakhti-Human) were going to hold a public meeting in Tome Square. That morning they were discussing about it in a grimy café opposite Necrit.
“Are you sure it will all go to plan?” Satta kept saying. “I don’t want this silly stunt to wind up with me dead.”
“It will all go to plan.” Jeri said, grinning madly.
Across the street, Simon was having his breakfast delivered by his P.A, Jenny Lakes.
“I don’t see why you don’t get one of those posh apartments in the big cities.” She said, laying the tray down.
“The life of a lousy rich man does not suit me.” Simon said, stretching. “If I want to build weapons good for the lowlife population of the slums, I need to live somewhere near them.”
“I’m sure you don’t.” Jenny mumbled, leaving the room. Simon ran a hand through his knotted black hair. Maybe it would do him better to move to a nicer spot…? No, it wasn’t for him. 30 minutes later he was at the back door of his hover car, Jenny driving, ready for them to go to his office, Dalton Destructors.
In the communal recreational area of Necrit, that was located on the ground floor, Gallion was training for tomorrow’s big match, Dark Phalanx vs. Venom in November Sun Pen. Two of his team members, Gorn & Nikita had also came round to train. The rest of his team (Ivana, Farham & Anna) were elsewhere.
The Skaarj were in their apartment, & no one knew what happened in there. Sometimes smashing & yelling could be heard, or them excitedly talking about something they had learnt from someone. Sometimes they were not heard from for days on end.
Jaquine was trying to make patterns out of the dregs in a coffee cup. After a while she took the shape to mean she should go for a walk in the woods.
Karik was sitting in the corner of the recreational area, resting his head on his hands, while he watched what everyone else was doing intently. He did that often, and it was unnerving.
The day passed, Nikita & Gorn left while Gallion kept on training; the Skaarj didn’t come out or smash anything; Jaquine didn’t come home, which was odd for her; Karik went to do some paperwork & Simon popped in so he could change into a smart suit for that evening’s meeting in Tome square, which was just down the road from Necrit.
When the evening came, Gallion watched the meeting from his window. None of the others were bothered by it except Simon who was actually at the meeting. Jaquine still wasn’t back.
“Hello!” Jeri Liandri said, stepping up to the podium on the stage. A row of seats were at the back of the stage, Simon on one of them, the rest filled with other politicians & officials. “Not one of you knows exactly why you’re here today. Sure, you’ve been told it’s about a great improvement to security but what is it? I have a demonstration for you here.” He stepped aside. “Please welcome Satta Jones!” There was lots of clapping.
Then Jeri Liandri pulled an Enforcer pistol from his jacket pocket & shot Satta through the head.
To Be Continued…

Gallion watching the meeting from his window.

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Subject: Re: Apartments (UT fanfic)

Post Posted: 30 Jun 2011, 13:36

Hehe..awesome :D (y)
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