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EXUMPWeapons - Quality of Life/Updates for EXU2

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Subject: EXUMPWeapons - Quality of Life/Updates for EXU2

Post Posted: 01 May 2024, 12:49

Hey, you! Yeah you. (You know who you are).

Like excessive unreal 2? Think it's too damn hard? Some of the bugs irked you too much?

I took it upon myself to release a minor patch that will fix some of these problems. A non-exhaustive list of these includes:
- Fixed 3rd-person Quadshot model for the EXUShotty (Thanks to Marco/dots for allowing me to use the ported 227 quadshot model!)
- Many weapons like SK6, LRPC etc. were moved into a valid weapon slot (previously, assignment to invalid weapon slot produced Accessed None's repeatedly)
- Shitgun pentapower is now fixed, does not spawn burster brutes upon detonation of canisters

In addition, I've thrown in a new mutator exumpweapons.exucoophelper that can be used in SP and practice sessions to give players a bit of a helping hand, by spawning with armor and the full EXU loadout!

Get it here: ... drive_link

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Subject: Re: EXUMPWeapons - Quality of Life/Updates for EXU2

Post Posted: 01 May 2024, 12:55

Sounds pretty sweet, thank you for the update! will test the mutator as I can use the helping hand :)
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