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Flare Troopers for EXU 7 [NEW DOWNLOAD LINK]

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Subject: Flare Troopers for EXU 7 [NEW DOWNLOAD LINK]

Post Posted: 26 Apr 2024, 17:00

From the guy who brought you Flare Fight, here's a pack of some fun/chaotic pawns to tide you over before I release some more content soon. I completely forgot I had made this one, have fun with it!

If you're a bit confused about what to expect, this video might help:

Download link:

Installation instructions: Just copy the .u file into your 'System' folder. Requires latest version of EXU installed.

Full spawn list:

Code: Select all

summon FlareTrooper.BioFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.BiohazardFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.BouncilaserFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.ChaosFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.ClusternukeFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.ClusterShockFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.CNadeFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.DemonballFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.DemonblastFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.DemonFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.DemonSaturationFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.FlakballFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.FlakFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.FlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.FreezeFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.FuckerFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.FusionFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.GaskillFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.HellfireFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.HorrorFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.HyperballFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.HyperFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.MegablastFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.MunitionsFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.NadeFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.NapalmFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.NuclearFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.PlasmaSprayerFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.RazorFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.RocketballFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.RocketFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.SeekerMissileFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.ShockballFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.ShockburstFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.ShockFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.ShockSaturationFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.SignalFlareGreenTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.StunFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.SuperClusternukeFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.SuperFlareTrooper
summon FlareTrooper.UltraDemonFlareTrooper

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