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Subject: UTNerd24's Asset Depository

Post Posted: 13 Feb 2019, 11:19

I decided that rather than trying to complete projects that go nowhere, I'll instead submit whatever I make to here in hopes someone will notice. Who knows? It might be considered useful! Check back every now and then for uploads!

EXU Funnel Bit: Based on a very creative mod of the Rocket Launcher, This rocket projectile shoots hitscan lasers and can track enemies! Converted for use in EXU2! Note: This is only the projectile, but it may be used in any way.
Download: ... zNv2_ve0Yb

BOOM: A rapid fire Rocket Launcher with a sound byte from Sr. Pelo. One of my more stupid creations.
Download: ... -tJUUqwJU4

Flying Superb Charger: Yep.
Download: ... knfV2du1qo
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