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Version 6.00 [10-31-2014]

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Subject: Version 6.00 [10-31-2014]

Post Posted: 31 Oct 2014, 23:14


            EXU2: Batshit Insane:. . . . Open Beta (v6.00) / 10-31-14
            EXU.u:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .v6.00 / 10-31-14 - 9.5MB
            EXU2BI.u:. . . . . . . . . . . . . .v6.00 / 10-31-14 - 10.0MB
            EXU-Sounds.u:. . . . . . . . . .v6.00 / 10-31-14 - 37.0MB
            EXU-Textures.u:. . . . . . . . .v6.00 / 10-31-14 - 72.9MB
            RMusicPlayer:. . . . . . . . . .v0.1.4 / 6-7-09


Version 6.00:

This has turned out to be one hell of a patch. Added OFFLINE COOP MODE which is incredible (see below), added an EXU2 HUD config menu, imported the Spinner and Predator from Unreal: RTNP and EXU-ified them, fixed a metric shit ton of bugs, and added loads of awesome new stuff. If this is your introduction to EXU2, you picked the best possible time to start. Welcome to the clusterfuck.

Note that the campaign re-release is coming along with this patch, but only Maps 1 - 11 are included in the Phase 1 release on Halloween. The rest should be out within a week or two, and from that point forward, small updates will trickle out much more frequently than once every couple of years, I hope!

New enemies:

  • AdvancedHellfireSpinner: Sprays explosive fireballs.
  • ArmoredLaserBrute: EBM decided to make a slightly-less-useless Laser Brute. That's about it.
  • ArtillerySpinner: Oh you better not let this thing shoot at you for long.
  • BioApocalypseSpinner: Spews biogel, shit, and gore everywhere.
  • BiohazardBomber: Demonic bomber packing some nasty biological weaponry.
  • Condor: Missile-based demonic support aircraft.
  • DemonBehemoth: Launches seeking demon skulls.
  • DoomBrute: Has a powerful burst-fire machine gun.
  • EXUPredator: From RTNP. Fully functional EXU-based Predator.
  • EXUSpinner: From RTNP. Fully functional EXU-based Spinner.
  • FireballSkyTentacle: Surprise surprise: shoots huge-ass fireballs.
  • FuckoffCondor: Like a regular Condor, but fires Giant Fuckoff Rockets. Crazy.
  • GoreSkyTentacle: Spews nasty gore chunks all over.
  • HarmonicDisruptor: Energy-heavy demonic fighter.
  • Hellbomber: Devastatingly powerful demonic bomber. Loves missiles and rockets.
  • HellfireSpinner: Launches bursts of explosive fireballs.
  • HugeFusionSkyTentacle: Now the big tentacles in Shitstorm get their own class!
  • GESShockTroop: EBM made this bio-monstrosity.
  • MegaHyperBag: Creates a huge burst of splash-enabled hyper lasers all over.
  • OverwatchSkyTentacle: See below.
  • OverwatchSpinner: Uses area-denial saturation artillery barrages.
  • PlasmaBrute: Rapidfire bursts of plasma with the occasional medium plasma ball two-shot.
  • PlasmaBurstSkyTentacle: Spews a shitload of green plasma balls.
  • PlasmaSpinner: Launches an indirect burst of green plasma balls.
  • RageReactor: Incredibly dangerous energy-based Heavy Assault Brute.
  • RockChuckerMerc: Really obnoxious asshole that shoots rocks at you.
  • SaturationSpinner: EBM made this bastard, too. Holy crap it hurts.
  • SeriousArrowBrute: Invisible and shoots a LOT of arrows. Designed for coop.
  • SeriousBioBrute: Shoots a crapton of biogel.
  • SeriousBlueBag: Beefy and fires bursts of shock projectiles.
  • SeriousClusterfuckKrall: Lots of clusterfuck 'nades.
  • SeriousDemonGasbag: Beefy and shoots a heavy pentagram.
  • SeriousExtremeLaserLord: Shoots a bunch of lasers.
  • SeriousHyperBag: Sprays bursts of hyper lasers.
  • SeriousShockKrall: Sprays bursts of shock projectiles.
  • SeriousTurboKrall: Sprays bursts of fireballs.
  • SeriousTurboMercenary: Lots more rockets.
  • ShrapnelSpider: Spinner that blasts you with flak chunks.
  • SK6SWAT: Another of EBM's retarded pawns, but probably actually pretty good.
  • SuperbCharger: Extremely fast, indestructible, teleports out of damage zones, gibs enemies on contact, and kills instantly EVEN IN GHOST MODE.
  • SuperPlasmaSpinner: The Plasma Spinner's much beefier cousin.
  • TachyonCharger: Don't let this thing get close. You'll regret it.
  • Thunderhead: Energy-heavy demonic bomber with unbelievable firepower.
  • UltraNuclearBag: Spawns Nuclear Gasbags and shoots fusion balls.

Campaign Changes:

  • Hellcastle (Menu Map)
    • Added some fine art all over the map. Very fine art.
    • Clocktower now functional and syncs with the system time, chimes on the hour / half hour / quarter hour / third quarter hour and more!
    • Did some more visual tweaks to the skyboxes.
    • Fixed a few technical things and lots of misc. decorating.
  • Infernal Falls (Map 2)
    • Dramatically increased chaos levels for coop play.
    • Improved AI pathing and expanded enemy movement abilities.
    • Fixed geometry error inside cave by the steel boxes. The invisible wall is gone, improving movement.
    • Added indicator to the ending door showing whether it's locked or unlocked (unlocked once miniboss is destroyed and indicator disappears).
    • Improved environment art.
  • Shitstorm (Map 3)
    • Major expansions throughout the level.
    • Improved coop gameplay. LOTS of additions for Unreal difficulty coop.
    • Polished technical issues and visuals.
  • Soul Storage (Map 4)
    • Additions and improvements to the level layout.
    • AI pathing overhauled.
  • Gauntlet of Pain (Map 6)
    • Rebalanced gameplay a bit in the last two combat arenas to include additional health and armor drops via pawns.
    • Major improvements to geometry stability in the entire level.
  • Doom Arena (Map 12)
    • Massive visual and gameplay overhaul complete. This one's like a brand new map, vastly superior to the older version.
  • Blackness (Map 14)
    • Significant improvements and polishing in certain areas.
    • Fixed a few geometry / collision bugs.
  • Highlands (Map 15)
    • Fixed music not restarting when loading a save.
    • Added inventory drops to enemy respawner systems. Enemies that spawn nearby now have a small chance of giving you some kind of item.
    • Improved visual touches here and there. Oh also, I literally saved like THREE FUCKING HOURS OF WORK by writing a brushbuilder that did everything in ONE CLICK! OH HELL YEAH FUCK, JESUS CHRIST, BRUSHBUILDERS. THEY ARE FUCKING CRAZY DARK MAGIC SHIT AND I LOVE THEM
  • ALL Other Maps (1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16)
    • Oh my god, again, and I mean AGAIN, misc. technical fixes and tweaks.
    • Added EXUExplosiveBarrels and Joltstones to some areas in some maps. You'll know 'em when you see 'em. Like obscenity

New stuff:

  • Implemented Offline Coop Mode! Tired of netcode bugs? Don't have friends or hate them all? This is a hilarious way to make the campaign MUCH harder by enabling all the extra coop stuff in singleplayer. By default, weapons will respawn (and so will you when you die), so you at least have a fighting chance to make it through each level. However, the sheer volume of additional resistance means almost guaranteed death and lots of it. If you are particularly insane, you can disable weapon and player respawns for the absolute maximum in ball-crushing difficulty. Luckily for you, saves still work normally. See the wiki for usage instructions.
  • Added a new weapon, the EXUified SK-6 Rocket Artillery Cannon! This devastating weapon can load up to six rocket artillery shells at once and fire them all at the same time. The more rockets loaded, however, the less accurate they become, making a six-shot blast best suited for devastating a large open area from a distance, or a single hard target at short range. Do be careful not to blow yourself to pieces, though, if you intend to use it up close.
  • Added a HUD config menu for EXU2's HUD, complete with support for custom crosshairs. Simply open up the Options >> Preferences >> HUD menu while you're in an EXU2 level and you'll be able to see the settings. By default, UT's crosshairs are used in EXU2 instead of Unreal's, though if you really want the old ones it's possible to use them by editing EXU.ini.
  • Tachyon Driver primary fire can now be disengaged without shooting by hitting alt fire. Alt fire Tachyon Storms can now also affect bots and players (if they are not on your team). Also improved the visuals a bit for primary fire (plus better netcode).
  • Rejoice! The completely useless Freezer has been removed from the MP weapon arsenal and replaced with an MP edition of the Tachyon Driver! The MP Tachyon Driver charges automatically and a bit faster, but has a slightly reduced max range, majorly reduced damage output (though it's still insanely powerful compared to the other guns), and cannot be discharged once charging begins. The mechanics are quite a bit different to make it bot- and balance-friendly, but it's still essentially the same weapon.
  • Added a third fire mode to the Piddledoper: stun blast! You engage it by clicking alt while holding primary, or vice versa; this will use up a shitload of your ammo, but fire a short-range explosive energy projectile which can stun enemies. The bug where Double Piddledopers don't follow you to the next map has also finally been fixed. Similarly, when you have one Piddledoper, the recharge rate is a bit slower than it was before, but grabbing a second one doubles it.
  • Implemented damage stacking for the Hell Gun, finally. Any damage dealt to a single enemy (EXUScriptedPawns only for now) with the Hell Gun will increase the amount of damage your Hell Gun does to that enemy unless it is outright immune to Hell damage. Beware! Damage stacking also works against pawns that HEAL from Hell damage like Archdemons, so you'll heal them more with each hit!
  • The Extractor can now manually fire its gore blast if you have at least 15% of the ammo tanks filled! It takes a bit longer to completely fill the tanks now, but you can fire the blast much quicker than before, just with fewer chunks. At 100% capacity, it launches 48 gore pieces. So while you can fire sooner for a quick damage boost / ranged attack, suck up to maximum for the motherlode.
  • The LRPC alt fire now is a scope like the Extractor's instead of a clone of the primary fire. It even has a working range readout, and if you target a player or monster, it will give you your target's name and current health! Also added said rangefinder to the Extractor scope and improved the visuals a bit.
  • Added EXUExplosiveBarrel and subclasses (ChemicalBarrel, SoulCanister). These are found in several maps and are a lot more interesting than your standard FPS hazardous barrels.
  • Added Joltstone environmental hazards to some maps. Joltstones react violently when shot with the Piddledoper primary (or Shock-type projectiles), but not the beams. They are useful as stationary damage-enhancing hazards, and they can chain-react or set themselves off if their sparks make contact with other nearby joltstones. Also, Enzyme made the incredibly awesome models for these things!
  • Fusion balls, firebombs, demonic / fire meteors, and sky fire projectiles now have burn proxies applied (like RFPC projectiles), so near-misses will scorch you a bit.
  • Dark Pupae improved and redesigned. They now behave a bit more like Demon Pupae, but are not Demon-type enemies. Instead, they shift between being corporeal and incorporeal. They only become corporeal while attacking, and are otherwise invulnerable. Have fun with those little fuckers!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed certain weapons causing friendly-fire damage in coop mode when they were not supposed to. Hell Gun alt fire, Hellfire Flares, Tachyon Driver alt fire, etc.
  • Technically this was never actually a bug, but the downsampling of 512x512+ textures is "fixed" by setting MaxLogTextureSize to 12 instead of 8 if you use EXUOpenGL.drv or any of Chris Dohanl's OpenGL renderers. No need to enable S3TC if you don't want it!
  • (Mostly) fixed Tachyon Driver muzzle effect sometimes never going away, even after dying and respawning.
  • Fixed environmental death messages not appearing (like when you fall to your death or get burned up in a lava zone).
  • Fixed flying pawns wandering off into the upper corner of the map after losing track of the player. They will now wander within a set radius of wherever it was they started wandering, and their direction changes are a bit more randomized.
  • Fixed disappearing Hellholes online and improved their netcode.
  • Fixed EXUScriptedPawns set to SpawnWhenTriggered freezing up permanently once spawned if bHateWhenTriggered is true.
  • Fixed EXMapInfo default health being set improperly on first join for a new coop game.
  • Fixed issues with reimported Relic meshes by renaming all of them. No more crashing UED when viewing certain meshes!
  • Fixed indirect ballistic projectile rotation not visually matching movement trajectory (ArtilleryShell and similar classes).
  • Fixed PiddledoperMP beams not using the right effects when Pentapowered.
  • Fixed ItemDumpster being capable of spawning one more item than it should.
  • Fixed Extractor bug where the primary fire DamageType was using the gore blast mode's DamageType instead of the correct one.
  • Included a \d3d10drv\ folder for your ..UT\System\ directory if you use D3D10. I don't use it, so I didn't realize it was required. Whoops!
  • Fixed Archdemon fire so that the effects scale with the size of the pawn, though the emitters currently do not.
  • Fixed Tachyon Driver alt fire lightning storm buggeration and fuckery online.
  • Fixed EXUGrenade netcode. Also fixed seriously bugged out Hyper Grenades.
  • Level designers: Fixed RandoPanels selecting a texture from the full list of Glows textures rather than from however many textures are actually specified.
  • Fixed Extractor being able to damage Watchers and Sentinels.
  • Fixed EXU Full Ammo bucket giving ammo to the Extractor.
  • Fixed EXUJumpBoots overriding EXMapInfo JumpZScaling value. The boots now scale properly with that value.
  • Fixed lots of misc. netcode bugs.
  • Probably a bunch of other things I'm forgetting!

UED tools:

  • Lots of additions to EXMapInfo to provide more granular map-wide design controls for specific levels, such as respawn time controls for inventory, custom level mode settings, the ability to start with Double Piddledopers, and more!
  • Major additions to EXZoneInfo to handle custom damage zone behavior, including continual damage after leaving a zone and more advanced zone healing controls!
  • Improved EXUDispatcher by adding more options.
  • Added EXUSpecialEvent, which can do damn near ANYTHING.
  • Added EventDelayer, which is a highly flexible and lightweight triggerer.
  • Created the Advanced Spawner System, or A.S.S., with its own dedicated ASSNodes (but can still use path nodes if desired), and a few other things! Making EXU2 maps has never been easier! All of the above classes have code comments that explain what their variables are. When in doubt, try it out in a test map and just fuck around! You can do a LOT of REALLY stupid stuff with EXUSpecialEvent and a few other actors, so go nuts!
  • Devil Birds, Sentinels, Watchers, and all other enemy spawn systems: increased array sizes for monsters AND items from 16 to 32 across the board, so you can add twice as much variety to your spawner systems. Go crazy.
  • Vastly improved selection process for PathNode-based creature spawning systems, making them far more reliable. You can also filter in/out eligible nodes by zone and/or by ExtraCost value.
  • Improved GenericSpawner by cleaning up variables and adding more features.
  • Added the Biopod (under EXUDecoration). It can be configured to open up and spawn any sort of horrible monstrosity after taking enough damage.

Other changes:

  • Huge improvement to the coop scoreboard (changed font / size, colors, and layout) and minor adjustments to the offline scoreboard. Coop scoreboard now shows location data for all players, and the HUD will show your location (both online AND offline) when you send messages (chat, taunts, etc), making it a lot easier for other players (or you) to figure out where you are! You can also view the score, kill count, death count, suicide count, and team kill count for all players!
  • EXUBrutes can now swim by default as long as their JumpZ value is non-negative.
  • Improved some minibosses like the Extremely Extreme Laser Lord, Extremely Extreme Shock Berserker, etc.
  • All EXUScriptedPawns with a projectile attack capability now have the ability to fire projectile bursts as well. Only EXUQueens and some specific pawns are exempt from this. Pretty much anything can fire as many projectiles as you want every time it attacks now!
  • Cleaned up EXU2's custom config settings and moved all of them to EXU.ini. You no longer will have any settings dumped into your User.ini or any other place; if you see them there, they can be safely deleted. You can access the config variables via EXU.ini, by typing 'preferences' into the console (press tab or tilde to bring it up), or via Options > Advanced Options on the main menu.
  • In coop mode, Hellholes (big rocks that spit fire and spawn enemies) now are perma-active by default and their spawned creatures are more likely to attack immediately instead of wandering around.
  • Cleaned up the EXU Pinata mutator and improved the random health drop. Now it can drop basically any EXU health class. No longer drops relics.
  • PiddledoperMP beam damage increased slightly from 110 to 120 and range decreased from 2048 to 1280.
  • Carbonated Blood healing amount increased from 50 to 60.
  • PsychoCharger melee damage doubled from 250 to 500.
  • Major optimizations for effect lighting which should help prevent crashes and slow performance whenever lots of performance-intensive visual effects are spawned at once.
  • EXU flak chunks now have a ballistic drop trajectory after a second or two of flight time. This means that they will fly out straight, but then fall to the ground once they have been in the air for a little bit, limiting their max effective range.
  • Robotic enemies now have a small chance of playing a loud explosion sound and blasting out chunks of metal when they take damage. It's random, but rare. Looks cool!
  • Ultra Sneers and Super Sneers no longer last forever. They now last for 10 minutes, which helps prevent weird shit in netmode.
  • Added EXU2MiscTex.utx to the texture packages list. So far this just has Hellcastle art in it, but may have more stupid shit in the future!
  • Unified EXU Jump Boots classes into one single system. This means that separate powerups, i.e. Jump Boots and Blast Bapes, will combine when picked up if you already have one set. Example: if you have Jump Boots and pick up Blast Bapes, your Jump Boots will now have explosive jumps - permanently! Unless they run out of charge, of course. If you start with Blast Bapes, your jumps do damage, but your jump height is not so great. Grab a set of Jump Boots and now you have regular-height jumps AND damage, just like in Example 1. Same goes for Insane Boots - whatever class has more / better of a certain stat, your boots will take on those characteristics.
  • Blast Bapes and Insane Boots further visually differentiated from EXU Jump Boots (first now has orange glows, second has red).
  • Default charge for EXU Jump Boots doubled from 15 to 30.
  • Chaos Barrel ammo capacity and pickup ammo amount doubled from 2 to 4.
  • EXU now uses Save666.usa as the Quicksave slot.
  • Probably lots more shit I haven't thought to document!

>>>>> Get the latest version right here! <<<<<

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 31 Oct 2014, 23:15

dat changelog

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 31 Oct 2014, 23:29

Hell is a state of fuckness

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 31 Oct 2014, 23:30

OK it's uploaded!

Only one mirror since that's all I've got time to do for the moment: ... 0pGSS1zLVE

Go nuts adding more mirrors if Google Drive is shitty for some people (and it probably is)

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 00:32



Holy Crap...

Shit is going down (probably literally) :twisted:


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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 00:47

>New enemies

Ctrl + F "Skeleton"

>Nothing in that section

Buff, I am disappoint.

In all seriousness, this looks hella fun and I will surely fall in love with Offline Coop.
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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 03:10

From the known bugs thread:

"Some wiki content is out of date, particularly the actor classes page."

Want some help updating?
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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 07:48

I just tried it out all but a few minutes ago..

I tried the Co-op modes - both offline and online. Offline, of course, ran very well and you can tell immediately that a lot of work was put into this release, to make sure that it run so smoothly.

But make no mistakes, people: the co-op mode is HARD!!! Refreshingly so, for I ran the game on Medium difficulty and even then, I had all sorts of formidable foes spawning out of the woodwork - stuff like Assholes brutes/mercs/skaarjs (who release homing Shock Spheres upon death!), also the apparently beefier cannon-fodder varieties of skaarj warriors, and (probably some of my favorite since they became a part of the mod) even the flak/shrapnel mercenaries! And, again, this is all on Medium difficulty.

That being said, of course, the changes in weaponry (and I include the bug fixes that make the guns workable among said changes, glad to have the hyper flakker in the mix!) really even things out - if you can learn to master them. Fighting the urge, for example, to just Piddle-stun everything in front of you can be mighty hard, but probably not as hard as it will be after the first few times you die from it :lol: but, yes, it is a very useful trick up the sleeve to have now, and one that can get you out of a hairy situation if you play it properly.

I did jump start to the Frostclaw levels since those are my favorite. Some of the neat additions I got to see were the regenerating stations, which do indeed provide you fresh ammo and health free of charge! They also deactivate and require recharging after use, so be wary of that. The new explosive barrels (which are but one of some of the environmental hazards added here) are pretty darn funny to mess around with, and seem a bit temperamental at times, in some cases breaking much more quickly than others. If anything this is a positive quality, since it's just another part of the brazen madness and cacophony we may come to expect from EXU by this point.

I am thoroughly pleased by this release. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the new pawns described in the original post above. Because this really can't be said enough: Thank you Waff, EBM, UArch, Enzyme for this release and all the great stuff yet to come - and thanks, too, to UBerserker, whose custom campaigns I am sure will become far more interesting as a result of these updates (and probably a bit scarier too in the case of VOIDNESS :shock: )

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 11:58

jaypeezy wrote: and thanks, too, to UBerserker, whose custom campaigns I am sure will become far more interesting as a result of these updates (and probably a bit scarier too in the case of VOIDNESS :shock: )

Aw yea, no problem. Going to be one hell of a hassle learning how uc stuff to recompile actors, Jigoku.u has to be fixed because it uses EXU.u actors that don't exist anymore in 6.00.

Just noticed it actually took me more than two months to re-convert G59 when version 5.00 was released, so I can actually take all my time now as well.

New Bluff is really cool.

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 13:31

Mirror ...

Is there a new video coming from ?




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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 20:40

I played a Coop trial with jpz (assuming jaypeezy) and went pretty good. Had to stop midway in map 3 because IRL reason but we reached the underground Skaarj tunnel, pretty cool.

Both of us experienced bugs with the HUD; Item section seems to not work at all and the Armor section most of the time freezes. Also jpz wasn't able to turn Friendly Fire on. Don't remember if there were any other issues.
No slowdowns or crashes though.

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 22:07

Do we have to uninstall the last version or can we just overwrite the old files?
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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 22:17

You can overwrite the files.
Of course if you've used and configured a renderer like the EXUOpenGL one don't overwrite any of its things.

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 02 Nov 2014, 01:00

Spoiler Alert!
As UBerserker stated previously, he and I did have the chance to play a bit of online co-op this morning. I've got a few observations to make, which I will do here in spoiler tags, as I'm sure maybe some people would prefer to have some things remain a surprise until they play through. Otherwise, if you don't mind, feel free to open up the section to get some initial thoughts from an initial playthrough! This includes screenshots, and commentary on such elements as gameplay and bugs.

► Show Spoiler

A non-spoiler summary: Mostly bugs were related to HUD updating (or not updating) upon damage or picking up items. Gameplay was all quite solid, and the changes to the maps are great!

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Subject: Re: == Version 6.00 [10-31-2014] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 02 Nov 2014, 03:00

Dayum, those new sections of the map look smexy. Too bad that the Eightball model is already used though, I had an idea for a new weapon that would use it.
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