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Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List (5.03 only)

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Subject: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List (5.03 only)

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 22:20

EXU2: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List

Oh fuck another one of my big threads about STUFF

This time, I'll be posting a thread about a list of helpful tips for seasoned Unreal players who want to complete both EXU2 campaigns, Batshit Insane and G59, at their highest difficulty.
This ISN'T a walkthrough for newbies! It's technically an overview list of both campaigns and their maps, mostly taking in consideration Hard and Unreal difficulties.
I will first talk about the gameplay styles of both campaigns to a certain extent, then list a thing or five about each map. Given the scope of this thread being about helping players, there will be a lot spoilers - these spoiler tips may be set to hidden.
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Subject: Re: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 22:21

Batshit Insane (BI)
Made by Waffnuffly, the creator of the EXU2 mod. Since this is the official EXU2 campaign which is bundled with the mod itself, this is of course the first EXU2 pack of maps that people will play. Of course, I don't need to mention that all the maps are conversion of original Unreal ones (with one of them being from RTNP), however the full campaign will contain completely new maps.

Batshit Insane's campaign (BI from now and on), even if it's literally half of the whole thing that is kept being worked on, has 16 maps and quite long ones; overall it should take a bunch of days to complete it, unless you either keep dying or keep playing constantly.
BI is not a sweet trip but it's entirely possible to play it on Unreal difficulty directly and win. The campaign puts together the mod's fundamental content without changing rules. Meaning if you for example play DM maps with EXU2 weapons and EXU2 spawning enemies and try to survive / learn how weapons work / learn how ARE THE ENEMIES you might have learnt how to die less in BI. An arcade-ish feel perhaps? It still depends on the player but it's not hard to get into.

BI serves as a perfect introduction to the EXU2 feel. It starts out with the player having weak items and barely no weapons (you will have the Piddledoper, the Shitgun and the EAR for quite a lot of time before you get the Hyper Flakker), with the opposition being myriads of low-to-medium tier enemies that either die extremely fast or require simple strategies. The more you proceed, the more you find better items and the more you'll fight stronger and ridiculous enemies. What you have to realize is that the difficulty progression is not gradual and can punch you suddenly pretty hard.

BI's atmosphere, while hellish and bloody, doesn't take itself that seriously. You'd say it's chaotic trigger-happy. There are a lot of strange and fucked up sequences and events: enemies that do not attack, incredibly giant XL Pupae, giant ass Tentacles sticking out of the sky and other strange things; there are also scripted events where human starships might take out lots of enemies, or enemies fighting other enemies etc...

Sounds helpful? Yes/no. While you ultimately get the point that BI doesn't have something completely COMPLETELY HORRIBLE suddenly eating you or the ultimate doom found behind some random corner A.K.A. the atmosphere is generally consistent with a lot of humor and with few shocks/surprises A.K.A.AGAIN everyone is really having their "destroy-all-shit-just-for-fun day in the Batshit Insane world", BI takes the ridiculous step with its gameplay very soon.

BI's gameplay is extremely chaotic. Almost all areas are filled of buggers left and right to no end, so most of the time you're pretty surrounded, with many of the fights ending up with a spectacular show of gibs floating around because you throw many Flares to eliminate those waves of 50+ enemies that never seem to end. You'll encounter several types of enemies, of different elemental races too, together. Of different sizes, with invisible ones, with one who stay on top of floating wooden tables shooting large-size rockets, Nali Rabbits exploding, little balls that stick on rocks shooting you to no end and OH MY GOD WHAT'S THAT THING WHICH SHOOTS MILLIONS OF DIFFERENT PROJECTILES AT THE SAME TIME.

Almost none of these enemies are modified and are true to their default properties; problem is that, as I mentioned before, strong weapons will appear much later (the RFPC is very hard to get) so you have to be patient, avoid to go in the middle of the battlefield and get proper cover. Flares and the Flare Gun will be the best companions there. If you're good at exploring, you'll find a huge amount of Flares; BioHazard, Clustershock and Fusion ones are essential to survive. The Tachyon Driver should be exclusively used for Map 12's ending and Map 15, against Lava Titans and especially Arch Demons.

Another gameplay feature of BI is spawning enemies. Generally, what spawns these enemies are little circular cameras attached to roofs of several indoor places (and not just hi-tech ones!). You can temporarily turn these off by shooting them with a weapon (preferably the Piddledoper, the EAR doesn't work). Once the light becomes yellow, you only have a limited time until it repairs itself, and these cameras are very fast at spawning monsters. The Translocator should help you sneak around those, in general - but the idea is to be fast as fuck by getting everything you need and never go back. Birds (mostly located in Maps 2, 3, 5 and 15) also spawn enemies when you go near them and can be killed with the Piddledoper's secondary... if you have enough patience. Rewarding but frustrating. Then there are little monk statues and you can't do anything about those.

BI is best to be played if you're well-focused. The extreme chaos and frustration of random enemy spawns and little enemies that you thought they were dead can be tiring. Also, 75% of the maps are under the same red/orange Hell theme so don't get your sanity being drained out by it like how it struck me. The Ice/Shadow levels are generally focused on single races, though the Ice world will soon get denizens from other clans. The main enemies are Demon pawns; some of their strongest ones will start to appear from Map 10. There will be certain levels where the HellGun won't be used much.

Once you learnt that some areas might have enemies that will kick you kilometres away into a land filled of 100 other enemies, you'll probably understand that BI is all about finding the best way to clear the busiest rooms WITHOUT wasting too much stuff, and doing it from a safe place. Flares are definitely many but they are almost always not in clear sight, while ammo is not common. Saving the game a lot is recommended.

The BI maps will all leave you exhausted. With very few exceptions, none of them has to be taken lightly. The crazy-random feel of the gameplay could suddenly fuck you up even if you're fully prepared. When it comes to enemy placement, there aren't any kind of dramatic changes between difficulties - however if you're without luck, you'll have to face some strong enemies on the higher difficulties due to their odds of appearance, so prepare for the worst (but the worst is very rare!). Trying to memorize the enemy placement in BI is definitely a no-no due to all cameras, spawning and shit and you'll get CONFUSED.
With this I can finish talking about my view on the mappack in its current state. BI is that kind of a mappack that needs to be experienced in first person so you can get an idea about it, as it represents EXU2 to its core.

One last thing to mention is that BI has many BiterFish. Aggressive ones.

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Subject: Re: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 22:21

BI-01: Damnation
  • The first level of BI with proper gameplay in it (the Hellcastle has no fights or items, it's just a long walk to a portal). Your tools will be limited, as you'll have a single Piddledoper only, the Extractor, some Flares that must be thrown without the Flare Gun and few EXU Armors. With enemies being strategically placed in every room, this should suggest players on how they have to proceed throughout the levels. Meaning: stay next to the damn walls.
  • The Piddledoper secondary fire is the main weapon you are going to use against the Demon pawns. If you're lazy to wait the gun to recharge, you can be an ass by staying in a 100% safe place and type the slomo 25 command until the gun touches 999 ammo.
  • The Extractor is a weapon that's better to be used against weak melee enemies, dumb melee enemies and Chargers. And also to destroy some cameras that are located next to you (FREE MEAT). There's a group of little melee Brutes at some point in the map - that's probably a good time to use this weapon.
  • When you reach the Med Lab room, Demon Skaarj will start to spawn in various points of the map, mostly in the previous areas. You can kill them but they'll keep spawning and there's no way to stop that. Besides, if you got already every item by the time you reach the Med Lab, you have no reason to go back, UNLESS you seriously need Blood Packs.
  • The "broken fan" (aka last) section of the map appears quite hard, and you might probably close to have 0 Piddledoper ammo. The first thing to do, on the first side of the area, is try to kill the Demon Brute on the second floor, over the boxes, alongside his companions. Watch the fuck out because the Demon Brute is actually a reskinned Burster Brute who shoots multiple demon pentagrams. You could try to throw a Fusion Flare over there - very rarely on Unreal difficulty you have to deal with other Demon Brutes and with a Demon SWAT (the strongest Demon Warlord type). The second side of the area (beyond the broken fan) is best to be dealt with Nuclear or Clustershock flares, especially if aimed at the Demon Queen. If you stick out from a wall cover for a bit, you can safely blind-shoot targets such as the SecBrutes (blue laser shooting Brutes that are crazy as fuck) with your Piddledoper.

BI-02: Infernal Falls
  • Before you even try to exit out from the Vortex Rikers, might as well try to shoot from there anything you see: those giant ass Boss Pupae, all the Turbo Pupae, Turbo Skaarj, that FuckerBrute, the Turbo Gasbags that come out from the blood lake and whatever else might appear (never had the possibility to fight rare enemies). Once you see there aren't buggers ready to annoy you, you can deal with the SecBrute (Psycho one on Unreal difficulty) from behind one of the crates next to the hut before he starts shooting no stop the exit of the Vortex Rikers where you can't do much other than taking luck shots. As soon as you see him walking, full Piddledoper primary fire shooting on him, non-stop so he won't even be able to shoot a laser bolt once.
  • You might want to get everything you need from the hut/lake area because once you trigger the Gasbag ambush when you approach the edge of the cliff, a demon crate is going to appear in that area. Demon crates spawn enemies when you go near them. And you should kill all those Fuck Off Krall on those floating tables before you even approach the cliff. Afterwards, just translocate yourself on top of the Vortex Rikers and kill everything from there, and spam shit canisters in the second part of the valley. Oh and don't forget to get the Bio Helm located on the top of tunnel entrance brush, which will help you with various Bio Tentacles (please DESCEND to the falls by using the elevator). Note that another demon crater will appear on the second part of the valley at a certain point.
  • You can actually get into the great waterfall hole; you would because there's a Hyper Flakker inside. You can translocate on a certain portion of the mountain from the top of the Vortex Rikers, and translocate all your way to the distant mountain where the hole is located. You need to translocate to the hole from afar because the mountain portion over cannot be walked on (you'll slide off). The Hyper Flakker is preferably obtained once you clear out Nyleve's bottom from all enemies.
  • Turbo Queens (max two in total) are rather strong and healthy. Just stay inside the elevator tunnel and defeat them from there (they'll stay outside). Be careful to the exploding shock orbs. Lastly, their valley will have a demon crater popping up once you reach the end of the cave behind the hut.
  • The Rrajigar valley entrance has a Fuck Off Mercenary. They shoot big ass rockets repeatedly. Use the Flare Gun primary by shooting a BioHazard Flare nearby his location. Watch out at the angry Skaarj around.
  • The optional bunker is better entered from the Rrajigar entrance side; NEVER APPROACH the other exit because there's a demon crate. Going in the bunker is recommended due to several Flares hidden there.
  • Kill all the Birds you see.

BI-03: The Shitstorm
  • This is the level where most players might quit BI. Bluff is BIG and enemies are everywhere. You'd really should get used to this cause almost the rest of the BI maps will keep this level of crazyness and chaos, if not worse. This map is definitely one of the hardest in the demo. Birds are everywhere, Gasbags spawn a lot and you can suddenly run out of ammo.
  • One thing about the "Shitstorms" - they'll be active on two specific occasions. They're duration based so you might as well take cover somewhere and wait.
  • Throw a good large-radius Flare right as you exit from the first room. As you're out, translocate on top of the doorway structure - there's a Fire Helm that you need to abuse against all the Fire users in the bridge section. For that one just slowly proceed to the end kill everything you see (enemies on the top ledges take priority). There will be likely lots of Skaarj and Gasbags, and many Birds can be shot from there.
  • There's no real strategy involved when it comes to defeating enemies. Just learn the EAR and kill everything you see. You should clear out all what's located on the Bluff peak first, then look around for more enemies to kill from afar (the Mini Missile Brutes who patrol on the electric platform railway, the guards placed on the Bluff exit THAT NEEDS TO BE KILLED BEFORE YOU ARRIVE THERE, all those invisible brutes on the bell tower with a good aimed Flare, etc...). Proceed carefully when you reach the rabbit cage, otherwise you die. There are some items behind the stone walls in the area where this cage is located.
  • The secret catacombs are filled with Tentacles and Demon Skaarj (watch out at the mini Brutes on your way down). Throw a Flare, or a Hyper grenade if you got the weapon. Explanation on how to open the tombs is written later.
  • The whole prison section must be done as fast as possible, due to the cameras being able to spawn enemies pretty fast. Go first in the sewer tunnels located in the first room. First sewer tunnels has the shock rocket trap triggered when you reach the Keg (think first, shoot a translocator disc somewhere safe before you trigger the trap). If you shoot those modern pole lights for a while, a group of Fire Krall will spawn nearby. The other sewer tunnel leads to the great blood lake or the underground cave below Bluff.
  • That cave below Bluff is really REALLY dangerous. Needs to be approached from above (aka you need to go through the Hyper Slith area), and from there pray that your Flares might hit something. The Hyper Flakker may be useful too. If you drop down, run fast as fuck to the safest place (graveyard elevator). All those FuckerBrutes, TurboQueens and others are better dealt from the Bluff peak (at least weaken them and then go down and finish the job. Will take many tries).
  • It is not necessary to open the prison doors. Each prison cell contains an enemy who can die with one or two EAR blue bolts but there's nothing of value to be found. Either way you can only access the Bluff's monastery throughout the underwater tunnels of the prison. Just like in the original Unreal, the laser barrier to the underground passage are deactivated from the same area (it will also turn off all the purple forcefields surrounding the monastery).
  • Fucker Fish and Squids are better to be dealt with the Extractor. Same for the Monster Fish, but if you're scared that they might hit you (they have wonky collision for melee fights and incredible power) just stick to the Piddledoper.
  • A mini-list on how to open the tombs in the secret catacombs. Loud sounds might be played if you satisfy the requirements.
    • A tomb containing a Magic Armor Seed will only open after killing a specific beefed-up Demon Gasbag floating over the Bluff monastery (very visible). The catch? It's Unreal-difficulty only and there's just a 33% chance of his appearance occurring.
    • A tomb containing a EXU Keg and a EXU ShieldBelt requires all Demon Pupae next to that lone Nali cross on right hand side of the Bluff peak to be killed. Bad news is that these Pupae might fall in the blood lake below and can be really hard to find. Some become lunatic as fuck by moon jumping on the water, making them really hard to spot (and to hit).
    • Other two tombs containing a Firestorm Generator and six Clusternuke Flares. Just like the first tomb, these require two beefed-up Demon Gasbags floating over the Bluff monastery. These ones appear on Hard and Unreal difficulty only and not always, however the Demon Gasbag who opens the way to the Clusternuke tomb has more chances to appear (65% instead of 33%).
  • Killing all the Fucker Fish, Monster Fish and Squids in the blood lake (there aren't that many of them but you have to look around) will trigger the appearance of a Saint Suit in the exit pathway. There will be a confirmation message as well. This Saint Suit can protect you from Holy and HELL damage, which will make the beginning of the next map much easier.
  • This is so much secret it needs spoiler tags:
    ► Show Spoiler

BI-04: Soul Storage
  • The storage is definitely the hardest part of the map. You cannot avoid everything incoming and the best thing you can do is to kill as fast as possible. If you have the Saint Suit, more power to you as it will protect from the demon pawns there (there are Queens, also) but cameras will continue to spawn enemies of different races and it's impossible to not let that happen. My favorite strategy would be attacking from above, with Shitgun and few Flares but be careful because enemies may spawn suddenly somewhere, if not behind you. Items are mostly found in corners, over the crates and over those support ledges; you need to get these items at the same time as you proceed to the end, to avoid casualties with the cameras spawning enemies. Interesting items include: a Shit Helm (USEFUL), many Munition Flares, EXU Thigh Pads, EXU Shield Belt, lots of ammo, Fusion Flares, a SearchLight and most importantly BioHazard Flares found on some pillar ledge on the right hand side (facing the storage exit). Once you think you're done with the storage and never want to return there, wait until the exit doors are opened, kill some enemies near this exit just to stay safe, then trigger the door level and quickly exit from the storage. Storage doors are permanently closed behind you now but this means that enemies spawned by cameras won't be able to ambush you anymore. And that happens a lot.
  • Outside, take down the Sky Tentacles and the tower Mercenaries first, from good places. There are a lot of little buggers hiding around requesting for a flare to be thrown in the face. Oh and that Fuck Off Mercenary found all the way down in the instakill pit. Killing him will unlock an additional Blood Box in the optional "Krall Gamblers" side area. If you haven't figured it out yet, there are cameras guarding each doorway but spawn enemies very slowly. You can translocate beyond the doorways, funnily.
  • That "Krall Gamblers" side area (100% optional) has a Plasma Merc and a Shrapnel Merc. Both can tear you down very fast and must be killed as soon as you see them. Use the EAR's blue bolts.
  • The lever that triggers the second doorway will trigger a wave of Demon Skaarj outside (Unreal difficulty only, 75% chances of appearance for each Skaarj). Killing the Tentacle above the lever will trigger, always outside, a wave of Grenade Krall Elite (75% chances of appearance for each Krall, on Normal/Hard/Unreal difficulties or just Hard/Unreal difficulties). These will eventually add up with the Fire Krall and one Razor Krall coming from the opened doorway.
  • Before touching the exit teleport, you can translocate beyond it to get the Clustershock Flares. Don't stay in that area too much or the unkillable Chef's Cousin will come for you, as the messages suggest.

BI-05: The Cursed Passage
  • There will be a scripted event where some enemies will shoot each other, resulting in many casualties; happens once you reach the main valley.
  • You have free range on this map, as you can translocate and shoot anywhere. You really have to be careful at several things. First, Slime Mercenaries may be around over the rocks, max 4 Shock SWATs can be fought and there are several flying enemies guarding over the valley.
  • What might be really hard in this map is dealing with the demon crates. Two of them appear in the valley; one next to the Demon Queen (killing this Queen will automatically spawn the crater), the other next to the stone passage entrance (spawns once you set foot in the passage's starting point. You have to do your best to trigger these craters as later as possible, so you can easily get the items located over the pillars and ledges of the stone passage, as it's very easy to accidentally cause the craters to spawn many monsters when you're minding your own business by getting items.

BI-06: The Gauntlet of Pain
  • The first survival battle can be done by quickly running to the torch gate's button room and go up to the second floor. Now just guard over one of the two slope ramps and kill all enemies that attempt to climb it with EAR/Shitgun. This will take a LONG WHILE but at least the enemies will be only climbing that ramp and not the other one, so you can stay focused on one direction.
  • There's nothing behind the door in the Flare-in-the-Fountain room, so don't waste a Flare for opening it.
  • Second survival battle is the easiest. Just use the Hyper Flakker's primary (or the EAR secondary, but I recommend the Flakker) to instakill the spawning Demon Skaarj from demon painting before they can even do something. The rest is straightforward.
  • The third survival battle is a bit tricky. Translocate to the second floor and take that passage which should lead to the level's entrance (aka the coop shortcut in the original Unreal version). It's blocked there, of course, though you can shoot something from there. Notably Flares to get rid of Pupae and perhaps Gasbags. Enemies can't really catch you there, unless you do some mistake with your Flares or Hyper Grenades. Once you think you spammed explosive shit enough, finish the job, prioritizing carefulness toward Gasbags.
  • The fourth survival battle is huge step up from the previous ones. The valley will be filled of enemies left and right. I beat it by translocating over the structure with the doorway that leads to the arena; it has two mini-towers, so stand on top of the one on the right. You can also translocate over the mountain. From there you can bombard pretty much anything with the Hyper Flakker. What's below you should be dealt with Flares (BioHazard and Nuclear ones, mostly). The only thing you have to be careful for are sneaking Gasbags that can spawn next to your position, or from somewhere where they can shoot you. Grenade Bags are really fast and dangerous, while Bio ones can throw you off from the platform and you don't want that to happen. Though if you stay on the mountain, not even the Gasbags will bother you much - perhaps the spawning Pulse Sky Tentacle will do, however.
  • In the same valley, there's a blood pool with infinite spawning Fucker Fish, and they're pretty angry. There's a very hard-to-locate Seed Seed at the very bottom of the pool (it's next to one of the two seaweeds). Fucker Fish will give you no time, so unless you want to sacrifice some health and armor for the Seed Seed by translocating around, it's up to you. If you was lucky to get the Firestorm Generator in Shitstorm, then this is a no brainer.
  • Nothing much to say about the final survival battle. It's all against Demon pawns here - Skaarj, Queens, Pupae and Gasbags - just stay on the upper border of the arena (especially where the little coop passage is located), throw some Biohazard Flares in the most populated areas and spam Hyper Grenades non-stop. Some Queens may spawn elsewhere but the Hyper Flakker primary is strong enough to take these down very fast. Just don't forget that some random Demon Gasbag may shoot you from somewhere. Once that's done, take everything useful you left out in the map before starting the next one. Having a Blast Helm (immunity to Hyper Flakker's ammo projectiles) would be a godsend, and it's very easy to keep it.

BI-07: Frostclaw Access Lift
  • If you have the Blast Helm, you're free to spam your way with the Hyper Flakker throughout this simple map. Both Frostclaw levels differentiate from the previous ones by focusing on a different theme and race - Ice enemies. Their projectiles aren't that damaging but they're fast, have splash damage and can bounce around. Killing them rapidly is the name of the game. Note that they won't be alone there - they'll have other races supporting them, including Demons and Steel pawns. There are also some Skaarj Assassins that will release, upon death, a homing explosive shock ball; these ones are generally spawned from cameras.
  • The only enemy that is worth a full mention there is the MechBag (Hard/Unreal difficulty only). These have a high amount of health and are immune to shrapnel ammo and is very resistant against the Hyper Flakker. They're weak against the EAR and the Shitgun though. When one dies, it spawns 10 or so miniature versions of this MechBags. They're rather damaging and very fast; a weapon like the Piddledoper secondary could be pretty decent against them, until you get the Hellgun.

BI-08: Frostclaw Outpost
  • This is really a tough ride, and Terraniux is DEFINITELY more than just a reskin, visually-wise. Might as well start to say that almost all areas have cameras. You can sneak through them or turn them off temporarily but given their number it's a bad idea. Luckily the number of enemies spawned won't be anything remotely high if you don't act stupid. Items are hidden around - on planks hidden on the roof of the water tank rooms, over the tiny support ledges for the circular walkway of the water tank section, on any walkable ledge/pipe in the elevator room, over lamps and MORE. Literally, you really have to translocate on anything possible, to get Flares, LRPC ammo, other ammo, armors and more.
  • Until you get the Hellgun (located in this map, bridge room) Ice Slith should be dealt with caution; due to the lack of space, Ice Pupae can be pretty dangerous and usually stomp your strategies in vital moments.
  • Best way to infiltrate the first water tank room (choose left or right one) is to go to the end of the base floor area to enter the new room which connects both floors. Likely Ice Mercenaries, Shock/Bio/Pulse enemies will try to stop you, so be careful. Once you're safe and well on the main greenhouse floor, you can start conquering the rest of the section with the usual shoot and cover tactics, assuming you don't forget to turn off the cameras. Ice Mercenaries are the strongest enemies and should be the first ones to go. Like in the original Unreal version, you need to press the three buttons in the three water tank rooms to activate the elevators. Demon pawns defend one of the two elevator chambers.
  • Now the greenhouses... more like the ICBM launch stations. Each one contain Ice Queens, Fusion Tentacles, TurboSkaarj and Heavy Laser Mercenaries. About the latter ones, they shoot Dispersion Pistol ammo, so if you have the Blast Helm they can't do jackshit against you. The other are definitely much of an issue. This is where you realize how Flares can be valuable and why they should be saved for worse situations. Munition Flares and Hellfire Flares could do a job well done in these areas, then you can finish the rest with the Hyper Flakker and the Shitgun. You're not exactly forced to beat these enemies but since you'll return there to activate all the ICBM turrets, much more strong enemies will appear and you'll be overwhelmed. Oh and yeah, you can enter the cylinder-shaped, hub middle area throughout the second floor. Just translocate on the balconies and reach the door.
  • The water tunnels used to reach the bridge have two dry dead ends (just like in the original Unreal). If you reach their end where the items are located, the infamous Shock Rocket trap from the Shitstorm sewer will be triggered. Translocator, you know the drill.
  • Once you reach the bridge, get first all the necessary items (Hellgun INCLUDED) and then press the buttons. Lots of enemies will be spawning around just outside the bridge chamber, and your next objective is to return to the ICBM launch station and enter the little ICBM control rooms. This is where things get a bit tricky, because once you activate the turret, Steel Queens will immediately spawn and you'll get shot badly the second you exit from the room and if you're even slower two MechBags will join in too. This is what I did before pressing the panel: go to the balcony, open the door to go inside, throw a translocator disc there. Now from the balcony jump your way down to the ICBM control room, press button, translocate. Now you're in a safe place and most of all, none of the enemies are aware of you and you have time to make up a strategy. Which consists of just raining down shit canister on the Steel Queens and their Pupae. The main issues are the MechBag couple that spawn almost a minute later (they don't appear in Easy and Medium difficulties). Try to stay on the balcony and while being sure Steel Queens don't hit you, strike the Mech Bags with EAR and Hell Gun. When they explode into the mini versions, retreat inside. They'll approach the door, which means free hits for your Hellgun secondary fire, and Piddledoper secondary to finish off the intelligent, coward ones. As for the Steel pawns, don't bother using the Hyper Flakker, spam the Hellgun blasts until you stop hearing sounds of dead Pupae. BE CAREFUL that due to the crazy Pupae spawning system, some Steel Pupae might be stuck on the ICBM and will jump suddenly down for you; these bastards deal a lot of damage per hit and are healthy. These battles really take a lot of time to complete (you got to do this for three stations...); the upperside is that they are optional.
  • Once all the ICBM turrets are activated, you need to go to the reactor room. Not much to say there, the Laser Bots can be easily destroyed with the Hellgun secondary, the istructions on how to fuck up the reactor are a plain mentioned in-game. After you've done that you can exit this map. Don't forget about cameras and spawning enemies because they're everywhere.

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Subject: Re: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List

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BI-09: Bitter Bridge
  • The box explosion is damaging. Stay far from it when you break it. Also you're not supposed to pick up the Frost Armor to trigger the battle so you can save it for later.

BI-10: The Doom House
  • Demoncore map. The Hellgun is pretty much used against Fucker Fish, and all the pools are filled of them. Your objective there is shooting those floating HELL cores, one bullet is enough. Once destroyed they should cast one of those loud, ethereal Unreal Call sounds. Afterwards, you have to do the same thing as in the original Chizra: go in the Eightball area, use the lever, take the portal to the exit and finish the map. That is. Except the fact that you're going through something 500 times harder than Chizra. Note that at the beginning of the map, you'll be forced to get a Turbo Helm.
  • If for some reason you have the Firestorm Generator, it might be a good idea activating it in the most explosive sections. Chizra has very large chambers that will be expectedly filled of enemies until the last pixel, so you better off using (in very strategically ways) Shit Canisters, Hyper Grenades and Flares capable of covering a large radius. Demon Mercenaries absolutely need to be killed first. The other thing to remember is that certain areas (i.e. specifically the ones around the narrow room where in the original Unreal you would see the Nali preaching behind the bars and the ones around the once Eightball shrine) will have Skaarj and Krall that will spawn at a quite high rate, randomly; this forces you to proceed faster to avoid getting continuously ambushed.
  • The final archway of the corridor which leads to the area with the exit of the level (and with the thin wooden bridge) has a trap which catapults you a mile forward, in the middle of all the Squids. You should recognize the trap position by the yellow and black bars on the floor, between the two pillars. You can translocate through it, however it's a good idea stay behind that trap and wait for the Squids to come. There are MANY of them, plus all the Fucker Fish down in the pool, so it may be a good idea throwing a Hell-based Flare.
  • After clearing the Squid area mentioned above, you can use the elevator (the arrow shooting trap is gone, by the way) to go back to the first part of the map. Watch out when you use the elevator though - strong Mercenaries are standing in front of the opening of the second floor; throw a Hyper Grenade there to destroy them, before they destroy you!
  • If you still don't know the explosive Keg trick yet... the ones with the green sparks do explode, while the yellow ones are the real Kegs. You can destroy the fake Kegs with a damaging weapon, like the EAR's secondary fire.
  • You eventually will reach the t-junction, where the left road leads to the area with the hydro-pumped rail platform and the other to the huge ass area full of wooden bridges and with 300+ enemies. Since it's not recommended to return to this junction due to the enemy spawning, it's recommended to clean the area on the left; there appears to be an insane amount of Demon enemies here, including Razor Mercenaries and Turbo Fire Brutes on torch pillars that can damage you as much as bad as the Demons. Demon pawns guard also the main corridors to the area, which means you have good chances that the EAR blue bolt could pierce many creatures, it also means that you might fight many Demon Pupae (there are several Demon Slith, depending on the difficulty) and unless you have something like the Firestorm Generator (highly unlikely) you're quite defensless against them in narrow areas and the Shit Gun is probably the only weapon that can save your ass. Hyper Grenades are also another option, and you could switch to the primary fire if you're suddenly attacked by random enemies from behind (or popping up in front of you). BioHazard and ClusterShock Flares should be shot right at the other side of the room, near or inside the hydro-tank chamber. The worst mistake would be just proceeding into the room thinking that everyone is dead. On the good side there are no items around, except three Combat Seeds near the hydro-tank and the secret area behind the shoot-able wall. This one contains a Demon Saturation Flare... and that's about it. The pit has a hidden Pulse Brute which will likely throw you down, and the fake Ultra Belt (1 armor) floats in the air because the invisible brush is actually removed there. If you want that 1+ armor, just throw the translocator disc in a safe place, then get the Ultra Belt and translocate.
  • The huge ass area with the wooden bridges everywhere is filled of all kind of enemies, notably Tentacles. Fusion Flares anyone?
  • The former "Eightball" chamber has several items over walls and the top stone planks on the roof, so try to translocate everywhere as much as you can. Note that enemies might spawn here. Both sides have also cameras. You can reach them with the Extractor but after you turn them off three or four times they'll be destroyed! You should see a broken wire below the cameras when that happens.
  • You might encounter random floating hell symbols. Some stand still, the other move in random direction. Whatever you do, don't touch them - they burn you. The damage isn't that big anyway.
  • You can of course access the treasure room from the pyramid one once again. Inside there are very healthy Demon Brutes but useful ammo. And oh yeah, there are Flak Tentacles below the grates on the ground and are better to be killed. Note that you might want to shoot from above the grate those barrels/boxes in the secret room below to enjoy the LAG fireworks (and avoid to die in case you shoot them when you're inside that room; there's also cool items there).
  • The final teleport area contains an insane group of tiny Squids. Nuclear Flares and HellFire Flares are the fastest ways to take them down, unless you have enough BioHazard Flares to throw. Watch out at the remaining Gasbags and at the Mercenaries.

BI-11: Realm of Corruption
  • You can translocate over the roof of the first few areas, so you can bomb the available rooms from above (especially the room at the opposite side which is totally filled of Demon Skaarj, Demon Skaarj Lords and Demon Mercenaries). Note that the "sky" ceiling is very short so be careful about any kind of splash damage and when using bouncing attacks. The rest of the first part of this map is pretty much like this, just stand on a floor higher from the enemies and kill them all. There are many Turbo Demon Brutes and I think around 30+ Demon Slith (which result in millions of Demon Pupae that you don't want on your own floor). Notice that there are some items on the stone planks.
  • The bars to the rest of the first section of the level are opened with the same underwater level but there's a catch this time. Once you got covered the underwater corridors, meaning having destroyed all the Demon Slith and got all the items you need down there, shoot a translocator disc in a safe place, away from the pool or clearly away from the line of sight of those red orbs attached on the underwater walls. Those red orbs are Gasbags in disguise - basically little static Demon Gasbags that cannot be killed and that shoot demon pentagrams. They get activated once you use the second lever and with around 40 of them in the underwater area it's not a good idea having so many pentagrams to tolerate. So once you trigger the lever, translocate and you safe from this mess. Note that above the lever there's a room with several Fucker Fish and with no items; a little trap that can be fucked off with a hell blast. You can do that before you translocate to the safe place.
  • The spire room. It has two EAR Ammo over one of the support pillars next to the altar, a Megablast Flare over the altar pillar and two Hellfire Flares disguised on the torches next to said pillar. Hyper Ammo won't be around on Unreal difficulty.
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  • The lava room is not anything complex here. There are Fire Skaarj in the lava that you can barely see. Do this: translocate to the platform with the Firestorm Generator and quickly kill the Plasma Bag above with any fast weapon. Now translocate over one of those stone planks near the roof: you should find the Asbestos Suit there. Hopefully, if you have enough armors, you can be able to keep this Suit until the end of the demo and having a constant immunity to fire is really useful. Now you can drop in the lava and have fun with the Skaarj. There are various Hellfire Flares around, plus Hell ammo and a LRPC pack over a detached brick. JUST WATCH OUT WHEN YOU USE THE TRANSLOCATOR - don't make the disc touch the lava.
  • The pool of the antechamber to the spire room has a hidden Seed Seed. The pool of the antechamber to the next section of the level (aka where there's that Skaarj sacrifice) has two hidden Seed Seeds and one hidden Magic Armor Seed, found all together.
  • The Demon Skaarj ritual room will be likely your first encounter with the huge Hell Orb. A Skaarj dies and it will become one of these. These orbs cannot be killed and will attack you with heavy Hell attacks. Though, if you use a really strong weapon to destroy the dying Skaarj's carcass (a good moment to try the RFPC secondary fire), the orb will not spawn. Another note: you can access the first section of this map any time from now and on.
  • You can access the roof area of the room where the Demon Skaarj ambush occurs. Jump Boots can help you translocate easier on it. You'll find a mini Pizza Gasbag that can be easily killed, a LRPC pack hidden in a corner and a friendly, sleepy Demon Krall Elite. He'll say some funny things. You can kill him if you want - FROM AFAR because he drops the fake explosive Keg.
  • The room before the great valley has Charles, a friendly huge Demon Brute who shoots extremely strong demon rockets. He'll just say things, but since that after the big battle in the successive area you can have the option to return up there (you need the Jump Boots), it's probably better to kill him because he'll become eventually hostile. He has a lot of health, so you need to use Hyper Grenades or even a Flare to take him down. Telefrag is not recommended because he drops a fake explosive Keg which instantly damages you.
  • The battle in the valley is triggered when you reach the end of the area, so it's recommended to gradually proceeding and getting all items around; kill also the Demon Krall. Once you hear earthquakes and other sound, retreat as fast as you can at the very beginning of the valley (below the entrance), where that huge boulder is located. From here you can start your battle with the red orbs. These static enemies are placed on the various rocks interior to the valley. Their projectiles do very low damage if these orbs are approached carefully; the Hellgun kill them in one hit and its splash damage can do wonders. The place I recommended where to begin this battle is also the safest place against the falling meteors. The strongest enemy you have to face is the Rock Monster. He sits somewhere in the middle of the valley (on some wooden bridge) and he wakes up during the battle. It shoots huge ass demon orbs and can charge up an energy beam that does actual splash damage. When you see a flickering light coming from the boss it means it is charging the beam, so run the fuck away and take cover (the damage is incredibly high and you might die). The rest of the enemies are standard fare, though the Plasma Tentacles might require priority, especially if Demon Skaarj start to become overwhelming. Last thing to note is the presence of the monk statues. These all of a sudden will start to shoot you, from the eyes, with pentagrams. They're fairly easy to dodge but they cannot be deactivated in any way, even if the battle ends.
  • What's left now of big is the real boss battle.
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BI-12: Doom Arena
  • This level will be totally different when the final version of EXU2 is out, so these tips are only for the current playable version. While this is a ice-themed map, it doesn't have Ice enemies; it's simply like the first few maps of the demo which has several races fighting together, though there are new enemies such as the Pupae Vomiteer (large Gasbags that spawn Turbo Pupae), the Shock Troopers/Commandos and the Lava Titans.
  • Right at the beginning you see a hell ring on the ceiling. Don't kill the Brute and try to stay under that ring. If the Brute is dumb, he'll jump on the blood and he'll go fucking crazy, jumping up and down on the surface and touching that ring every time. Once he touches the ring enough times, a Hellgun will drop from it.
  • When you go outside, go foward a bit in order to trigger the scripted event which will kill all the Fuck Off Mercenaries. There are A LOT of big Pupae around - Turbo ones and little Kamikaze ones that explode when they touch you or when they're killed - and the Hellgun is going to work wonders there. Pupae-spawning Gasbags can go to hell with the Hyper Flakker primary.
  • In the first part of the valley, remember to get first the Armor Seed near the fortress and to throw a translocator disc near the valley entrance, before going behind the final corner of the building. After killing the Ice Krall not only a Turbo Helm will appear nearby, but a demon crater will pop up in the middle of the first valley and it's very easy to fuck up and make it spawn enemies. Besides, the Ice Krall corner contains a new area that you can access by blowing up the bricks. There are Contact Beans and Blood Packs inside but in reality this room is just a shortcut from the arena to the first part of the map. The way to the arena will be only unlocked once the battle that happens there is done.
  • The front part of the fortress has a hell symbol shooting pentagrams at you. Again, these are the same invincible red orbs found in the previous map, and you can't do anything about them. Shooting in the hole above will just activate some cool demon laugh sound.
  • The fortress top can only be accessed with Jump Boots, as there's an actor to block translocator discs. Above there you'll find several types of Skaarj (Turbo ones, Skinny ones, Red ones and Nuclear ones). They will act extremely weird and are very easy to kill. While you're there, touching the Mini Keg will activate a scripted event where Kamikaze Fish spawn. Kamikaze Fish are flying Fucker Fish that explode on contact and leave a fire trails. They're easy to kill.
  • Killing the Uber Boss Pupae (the giant brown one) will activate a demon crater in the second part of the valley. Killing one of the two Ice Queens will activate yet another demon crater in the middle of the little graveyard. Going to the prison is the only way, however.
  • Inside the prison area you'll finally meet Shock Troopers and Shock Commandos. They're metallic Skaarj Troopers that run at an awesome speed and have INSANE melee power (and it's never recommended that to happen, as they also kick you kilometres away). They halve EAR and Piddledoper damage but are weak to the Shitgun. However the Shitgun might be too slow, and your best bet is the Extractor. Just extract and backstep. Usually if you stand still and hold down the Extractor primary fire, you'll defeat them in a single round but this doesn't work very well against the blue ones. The Firestorm Generator can definitely help. Save/Load is also a friend, especially in the upper floors of the fortress where you'll fight a whole army of them.
  • The prison area chamber with the first Shock Commando you encounter and the broken elevator to the arena has a hidden Seed Seed. It is hidden below the floor; translocation is possible throughout any opening.
  • Saint Pawns are extremely weak, while the Saint Orb (like any other Orb pawn) cannot be killed but can easily be outrun. If you meet a Nali and you don't have a Shit Helm, RUN THE FUCK OUT FROM THAT ROOM and wait some seconds. The same Nali room has the staircase which leads to the fortress entrance but it's guarded by an extremely healthy Burster Brute who does a lot of damage. Hyper Grenade time!
  • Remember that closed door in the first floor of the fortress entrance in the original Unreal? Now you can open it. It contains a LRPC pack guarded by three extremely overpowered Rocket Brutes that can kill you in seconds. Open the door from a safe position and hope that your Hyper Grenades or low-tier Flares can bounce straight to the targets.
  • The arena battle must be done by staying on the second floor. Be sure to pick up all the Contact Beans around, even in the round corridor below the arena. If you for some reason manage to translocate outside the arena, just approach the arena doors and you'll be teleported beyond them. Stay on the second floor of the arena AND behind the walls. While Lava Titans can't hit you, Demon Skaarj Lords can but you can fully concentrate on them. Hyper Flakker primary if close, grenade if they are far (learn to aim in the meanwhile). When 16 of them are dead, it's time to deal with the Lava Titans. They use always explosive rocks and are very damaging. Shouldn't be hard to kill them from the second floor - one Tachyon beam and Hyper Flakker primary bolts (or EAR blue bolts) are enough to take one down. Once they're all defeated, the shortcut to the outside valley is open (not that you want to go there) and you can access the exit. The exit is guarded by a group of Shock Troopers/Commandos and this is the perfect time to test the power of the Tachyon Driver secondary fire.

BI-13: Darkness
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BI-14: Blackness
  • Next to the first transport cart, there should be a set of three steel boxes. There's a Magic Armor Seed over the top one.
  • This shit needs its own bigass spoiler section:
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  • The final ambush has unlimited enemies; all you have to do is using the lever over the broken bridge and run to the usual exit. Remember that you can pick up some Hellfire Flares behind the gas tanks.

BI-15: Highlands of Despair
  • HOLY FUCK. Ok this map is very long and hard to carry on. Technically it isn't as frustrating as Map 8 or Map 10 but you'll be out of clues on how to fight and where to go. Your main objective to reach the beginning of the original RTNP map Edge of Na Pali and dealing with all the Lava Titans and the Archdemons, plus the army of enemies that guard the valley. If you are immune to Fire or to something else like Blast, then good for you. Archdemons are definitely the enemies that need to be killed first; they are powerful and also fly faster than you'd expect. You several of them in the main valley and they all have 80000 HP, which means that Tachyon Driver beams are the only things that can take them out as fast as possible. The hit-and-run strategy should be started always very afar from an Archdemon; do it too close and he'll outrun you and likely kill you with meteors. Lure them to any bunker entrance; Archdemons can't enter them and they'll float above the brush structure. You'll have to beam their exposed body very precisely - if you expose yourself too much he'll blast-melee you to hell. When you fight Archdemons, be sure that the surroundings have no enemies around and it's really important if you check if Archdemons drop Tachyon Drivers. Running out of Beans can easily happen, especially if you waste them too much on Lava Titans (who also drop Beans anyway, so take note). The demon skulls that spawn from Archdemon meteors can be destroyed or fooled around with dodging and circular running. As for the level, I recommend first clearing the upper zone, then clear the respective basement zone. The basement zone is heavily recommended to be explored and do that before you reach your first objective at the other end of the map as you will never access the basement parts again.
  • See those Demon Skaarj Lord surrounded by hellish orbs? Those are the Demon Skaarj Lord Masters and are asshole. They have lots of health and WORST OF ALL, upon death they create those invincible hell orbs, just like what happened in that sequence in Map 11. Luckily though, you can destroy their carcasses before the ascension happens by using heavy weapons. You should make sure the carcass drops to some place that you can quickly reach without any problem. Besides these enemies aren't hard to kill, just dodge the pentagrams at the right time (which still requires timing). Warning: due to the engine shitting itself so much, some Masters might not have the hell orb thing around them, which makes you accidentally fail to understand that he'll go in ascension mode. Just gib every single body of a flying Skaarj.
  • This is also the map where you first meet Skaarj Fiends. They're Demon Skaarj with better stamina and health, and can be recognized by their red body shield. Their main feature though is how they can still be a hazard when they're dead - they emanate little hell explosion that hurt whoever non-demon pawn (including you) come near. While this is far away from the Demon Skaarj Lord Master's ascension nightmare, these explosions do actually hurt a lot and never stop. Thanksfully, you can gib their bodies and job is well done.
  • Other notable enemies are the Demon Commandos and the Mega Demon Gasbags. Both can shoot hell bolts. Their damage is nowhere near as high as the Hellgun's own hellbolts but are still hard to dodge, making these enemies dangerous. Mega Demon Gasbags only appear on Unreal difficulty and none of them appear 100% of the time.
  • The bloody dead hall at the beginning of the level contains armor items depending on the difficulty chosen; things that appear on all difficulties are three Demon Saturation Flares that appear over a stack of two crates near the exit door and two Hellfire Flares over one of the pillar lamps, the closest one to the slope ramp. Flares that you'll likely never use in this map for obvious reasons. Oh and guess what: there are cameras in the whole area so be fast as shit.
  • Be sure to search on top and around ANY hell crate of this map for items. You don't have to miss a single Contact Bean.
  • Various enemies in this map don't appear 100% of the time. Outside the first bunker, for example, you might have to deal with a Skaarj Fiends, Turbo Rocket Brutes and Demon Queens. Fiends drop items, like ammo and Armor Seeds.
  • Searchlight will prove useful in this map; the valley is actually dark and Gasbags and Demon Skaarj Lords are hard to spot.
  • Don't miss out on the Screamer next to the crashed shuttle, which is located at the beginning of the valley.
  • Shock Troopers/Commandos are, for your doom, in this map. Most of them don't appear always; the majority of them appear in the basement zone, inside and outside. Sometimes you really have to quickly translocate somewhere or do a Firestorm Generator + Hellgun blast combo to kill a group of them that you might fight in one of the basement chambers. Another thing worth mentioning is what happens when they'll fall in the water: as soon as they fall in a pool, they'll explode. That's a good thing but if you're in water and they explode somewhere near you, YOU'RE DEAD. So stay outside the pool if you think that none of them are around. Actually those blood pools just contain Flying Squids so they're totally useless.
  • If you want to know something useful, the second Archdemon you see in the valley has the Tachyon Driver, which is worth 7 Contact Beans. Just lure him somewhere safe so he can drop the weapon to a sensible location. Sadly, this Archdemon appears on Unreal difficulty only.
  • Other than very few Bio Tentacles, the basement chambers are filled of Flak Tentacles. All of them have their "odds of appearance" set at 50%, and some of them do not appear on Hard and Unreal difficulties. Literally, you can enter a room and get thrown left and right because five Flak Tentacles or so are shooting you madly. Hellgun primary fire has decent radius, so you can shoot somewhere near the ceilings and hope these Tentacles are killed. Shitgun canisters are good too but perhaps too slow to use.
  • Basement chambers have cameras. They aren't very annoying there, and you can attack them with Extractor, which means "FREE MEAT".
  • One of the basement rooms (the one which leads to the second basement valley) has a very thin Hyper Mercenary, also known as the Popper. This guy is dangerous as fuck as he shoots millions of Hyper bomblets. Destroy him as soon as he's spotted.
  • Back to the upper zone... the part of the valley with the two huts have many Birds flying around and they spawn enemies. Time to go back to the Piddledoper beam; have patience because they're hard to kill this time.
  • When you travel to the end of the main valley, you'll see two Archdemons up in the sky facing the inner mountain. DON'T FIGHT THEM - walk forward and an event should happen where both of them will be killed by the human shuttles. There you go, ammo saved. Speaking about this sequence, apparently somewhere in the darkness of the exterior mountains (slightly found before those two Archdemons) there's a group of Demon Skaarj Lords doing nothing. Apparently they're part of the same scripted sequence but doesn't seem they work as intended. They'll never see you unless you actually locate and fight them. If you're out of blood and score I guess nothing is going to stop you from more killing.
  • The last hut contains a Seed Seed.
  • Don't waste your time searching items on the top of the huge bunker entrance structures - there's nothing. Be careful that the very last valley has Nuclear Gasbags and yet more Archdemons.
  • In the ICON OF SIN room, don't forget to translocate over the circular ledge for other hidden items, including a LRPC pack. Notice: Blood Kegs give you 999 HP no matter what; Nuclear Kegs give you 200 HP and go over the 600 HP limit.
  • Now...
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BI-16: Telefire Research Laboratory
  • Last map of the demo and surely NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. It's very, very hard and relies a lot on cameras. Cameras spawn enemies very quickly and there are so many of them (hard to spot as well due to the textures used) so you better move around the rooms fast and possibly in a sneaky way (with the Translocator). If you can barely swim in the water is because you still have the Heavy Belt from the previous map. You can only swim by moving around, the jump button won't make you swim upward. As enemies go, prepare for more Demons. And also more technologic Brutes and Mercenaries that you know as usual. The Dasa layout is still quite the same overall; don't think you can open any of the doors there though, they're all for decoration.
  • As soon as you start the map, you'll be attacked by little Skaarj Warriors and Tentacles. That's how aggressive this map already seems to be.
  • In the secret room that you can access throughout the first water pool there are enemies. A single Nuclear Flare should do the job.
  • You'll likely notice this but in this map (and this will probably carry on from now and on, not that you care because there's no Map after this one at the moment) there are almost no Flare to pick up. So use them when it's strictly necessary (BioHazard ones especially) and work with the Hellgun, Hyper Flakker and the Tachyon Driver (and with the RFPC if you have it) to proceed and fight the enemies. There really isn't much to say.
  • The first big battle is triggered if you just walk straight into the room. Translocate first above, throw a disc in that opening which leads to the floor below (now closed, also there's a STRONG Shrapnel Mercenary Elite there that you can kill already) for safety reason, then go down and approach the entrance. Battle starts, translocate above, throw all the shit from there to kill all enemies.
  • Always in the same area, in one of the two Krall spawning spots from their access room there's a Seed Seed. The underwater passage has several Contact Beans.
  • Below one of the two staircases that go to the second visitable area there's a LRPC pack. You can use the Translocator for this. Be careful that this area is filled of incredibly strong enemies in every corner, so use a Munition Flare or something.
  • Second floor of this area has Mercenaries and Tentacles right in front of you when you access it. Clustershock Flare onto them and they're gone. More spawning is done when you press the panel in that room. There are two Armor Seeds hidden around as well.
  • The pool in the floor below (still same area) has an Armor Seed over one of the iron planks.
  • When you finally open your way to the final section of "Dasa", you'll eventually enter a room filled of Demons; quickest way to deal with this room is to throw a Megablast Flare or Screamer rocket, then finish everything off with Tachyon blasts. Note that the door can be closed again. The nearby crucifix chamber has a group of Skaarj Fiends. A BioHazard Flare might do the job.
  • The final area of the level has the exit guarded by a very healthy Burster Brute, alongside other Behemoths and many Demon Skaarj Lord. Killing the big Burster Brute will spawn a Skaarj Fiend from the entrance corridor, dropping from the ceiling. If you remember the Skaarj Berserker who ambushes you at the end of the original Dasa Cellars then you know what specific spawning spot I'm talking about.

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Subject: Re: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 22:24

Well fuck, describing my own work and giving tips about how to play it. Fair-mindedness I say.

G59 is the first custom mappack for the EXU2 mod that has been released. And the only custom one existing, as well. Just like BI, G59 is not finished and will be only completed some time after the final version of EXU2 is out.

In the G59's release thread, I recommended players to check G59 after they completed (let alone played) Batshit Insane. This mappack wasn't created to replace/dethrone Batshit Insane, it was simply made to give something EXU2-based new to play for the mod fans. Fans that know the weapons and the most important monsters of the package, plus having to deal with additional new things.

G59 is very, very different from Batshit Insane. While it started as a some funny copycat, it eventually got an identity of its own. It's very much an antithesis to Batshit Insane in general. While Batshit Insane is full of humour and the story is all over the place, G59 is the exact opposite, being very dark and edgy and with barely no space to funny dialogues. While in BI you would be teleported in random places, in G59 you're specifically going somewhere, with all maps being important to the story; you still have random teleports but overall the journey is linear, the destinations are set and VERY foreshadowed and it's pretty clear you got a huge objective to do that is continuously keep burned on your head.

The situation is serious. Enemy races, now independent, are technically at war or neutral to each other, after all the fun they got to do during Batshit Insane (which happens centuries earlier) and there are lots of shit trying to end their life, be it huge ass meteor storms, parasitic Shadow beings and some crazy ass introverted races hellbent on destruction and domination. And you. You're the only human left on the planet, so don't expect any form of help; you might see some rival races fighting each other but you have EVERYONE against you for real now. If there's one thing about G59 which differentiates from BI is that you'll eventually have to kill all your enemies by yourself. Even the intro map (which is really short unlike the Hell Castle) has things trying to kill you.

G59 maps rely very much on different themes, compared to BI's focus on the constant Hell theme (plus some breaks in the form of Ice, Shadow and Hi-Tech themes). Each G59 map comes with an already seen or completely new theme and usually boasts various new scenarios, like different styles of gameplay or maps with that have two styles of gameplay stringed together. G59 starts first with very BI-style maps but the more you proceed the more it becomes different, taking more a linear slaughterfest approach. While BI was more about huge ass areas where high explosive Flares were your big weapons, here it's basically fighting waves of very strong enemies in narrow areas; you'll have quickly access to the top-tier weapons, including the RFPC and Clusterfucker. Flares will be mostly last resort tools. There are a lots of armor items which will push you to more aggressive methods of fighting. The Shadows obviously return in G59, being the real main villains, and you'll have to deal with them lots of times. Their presence throughout the whole pack make the atmosphere very unsafe, which is really what I wanted to do here. You're in hell and you must feel depressed and fucked.

As I mentioned, the gameplay style of G59 is different from BI and so will be the difficulty. Everything revolves around stamina and quick reactions. You need to prepare always for what's coming in the next map - the rules are frequently changed. Generally, Easy/Medium/Hard differ from each other with different placement of enemies or just different amount of enemies. Unreal difficulty instead is designed for a second playthrough; many things are different, as you'll fight completely new enemies, having to deal with totally exclusive (and HARD) battles and the bosses receive a power boost. You might fuck up the whole game all of a sudden. If it's easier than BI or not, I can't tell that. I'd say that you can come up with bullet proof strategies in G59 because there isn't the whole "large area large unavoidable chaos" thing but there are intentional difficulty spikes and some maps are definitely much harder than others. However, it's true that some battles and encounters are very puzzle-based that might put off first playthroughers, as they don't give much rooms to alternate strategies. Some other maps do offer non-linearity, objective-wise.

Given that G59 is thematic, don't expect finding many different types of enemies together like in many BI maps; while Map 1 is not like that (it's a nod to BI as a whole, which is a good thing to welcome BI players), the rest will pit you against Shadows, or against Bio and Shit pawns aided by various Demons or mechanical Brutes. Another map has just anti-Hyper Flakker races, meaning the Hyper and Steel pawns, and so on. Other than that, most of these racial monsters have their properties modified from their default counterparts, in order to utilize better their potential and to leave a better impression to the players without boring them. Modified properties are usually health, but also visual enhancements as well. This means also that in some cases, various weapons are completely useless in comparisons to other but overall you'll definitely use the Hellgun more......
The Energy Assault Rifle, to make up for its lack of power against late-game enemies, will be powered up with the EnergyAR amplifiers. These permanently increase the rate of fire of both fire modes to almost Turbo EAR tier, so be sure to find them.

Another feature of G59 are end-level bosses, though not all the maps have one. They're obviously horribly powerful and unique creatures. Not all of them have unique attacks but they act in very specific ways. One, for example, has 5 fire modes, another one summons all kind of enemies just like Mordecai from Serious Sam TSE, another need to be killed before he kills you, etc... All the bosses have visible health bars.

Other than that, you'll face new enemies, enhanced versions of regular ones and a whole new race (at the moment); most of them are created to give more reasons to the player to feel like a badass and use heavily destructive weapons like the RFPC and see all the fuckers being gibbed. Other features include new items, such as the Sin Pillars: extremely hidden, last very short but can give you some invaluable last resort help. There are also puzzles, insta-kill traps and situations in which you need to escape. Biterfish and Sentinel Birds are not there, while you'll deal with cameras in only one map. There is also a lack of the most ridiculous-looking enemies from the mod, such as the Fuck Off pawns and Sky Tentacles. And perhaps there's some good deal of horror stuff.

G59, at this moment, it's not very long. Nine maps plus an intro, and two maps from the EXROUTE Phase 1 package are very short. Around 8 maps have yet to be released and by then I don't think it's ever going to match BI's longevity (the final version of G59 might be 25% longer than the current BI campaign). While there won't probably be proper new maps, G59 counts instead on RTNP maps and Unreal Beta maps, levels that people are not very familiar or have never played, so they might be perceived as "new" somehow.

And that's about it. The only thing to to do to know a mappack with each map doing something of its own is to play each map and learn it (until some random elements come in).
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  • Unlike Hell Castle, this intro map is extremely short. All you have to do in this hyperspace is to jump to the portal at the end of this bridge. However, there are ENEMIES, and your weapons there are just two Piddledopers. Your health is also very low. Of course, falling down means instant death.
  • The first enemy wave is a bunch of Ultra Energy Bags from an unidentified race. All they do is charge a beam that will kill you 100% of the time, so you have to kill them before a beam is shot. Double PP beam is the quickest way to take them down, you only have to do it fairly fast. Once the battle is over you're free to wait for your Piddledopers to recharge.
  • The second and final battle is harder. This time, mysterious Blue Bags come for you. There are many of them, but if you have the Piddledopers at a good charge, you can quickly beam them out one after one, due to their extremely low health. However, you can't be just a fast sharpshooter: Blue Bags will shoot their Shock Orbs (very hard to see) that can either damage you badly or kick you off to death. Stay far from them and avoid missing your targets. Once the battle is done, don't bother waiting for your Piddledopers to recharge.
  • Don't bother fighting the Skaarj named #####. Just run to the exit. All your memory is lost--------

G59-01: Nebiros' Crossing
  • The real first level of G59. Wait for the meteor storm to come down and you're ready to enter the valley. This map ended up being designed as a full-blown "welcome back to EXU2" trial for BI veterans. And it ended up being one of the most brutal G59 maps as well. The map is a spiritual sequel to Highlands of Despair (BI Map 15), though with the sky much grayed out and a bright meteor storm incoming. Meteors will come into play only a few times in this map, so don't worry about it much. While Neve isn't as large as something like Nyleve or Edge of Na Pali, it is dark and it's quite hard to track your enemies. You'll be thrown into heavy action instantly; you'll find already all the main weapons (Extractor, Flare Gun, Shitgun, EAR, Hyper Flakker, Hellgun and even the Tachyon Driver) but a very low number of Flares that must be used when it's strictly necessary; ammo can be common or not depending on the difficulty chosen but the number of hidden items is almost zero. You'll also find various Seeds and a Scuba Gear.
  • Enemy selection needs its own chapter. This is the real reason why G59 can't really be played before BI, since in this map you'll find almost ALL the important and iconic monsters of the mod - Demons are the most common there - all of them for once together in G59 dealing with the incoming meteor storm (survival is an ugly thing heh?). For a quick list of enemies: Chargers, Demon Gasbags with Giant and Giga variants, Demon Skaarj with Fiend and flying Lord variants (Lords generally drop EAR ammo so look out for those), Demon Warlord, Demon Krall with Elite and Advanced variants (Mega one is for Coop only), Demon Slith, Turbo Queens and Demon Queens, Demon/Brute Fuckers, various Tentacles, various Fire creatures, Extreme Shock Berserker, various Turbo creatures, invisible Mini Brutes, Shock Troopers/Commandos, Monster Fish, Fire Droppers, Cyclone Bags, Doom Troopers, Missile Mercenaries, Hand Cannon Krall, Lava Titans, a (weakened) Archdemon, a modified Demon Juggernaut, various new custom creatures and two bosses. Ok this should make you feel like a badass. Of course, some enemies appear in specific difficulties.
  • Depending on the difficulties, right outside the first door you should fight up to three Chargers (from Easy to Hard) that can be disposed of with the nearby Extractor. Things are a bit different on Unreal difficulty, where you'll have to deal with an Extreme Shock Berserker that might be helped by another Charger (very rare). The method to take down the Skaarj is to first shoot him with a EAR blue bolt, then wait for him behind a crate and then attempt to kill him with the Extractor (it takes a bit). Its projectiles don't do so much damage but he can shoot continuously and can kick you in the next valley WHICH YOU DON'T WANT AT ALL (in other words you'll die). The Skaarj drops a mini keg. Also, behind one of the crates, there's a hidden Hellfire Flare. For the items above the crates you need to first get the Translocator which is found later in the map.
  • The first lake is riddled with Gasbags (Turbo and Demon ones) and various Fucker Brutes with their stronger Demon counterparts. There are also Tentacles, Pulse Brutes and worst on Hard and Unreal difficulty, a Skaarj Fiend and a Doom Trooper. The G59's exclusive enemies, the "Agidynes" purple Demon Gasbags, are floating around as well. The best way to start this fight is to shoot a Nuclear Flare right on the tower to kill several Gasbags. Afterward you can attract the attention of the Brutes with well placed EAR blue bolts (one of them will spawn various Gasbags upon death). At this point you should return to the bunker and wait all the Gasbags; kill everything you see with the both fire modes of the Shitgun and EAR. Other than the Gasbags and the Brutes (watch out at the Demon ones, they wack you hard), you might face a Demon Skaarj Lord (except on Easy), two Demon Krall and depending on the difficulty chosen, Fire Warlords or a Demon Warlord (Unreal difficulty only). The Demon Warlord has very low health but shoots hell bolts so be careful. You will face the purple Gasbags obviously and probably even the Doom Trooper.
  • The purple Demon Gasbags, also known as Fiend Gasbags or Agidynes, are exclusive to Unreal difficulty only in this map. Even if they are larger than the regular Demon Gasbags, they can strafe and change direction much quicker; they are healthy (four times higher than the Demon Gasbag health) and shoot very precise streams of purple hell orbs that can be very damaging, especially if they do that up close.
  • BI doesn't have Doom Troopers at the moment, so they'll be pretty much new here. They're black, hard-to-see Skaarj Troopers armed with the DoomTrooper Gun and move very fast. Their weapon shoots streams of bullets and the Troopers have great marksmanship. Their capability of draining your health down so quickly means they should be killed first. Note: they are not part of the Demon clan and have no resistances/weaknesses.
  • Once most of the enemies are down, you might not want to cross the lake yet and kill all the Tentacles from the bridge side, the Pulse Brutes, the enemies on the tower (be careful at the hidden Rocket Tentacle) and the Demon Skaarj. These latter are replaced by a Skaarj Fiend on Unreal difficulty and he's quite hard. Try to damage him with the EAR blue bolts before he comes down for you. Now when you cross the lake (which you should explore once you've done with the second valley) you'll fight a Demon Skaarj Lord Master who spawns from a meteor, except on Easy difficulty. A long fight, and he won't ascend to a Hell Orb (there's none of that in G59).
  • Watch out: getting the Tachyon Driver will spawn a group of Demon pawns near the lake. Also take note of that fire ring on the ground, it's for later.
  • Cross the bridge underpass and you'll be surrounded by Turbo Skaarj, Tentacles and if you're playing on Unreal difficulty, Fire Droppers. These are similar to the Demon Skaarj Lord, except they have the regular Skaarj Lord skin and shoots strong explosive fire orbs. Anyway, a single Tachyon Driver should kill everything there. A Hyper Skaarj will be behind the rock on all difficulties except the Unreal one, where another Skaarj Fiend is waiting for you.
  • There's this big Titan statue. You can destroy it with weapons, just be sure to not stay in front of the underpass - once the statue is destroyed, a Lava Titan will spawn on the other side. A beam plus some EAR bolts are enough to kill him. The statue drops an EXU Armor.
  • Next up, a Translocator and a group of Chargers. Getting the item will spawn an Archdemon at the beginning of the level (that bloody pentagram on the mountain was a portal) and on Unreal difficulty he'll chase you! Either way, fight the Chargers before getting the Translocator. The Archdemons die very quickly after few Tachyon beams but his attacks are still the same so watch the fuck out. Once he's dead, you can go at the beginning of the level and use the Translocator to get the items on the top of the platforms.
  • There isn't really much to say about the second valley as the battle here is just an easier version of the one in the first valley. Except on Easy difficulty, you'll deal with some Doom Troopers there - two of them are in the guard tower, another one is on a rock. Other enemies that are encountered only on Hard and Unreal difficulties are the Giant Demon Gasbags, who shoot red fusion balls. Since you have a lot of space behind by now, you can backtrack as much as you want. Some Gasbags might retreat in the direction of the meteor storm - you can translocate over the tower to locate them if you want to kill them all (which is not a bad idea).
  • WATCH OUT. One of the last Giant Demon Gasbags you encounter will trigger an almost insta-kill meteor fall on the lake upon death!
  • The Armor Seed on the table in the guard tower will spawn a group of enemies on the ground after a few seconds. The enemies spawned are: five Demon Skaarj on Easy; one Demon Skaarj Lord on Medium; two Skaarj Fiends on Hard; three Shock Troopers and one Shock Commando on Unreal. Stay on the tower and bomb them out.
  • The underwater tunnel is filled of Demon Slith. They're all lined, so one or two EAR blue bolts are enough to kill them. Don't forget about the Demon Pupae of course and don't forget to climb the tower in the first lake afterwards.
  • The third valley on Unreal difficulty has an exclusive battle and it's a real big fuck fest. See that Giga Demon Gasbag? He's nothing special but if he dies, the big battle begins. You can't also screw too much around with the creature because he spawns a lot of Demon Gasbags. So what you do? You climb that rock with the Pentapower (which appears on Unreal difficulty only, again), and shoot a translocator disc on the third valley so once you get the powerup you quickly teleport there and save precious time. Remember to have the Nuclear Flare or a BioHazard Flare selected as well. Begin your assault throwing some Flare in the middle of the Queens and kill the big Gasbag to trigger the battle - in the meanwhile shoot everything you can with the EAR or Shitgun because ther are Demon Krall Elites, Chargers, Demon Pupae, the Doom Trooper and a Demon Warlord. The battle consists in defeating all the spawning Demon Gasbags and Cyclone Gasbags. Cyclone Gasbags are big Gasbags that shoot long streams of Skaarj projectiles; letting these guys play for more than necessary is a no-no. Your best bet is to use the Piddledoper beams and the EAR primary against every enemy. Killing them in almost one hit is your only advantage against their constant assault (they will all go for you!). Also, stay below the inner mountains, because over there Lava Titans spawn and you don't want to lose your precious Heavy Belt armor points in seconds. Lava Titans don't like Gasbags though so it's a good thing shooting them with EAR blue bolts when they are distracted. This battle is a matter of speed and perhaps luck - you might go through several tries before getting it right. Once the battle ended, don't forget to pick up the Shit Helm dropped by one of the Krall.
  • Be sure that the door of the hut is closed when you get the Hyper Flakker: you need to get full cover from the meteor storm which happens right outside the building.
  • The bridge battle is all about staying back away from the bridge itself and wait enemies to come. Type of enemies depend on the difficulty chosen - on the highest ones you deal with Advanced Demon Krall Elite (new to G59, just enhanced version of the regular ones) and Hand Cannon Krall (shoots precise strong single bullets). Other enemies are the Red Fire Skaarj, Fire Warlords, Missile Mercenaries, Turbo Skaarj, Agidynes and other Gasbags. Krall can be killed with the Hyper Flakker primary while the rest can be taken out with the EAR and with the Shitgun's both fire modes. Hellgun blasts can help as well against non-demons, but if you plan to use the primary fire you have to be sure that a Hyper Gasbag (very hard to see) is not right in front of you. You kill things while you keep throwing Hyper Grenades onto the bridge for additional kills. The meteors are mostly for visual effects and likely won't hurt nor kill anybody. You have to watch out where you backtrack though: there's a demon crater in the hut valley during the battle! It will disappear when the meteor storm ends.
  • The Demon Juggernaut spawns behind the rock beyond the two wells. There are some items at the end of the bridge, on the right hand side. The Mercenary is only a bigger version of the regular one; he still shoots streams of hell bolts and also demon rockets. This stuff is of course nightmarish and you have to either take lucky cover or kill him as soon as possible. A mix of Tachyon beams and Clustershock flares work pretty well. Remember that once the Juggernaut dies, the proper boss fight sequence will begin. So you have to decide before fighting the Juggernaut if you want the Magnificent Armor secret beforehand. If you're ready for the boss, be sure to quickly take all the items in the Juggernaut's valley and in the newly added bunker room. Before the boss appears above the bridge, some Turbo/Demon Gasbags will first come out so be sure to take them down as much as you can before the big guy comes.
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  • A translator message from Morax suggests you how to unlock the "hidden Armor". It's the 7500 points Magnificent one, that you want to take before fighting the boss or before going to the next map. To unlock the map, you have to shoot Tachyon beam against four glowing glyphs scattered across the map. One of them is located on top of the tower, another is located inside the locked well (from the underwater tunnel) and two of them are behind rocks located next to the bridge (one in the first valley and one in the third valley). You should hear a confirmation sound when one glyph is beamed and an even greater confirmation sound when all of them are beamed. The Magnificent Armor will pop up in the underwater cave, over the wooden platform.
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  • Shadowcore map. Another CliffyB map going down to the darkness route, this time being Foundry. This is a bit of a step up from Darkness and Blackness: the map is long, the Shadow ambushes are more numerous and you have to deal with more big ones. The lighting isn't 100% dark all the time but instead there's some sort of semi-visible dark green illumination in many sections of the map. Doesn't mean the Searchlight is useless - that's not true at all. There's also a dark green and clody skybox if that makes you feel somewhat happy but you'll see something horrible in the distance, similar to something you saw in a certain place in the previous map; so no you're not happy, you're in deep shit and unsafe as hell.
  • The Shadow waves are generally mandatory so you can memorize when they'll happen. Some of them are exclusive to higher difficulties only, or they'll simply have more enemies to kill. Due to the higher quantity of Shadows to fight at once, the Firestorm Generator will prove invaluable, other than the usual strategy of hellblasts + running around. Mantas are once again the worst offenders.
  • There's a new Shadow enemy to be found there: Shadow Broods. Basically huge ass Shadow Pupae that use melee but are very hard to see and are fast. Only two of them are encountered: one near the broken gas pipe you walk into, and another one ambushing you in the secret room at the beginning of the level. They have a lot of health so you need to stay very far from them if you don't want to get hit first.
  • None of the Demon carcasses are bound to something evil so don't be paranoid.
  • The real bastards of this map are the Big Shadow Skaarj. Some of them (the pre-placed ones) die with two full Hyper Flakker bolts, while the spawned ones die with one Hyper Flakker bolt. Other properties are unchanged. From Medium difficulty, these enemies are the only things that make this map a huge gamble; several of them are set to appear at random, in many specific points of the maps (and I mean many of them), either guarding an area or ambushing after you pick up something x. Only few are mandatory. If you throw up your mouse because you're not expecting one all of a sudden that means they're doing a good job at harassing you, and brute memory doesn't work there at all. Lots of save/load game tactics are the only things that can save you in case anything goes wrong. Some mandatory Big Shadow Skaarj are: one in the room above the beginning one, one between the second and third set of conveyor belt smashers, another when you try to ascend the staircase in the corridor next to the area with the broken pipe, another when you fall in that small hole in the area accessed from the broken pipe and a last one on the third floor of the "tower" hydro section. Good luck on the rest and use the Hyper Flakker ALWAYS.
  • Other than the Big Shadow Skaarj we have the Warlord ones... I mean ONE. The Shadow Warlord you see around, named Tsathoggua. Check the spoiler section for a detailed list of his appearances.
  • In the room above the beginning one where you fight the first wave of Shadow Skaarjs, there's a hydro tank with a Demon Helm on top. Get it absolutely so you don't have to worry about shooting your own ass with the Hellgun. Note that a Turbo Helm will automatically replace it at the beginning of the next map.
  • While we're talking about this, explore every damn corner, every top of a crate and translocate whatever possible, for more Seeds/Flare/Armor/Ammo. You need all the Hellgun and Tachyon Driver ammo possible to survive.
  • In the U-turn area there's a wall at the beginning which has a red square. It activates a small Shadow Skaarj trap. When it comes to shadow maps, these bright red textures always mean bad news. Always.
  • Don't miss the RFPC right in front of the entrance to the conveyor belt area. Also the smashers don't work there so have fun.
  • When walking throughout the conveyor belt area, you'll notice a trail of blood starting from a ripped body. What you have to do is to walk over the dead centre of EVERY SINGLE blood stain you see, in order from start to finish, until you reach the last blood stain which is found next to the window. If it's done correctly, a bunch of Contact Beans will appear nearby.
  • In the successive room (with the hole in the middle), there's a cylinder-shaped tank on the roof. You can translocate into it by using one of the openings, as it contains items. Watch out that getting the Plasma Sprayer Flare will spawn a Shadow Manta group right outside the tank.
  • The Firestorm Generator hidden in the corner below the platform (be careful at the Shadow ambush) has the same halved charge of the first one you find in the map.
  • Floor above is accessed with the Translocator and is fully optional. Over the lamp planks there should be a RFPC Ammo... which triggers the appearance of some Shadow Mantas.
  • Continuing throughout the optional area, stay sharp when you get the EXU Shield Belt: there's the possibility of a Big Shadow Skaarj ambush. Shadow Skaarj will instead always wait for you outside the exit door.
  • There's a newly added area in this same section, with some random items and also a hole to an excavated ancient structure. Falling in the pit activates the pack's insta-kill trap (basically infinite super powered Shadow Mantas). However, right out of the hole, on the wall below, you can see a Seed Seed stuck on the wall. You can use the Translocator trick to pick it up without falling in the pit.
  • The area accessed from the broken pipe has the second floor filled of Shadow Skaarj ambushes. The illuminated chamber has an Armor Seed, though.
  • The next area (translocate throughout the bars), when accessed, triggers up to four Shadow ambushes in the previous areas, depending on the difficulty chosen. These ambushes can be very hard and the Firestorm Generator is almost essential to survive. This also clears a bit your way back to the beginning, in case you want to (and you really have to) get the spawning Contact Beans.
  • Getting the items next to the candle might spawn an enemy behind you; while it happens very rarely, fear not, because the candle blocks Shadow enemies from coming near you (this feature will show up again in later maps).
  • The "growling" panel, when touched, will spawn 8 Contact Beans in previous areas, until the beginning of the game. The spawnpoints are all next to translator messages, which means all panels and signs. Unfortunately, this also infinitely spawns groups of Big Shadow Skaarj as well, precisely in the broken pipe section, the U-turn section and the first Shadow ambush section. They can all be killed with one Hyper Flakker bolt and only a limited number of them can co-exist at the same time, which doesn't make them in any way easier if you're not aware of their speed. This panel also activates the secret door at the beginning of the level, which contains various ammo and armor items. And also a Shadow Brood. Note that on Easy, Medium and Hard, a max of four Big Shadow Skaarj will be spawned per time, while on Unreal difficulty eight of them will be spawned per time.
  • For the boss:
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  • In the boss room, there are some planks near the roof. There's a Frost Armor there. Before the final elevator, there's an alcove with an Ultra Belt.
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  • The final Shadow Manta wave at the elevator is infinite, so run to the exit as soon as you can.

G59-03: The Hyper Boundary Gate
  • After Foundry there's Bounds of Foundry, this time with a fully new EXU2 theme - industrial. This is where G59's theme-based approach to things start to go live. This map is sort of like Frostclaw Outpost, except with a heavy focus on Bio/Slime and Shit races. They are aided by hi-tech enemies such as the various Security Brutes and Laser Mercenaries and also by Demon squads who will ambush you in various points of the map. This RTNP got a more modern facelift; there are new rooms, new elevators, new shortcuts to give some common sense to the place and various other changes to certain areas. Acid pools are still there but they are harmless!
  • Aside the boss battle and some joke ambush, you won't fight any kind of Skaarj in this map.
  • Pretty much all Bio and Shit pawns there are modified to be stronger than the regular ones. The health is generally bigger, however some have increased size and speed. Shit pawns are less way numerous but shoot stronger globs (or canisters...), while Bio pawns are very numerous but not that dangerous. They can be very overwhelming (especially Mercenary ones) and you just don't want two things to happen: one, being stuck in a corner with no way to get out from the bioshit mess and second, Shit pawns and Bio pawns (especially Bio pawns) hitting each other with their projectiles, increasing their health to stupid levels. Technically they don't seem really hard but it's mostly an illusion and if you keep getting hit you'll see your health/armor being dragged down to bits. All fast weapons work, EAR too if you have enough Rate of Fire boosts (which should be very fast by this point).
  • The strongest mother races' members are the Slime enemies (based on Bio one). These enemies, meaning those huge green Mercenaries/Queens/Brutes that shoot those acid rockets are VERY STRONG; this also includes the BioSWAT Warlords. They mostly appear on harder difficulties (i.e. Unreal one in general) and when you see one, TAKE SOME DAMN COVER and use the strongest weapons, like the Tachyon Driver or Hyper Flakker grenades. They can also lag the game pretty badly.
  • This is the only G59 map with "sentinel" that spawns enemies when they see you... in this case, the good ol' cameras. Only four of them in the entire level, all easy to locate but hard to avoid. They can be stunned (but never destroyed) but have a quite large sight radius and they do spawn a high amount of enemies throughout the entire map. Three of them just spawn various Bio and Shit pawns, alongside Missile and Heavy Laser Mercenaries and Maint Brutes; there's one camera (the one on the second floor of the second area of the level) which also summons Slime Mercenaries and various Demon pawns (Mercenaries and all forms of Krall including the Advanced Demon Krall Elite, exclusive to this mappack). The good is news is that if you encounter and kill them, they might drop health, ammo, seeds and even Hellfire Flares but it's recommended to avoid them as much as possible. NOTE THAT EVERY Bio/Shit/Slime pawn spawned from these cameras are based on their default stats, therefore they're weaker than the ones you usually find in the map.
  • This is likely the first EXU2 single player map you play where you use the RFPC for real (in BI it's mostly a big secret at the moment). It's overall the best weapon for rapid and direct fire. The primary fire is self-explaining, while the secondary is essential in various battles. It has a big and damaging splash radius, capable of killing groups of close Gasbags, and the orb itself can heavily damage all targets that are located nearby. You'll definitely use this weapon a lot in G59, especially in this map to dispatch all the Demon squads. Just don't fuck yourself up with it. The biggest weakness is that it's not capable of killing Fire enemies (yellow ones), forcing you to switch to other weapons.
  • In the first area, you see a blue ledge on the right hand side, below the lamps. There's a Munition Flare on it, near the barrel.
  • On Unreal difficulty you'll have to fight a giant Shit Brute on the bridge in the first area. Killing him (probably better to be done if no enemies are around, since the Brute is only visible once you lower the bridge) will trigger an exclusive battle, where groups of Bio Bags commanded by Giant Demon Gasbags will appear in the sky. This is the best moment to test how strong is the RFPC secondary fire against groups of Gasbags. Just watch out at the Demon one, who shoots doom fusion balls.
  • There's a locked door whose message explicity states which demon keeps it closed and what you should do with said door. Get that message straight, man.
  • The newly added corridor added around the first section contains a Plasma Sprayer Flare, behind the two metal long-crates.
  • Every single Demon squad ambush is preceded by a radio message like "target acquired".
  • The first Demon ambush happens when you enter the second section of the map (where the slime tanks that need to be destroyed are located). They'll appear on the upper ledge. RFPC secondary fire takes them out very fast.
  • Be careful when you take the elevator in the second section - Flak Tentacles guard it from the roof. Also, on Unreal difficulty, you'll meet BioSWAT Warlords near the panels.
  • On Unreal difficulty, the Demon ambush that happens various seconds after you use both valves in the second section can be very fucking hard. The enemies are not Gasbags but Demon Police and Demon SWATs, both standard Demon Warlords. They shoot Demon Skulls or, worse, Demon Rockets. Best way to do this fight is have a translocator disc ready into the elevator corridor in the first floor and translocate once both valves are used. You can now try to take the Warlords from below with the RFPC secondary fire, but you need to be exposed as much less as possible. Be careful that Warlords might enter the corridor from the opposite entrance (any, depending on where you are); this is where the Tachyon blasts may hit in.
  • The third little section after the first underacid passage has four Slime Brutes over the ramps on Unreal difficulties (modified Bio Brutes): two at the beginning, two at the far end. Watch the fuck out. They'll have Bio Mercenary Elites (dangerous), Missile Mercenaries, Bio Krall and Laser Bots as support. The Shit Slith in the sewers and the spawning Shit Pupae can be taken out with the Hyper Flakker and Hellgun; be sure to search for items. There's also a Hellfire Flare between the small crates near the Psycho Maint Brute located next to the end of the underacid passage.
  • The fourth section with the 90° turn bridge has no opening to the landing pad area now; the new elevator can be only activated from above. Most of the enemies there are taken down with no much effort, though be careful at the camera right at the beginning of the area. The Demon Krall squad that's triggered when you reach the exit door can be quickly killed with the RFPC, again.
  • Shit canisters are thrown in the crane room for some seconds. At the same time, be careful at the enemies when you descend to the control room (which is filled of Queens). The Slime Queen (Hard/Unreal only) drops a Nuclear Flare.
  • There's nothing much to say about the most of the following areas before the landing pad, aside the huge number of Queens and the Pupae they release. Hellgun blasts should do the job. I don't think you can actually drown in the acid. Note that those two little doors located in the room at the end of the acid section cannot be opened, so don't get any idea.
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  • In the landind pad area, there's a Fusion Flare behind some barrels in one of the corners.
  • The Demon squad ambush in the landing pad area is the last one and likely the most tricky on Unreal difficulty. You fight them from the area entrance - just be sure that the elevator is on your floor, otherwise you fall down in the hole. The enemies are Demon Gasbags, Giant Demon Gasbags, the Agidynes (from Nebiros) and both Demon Warlord types. Once again, the strategy is the same: RFPC secondary fire right into one of the bigger targets. The splash radius should damage/kill the nearby enemies. If the enemies move too fast, consider throwing a Fusion Flare, or a Nuclear one if you're that greedy.
  • Three things about the last area: one, a Shit Mercenary Elite protects the main chamber from above on Unreal difficulty, and he shoots shit canisters; two, Flak Tentacles protect the corridor to the second floor; three, a Demon Commando hides behind the final door on Hard/Unreal.
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G59-04: Perditus Paradisus
  • This is a conversion of FHub6 from the Unreal Beta - pretty much its Bounds of Foundry -> FHub6 -> Cryox section got into G59. The map was just an empty intermission but the main valley was very large and had lots of potential. It got turned there into some sort of Serious Sam inspired exotic place with a pretty sky... so yeah definitely a new outdoor theme. Note that BI will be getting its kind of desert maps too.
  • This is the second and (at the moment) the last G59 map with big battles set outside. It was the climax of the first release of the mappack; it may be probably the hardest G59 map on Unreal difficulty due to the massive chaos incoming. Get prepared.
  • Outside the guard post there's a group of blue Flies named Cazadors (G59 enemies, based on the Cazadors from Fallout New Vegas). Nothing incredible there - they just do 45 damage per sting and die pretty easily, so just use Hellgun blasts. Be sure to not let any of them escape though.
  • The Gaskill Flare on top of the guard post will be available on Hard and Unreal difficulties only (Gasbags in this map will only appear in those difficulties).
  • Some words about the Clusterfucker, since it wasn't available in BI: it looks very similar to the RFPC. The RFPC has the yellow light on the panel, while the Clusterfucker has it green and the metal is more desaturated. Primary fire of the Clusterfucker shoots multiple yellow grenades that do extremely heavy damage with a good splash radius, technically capable of eliminating group of enemies with no effort; the only downside it's the Explosive damage type, so it's absolutely useless against the Steel enemies and some others (you'll see in the next map). The secondary fire is non-elemental and shoots groups of homing rockets; they quickly aim for the enemies very well and do tons of damage (and they're even better when Pentapowered). The general downside? It wastes too much ammo. Overall, it's an incredibly useful weapon and like the RFPC, it's essential in G59 by the moment you pick it up.
  • Don't bother going over the mountains, there's nothing.
  • The Invisibility isn't necessary to cross the valley without being noticed. Just stay on the extreme left and the enemies won't see you. Your objective is to reach to the rock on the far end of the valley (get the ammo you find along the way). A PentaPower will be there on Hard/Unreal difficulties; in that case, don't get it YET.
  • The big battle has to be done in order to complete the level, so let's see. In the middle of the valley there's an Archdemon (his health depends on the difficuly chosen) guarded by four Lava Titans that do not appear on Easy. Killing the Archdemon will trigger the three portals, so you might want to kill the Lava Titans first. If you went to the far end of the valley (preferably behind that aforementioned rock) then you should be pretty ok at beaming all the enemies. The Archdemon does a piss poor job following you around any of the three rocks. Just don't get the Penta Powers - they last 10 seconds and are perfect last resort joker cards to be used during the big fuckfest battle. Don't miss out on the Backpack Missile (the trashcan-looking item): it's an inventory item that upon activation, will let you automatically shoot homing rockets; PentaPower will increase the number of rockets. The item has a very high charge.
  • Reminder before the battle starts: Lava Titans drop Contact Beans, the Archdemon drops a Tachyon Driver (don't miss it!). Get also all the necessary armors around the three rocks as fast as possible. On Hard difficulty, there's one Penta Power; on Unreal difficulties there are two instead.
  • The big battle can be hard, or really freaking hard on Unreal difficulty. Enemies of a specific kind but of different enemies will spawn randomly from the three portals, forcing you to go around the arena. It's not recommended to stick in one position, otherwise there will be too many enemies on the other portals to the point that you can barely approach them. Most important thing to know about the battle is that you'll fight more waves on higher difficulties; all of them end with the boss fight. On Easy/Normal you fight the Skaarj wave, then the boss. On Hard you fight the Skaarj wave, then the Gasbag wave, then the boss. On Unreal you fight the Skaarj wave, then the Gasbag wave, then the Warlord wave, then the boss; the second important thing is that the battle is time-based. A next wave (or the boss) appears after a set amount of time; the durations for the appearance of each wave have been specifically set for each difficulty, so they're not all the same (aka don't think the boss will appear when you fight the Gasbag wave). This will make you get the point: you need to kill enemies as fast as possible before the boss appears, otherwise the battle will become almost impossible to end. The wave enemies (Skaarj, Gasbags, Warlords) are of different elements; sometimes, they drop Fucker Colas or Energizer Balls. The RFPC and the Clusterfucker are the weapons to use, plus additional help from the Backpack Missile.
  • The Skaarj wave (all difficulties) is a warm-up wave... or the only wave to kill before the boss if you're playing on Easy and Medium. Skaarj come in Fire/Ice/Bio/Demon/Hyper/Red variants. The Skaarj are ground-only creatures and so you don't have to worry about attacks from above. They're really simple and if you have serious issues with them I don't think you'll survive the Gasbag wave for more than half a minute. It's all about killing as many Skaarj as possible there. Soft-Clusterfucker shooting (seriously, one group of Clusterfucker grenades is enough to destroy, so don't spam randomly) and lots of RFPC chaos are more than enough for the job - Flares and the Backpack, let alone the Penta Powers, are unnecessary. RFPC users must look out for Fire Skaarj (cannot be killed with the RFPC) and Hyper Skaarj (they're fast, and you don't want some RFPC plasma straight in the face).
  • The Gasbag wave (Hard, Unreal) is where things start to get serious. Forget ground-only attacks, this is where you start to be constantly bombarded until you counterattack with the right manners. Gasbags come in Ice/Bio/Shit/Demon/Turbo/Rocket/Grenade/Hyper variants. Grenade and Hyper ones are generally very fast and hard to kill so watch out. The movement strategy won't change much, though you'll likely start to use the Clusterfucker rockets more. If there's a dense group, trying out a RFPC orb won't be so bad. You'll also better start using the Backpack as well but the Penta Powers are still not necessary. The Gaskill Flare should be used if you're playing on Hard. If you're playing on Unreal difficulty then wait a better occasion. Of course you'll still have to deal with the incoming Skaarj. The Gasbag wave is also the longest one, even to the point that the boss will appear before they stop coming.
  • The Warlord wave (Unreal only) is the biggest terror. Going good in the battle? Then yeah, expect these guys to turn the cards REALLY FAST and make a short work of you, together with all the Gasbags and Skaarj around. Warlords come in Hyper/Pulse/Plasma/Demon/Fire Police variants and Bio/Shock SWAT variants. Holy cow. Just like all Fire enemies, the Fire Police is immune against the RFPC. There are 60 Warlords to kill in total, and only a maximum of 20 of them can enter the battlefield. They should be eliminated as fast as possible so try your best to ignore the Skaarj and the Gasbags; keep also the Backpack activated. The Clusterfucker secondary fire is without any doubt the best weapon against them. This is also the best moment to use ONE of the two Penta Powers. More like, you should really use one of them because having 20 of them against you is a death trial - it doesn't matter how much great is your armor situation. If the Gasbags become annoying as fuck (which is like, always), use the Gaskill Flare. Thanksfully the Warlord wave should end very soon, so all you have to worry about is cleaning the arena of Gasbags and Skaarj before the boss comes.
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  • Note that you're free to go anywhere around the map during the battle. Watch out at the enemies (Hell Bots and Hyper Brute / Steel Queens) who protect the former Cryox.
  • There's a Screamer at the end of the road to Cryox' ramps (behind the plants).
  • There's a Magic Armor Seed in the Cryox pool. It is located on the opposite side of the slope ramp.
  • There's a Bouncing Laser Flare on one of the Cryox' exterior walkways. You need to use the Translocator to reach it.
  • Solution for the "catch the treasure" minigame:
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Subject: Re: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List

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  • Yeah there's a complete new part for Cryox before the original starting point, so at least the place makes a bit of more sense now. Anyway, another G59 theme-based level, new one. As you would expect from the crazy ass Hyper monsters, Cryox aka the EMD is even more clusterfucky as before. Dark, smoke everywhere, blood, strong red and orange colour and flickering lights. Enjoy your head burning I guess because in the meanwhile you'll enjoy Hyper grenades all over the place and that's a bit chaotic.
  • Note: I'm assuming you play this map WITHOUT the Blast Helm from the secret of the last map. It'll be removed in the next version of G59 anyway.
  • Like the Bio/Shit pawns, the owners of this place, the Hyper demons, are heavily modified compared to their default versions (which you won't fight at all in this map). Hyper demons are now much more visible, bright and flashy. But also bigger, faster and more healthy, with some of their fire modes modified a bit. The most dangerous members are the Massive Hyper Krall (big strong guys, shoot double Hyper bomblets), the Hyper SWAT (there's only one in the map on Unreal difficulty and shoots Hyper Rockets, mind that) and pretty much all forms of Hyper Mercenaries, especially the thin Poppers who shoot Hyper bomblets continuously. The other Hyper enemies aren't strong damage-wise but are fast. For the weakest ones, the EAR and the Hellgun can do the job but the RFPC is overall the best choice; the secondary fire can clean things pretty well in narrow environments. The Hyper Flakker and the Clusterfucker (primary fire only) are completely useless against them. Overall, avoid getting exposed and take cover (or STAY THE FUCK AWAY) from Hyper bomblets and you should be fine.
  • On Unreal difficulty, Hyper demons are supported by the Steel pawns - Steel Slith, Steel Queens and Steel Pupae. They have very high health but the story is the same: don't use the Hyper Flakker and the Clusterfucker primary fire against them, just like with the Hypers. The Steel Pupae are very damaging and you better of killing them with the Hellgun blasts. Also don't ever try to telefrag Steel Queens/Slith.
  • The big Hyper Brute who guards the entrance to the hole room (at the end of the newly added beginning section) will spawn upon death a group of Hyper Skaarj somewhere in the previous corridor on Medium and Hard difficulty. On Unreal difficulty you'll fight a Steel Queen instead. Nothing on Easy.
  • You still have to shoot the respective wires to open those two secret rooms in the original starting area of the former Cryox there. They contain enemies as well so be careful (if you use the RFPC secondary fire a lot you'll accidentally open both doors in a second anyway).
  • So what's the deal here with this version of Cryox? Where you have to go? That even happened in the original version. The first part of EMD has become more linear. As you notice in first of the three "Hyper Core" rooms (aka the ones with the blood pools in the middle), there's a locked door. You have to go to the third Hyper Core room to unlock that door. The underwater passages are currently all locked so you have to use the standard ground way. What you want to know is each door to the next Hyper Core chamber can only be activated from the respective panel found outside. If you enter the next Hyper Core room, you can't return to the previous one! So be sure to get along the way the items around and leaving around what is not necessary, cause the backtracking will be hell. Be careful that on Unreal difficulty, the last enemy you'll face in the third Hyper Core room is a Hyper SWAT who's very strong, damage-wise. You cannot break anymore the panel in the second Hyper Core room to unlock the forcefield in the previous map section.
  • So when you press the big panel, it's time for the backtracking and it won't be nice. You'll have to fight long waves of Demon pawns in each Hyper Core room. Each one of the three battle works differently and all end with a mini-boss fight of some sort, whose death will unlock the successive (or technically, previous) Hyper Core room. Kind of like BI's Map 6, there are specific ways to end the battles in the safest way possible.
  • The first battle is the hardest, as there's not much to room to escape and enemies spawn everywhere, ranging from Demon Gasbags and Agidynes appearing over the blood pool and various other ground Demons, including Slith on Unreal difficulty. Going around the room is not a good strategy as you'll be exposed more to Gasbags' attacks. Best place? The water elevator. It doesn't work now so you can use it as your "hideout" and you can attack from all directions with the Clusterfucker, Hyper Flakker (if possible) and the RFPC. RFPC requires some careful, especially if you need to use the secondary fire. The biggest problems will be likely the Demon Pupae (worse if they're spawned by a Slith) as they break the flow of the battle almost always. You could use the Clusterfucker primary but things get heated way too quickly, so you might use the Tachyon blasts when it's really necessary. Demon Mercenaries are the strongest enemies overall so they take priority. The mini-boss of the fight is a Demon SWAT, aka the Warlord who shoots demon rockets. Definitely strong but he can't hit you at first if you stay on the elevator (he appears in front of the elevator door so you can't see him). A RFPC orb can kill in one hit very easily. Once everything is dead (be sure to check for any Pupae who jumped in the pool) go to second Hyper Core chamber.
  • The second Hyper Core chamber is a bit tricky but doable. Enemies will mostly come from the left hand side so go over there (not on the exit half of the chamber though). From the side of the exit door, Demon Krall and Demon Skaarj will attack you. This is where you want to solely use the Clusterfucker primary fire. It's enough to easily kill everything that's spawned almost without letting the enemies shoot once. Soft Clusterfucker fire is recommended as spamming it's way too much and will result in wasted ammo... which might happen if you don't have Clusterfucker ammo lying around (which there should be anyway because why would you have used the Clusterfucker against Hyper/Steel pawns??). If things go bad with the weapon and want to use any other weapon like the RFPC (only the Clusterfucker is capable of stopping the waves with no effort), consider using a BioHazard Flare on the spawnpoints. There are two waves of these guys, plus additional assaults from Demon Gasbags and Agidynes appearing over the blood pool. Those can be exterminated with the RFPC and it is really fun as fuck. You should be able to destroy all Gasbags before the Skaarj/Krall appear and viceversa. The mini-boss here is preceded by a group of certain demon enemies that depend on the difficulty chosen: Advanced Demon Krall Elites for Easy, Skaarj Fiends for Medium and Demon Queens for Hard/Unreal; stay on the same spot and defeat them with any strong weapon. After them, you'll always fight a Demon Commando, which is not a big issue.
  • The final Hyper Core battle is the easiest of them all once you realize you can go back to the previous section of the map; just run to the corridor on the right hand side as soon as you enter the room. Pretty much the same story as the first Hyper Core chamber: Demon Gasbags and Agidynes over the blood pool, Demon Skaarj/Krall/Brute spawning around. No Slith and Pupae though. Just stay away from the room and bombard it with Hyper Flakker grenades, which you should have a lot by now; all enemies will eventually die. You have to look out for the mini-boss though: it's a Mega Demon Krall! In case you never saw him in action by summoning, Mega Demon Krall can charge up a demon beam similar to the one of the Rock Monster. You don't definitely want to get hit by that beam. Once he's dead, the whole Demon massacre is over and you won't fight them anymore in this map. You can now access the security room (be careful, it can have strong monsters such as the Hyper Police and Heavy Poppers on higher difficulties. Get all the weapons there, press both panels to open up the underwater doors and to deactivate the forcefield to the Commander section. You can also break a set of wires on the wall to turn off the forcefield to the underwater tunnel in the same room (the best way to start out killing the Slith).
  • From now on the map becomes a bit non-linear. Different ways to complete it, other than the "100%" way in case you want to face everything AND get everything. I'll just explain the 100% way one only, with some exceptions.
  • From the Control Room, you can go in the underwater tunnel below all Hyper Core rooms to kill all the Slith. Be sure to have the Hyper SCUBA Gear (it's infinite) and to turn on the Hyper-Water-Speed-Booster, which increases your swimming speed (combined with the Envy Sin Pillar makes you swim real fasttt) in order to make the fights against the Slith much more simple. You'll fight Nuclear Slith, plus Steel ones on Unreal difficulty. You have enough RFPC ammo to take down all of them but be sure to give priority to the Nuclear ones as their projectiles are very dangerous. The released Pupae are nothing more than just random pests to kill, so use the Hellgun blasts (Steel Slith drop Hellgun ammo). Note that the blood pools of the Hyper Core chambers have platform with various items, look out for those.
  • Tunnel 3 can only be opened from the Main Commander room, while Tunnel 1 and 2 are protected by two HyperNuclear Slith. Each one is incredibly overpowered and shoots almost unavoidable Hyper rockets, so if you dare sacrifice a lot of health and all your Tachyon beams to kill one and go directly to the exit, that's all up to you. I recommend ignoring them and reach instead the underwater room accessed throughout the elevator in the third Hyper Core room. You'll find more items, more tidbits about the "assassin" and a teleport to the beginning area of the map (which will be useful later).
  • The narrow underwater tunnel on the Hyper SCUBA Gear side (have to precise it in such a lazy way) contains an Invisibility powerup, and a tunnel which goes straight to the Main Commander room. Another way to clear this map is to go right there with the Invisibility on, telefrag the Hyper Commander (the huge Mercenary), press his panel to open Tunnel 3 and swim there to the end. This is the dirtiest way to end this map.
  • The area before the Main Commander room has lots of enemies and you have almost no space to dodge all the Hyper grenades from the Krall or whatever Steel Pawns shoot at you. And you have to deal with a broken elevator too in case you want to retreat; once you get down how the elevator works, then you can make up a strategy. Here's a strategy: got that Bouncing Laser Flare in the previous map? Try it out there. Otherwise, use a Screamer rocket (there's another one as soon as you enter this area).
  • The Main Commander room has a lot of enemies, once again depending on the difficulty chosen. Hyper Pupae and Hyper Skaarj are there no matter what, other than the Hyper Commander and the Super Hyper Gasbag flying over the blood cell. Hyper Police pawns are for lower difficulties, while Hyper Mercenaries and Poppers for higher ones. The Super Hyper Gasbag simply shoots Hyper bomblets, while the Commander (known as Moowis) shoots MANY Hyper Bomblets and also Hyper rockets. In case you never used the Bouncing Laser Flare or a Screamer rocket for the previous room, then you really should do it now. You won't likely survive if you fight the enemies directly. Once everyone is dead, press the main panel to unlock Tunnel 3. If you backtrack to the Hyper Core chamber by the ground way, you'll face the "assassin".
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    This is Nagomi from the Unreal Beta... FHub5. Inside that former underwater tunnel that was removed in the RTNP version; the way to the big pit is fully blocked here however, for good reasons. Also if you didn't notice, you can already smell Shadows around. This is the first EXU2 outdoor map based on the Shadow theme, though this is simply a short filler map.
  • Upon turning on the Searchlight, you'll notice gray and red bricks on the sand. Let the word be known: DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THE RED BRICKS/WALLS on this map. Otherwise, unkillable Shadow Mantas from the void will destroy you (killer trap pretty much).
  • On the planks above there's a translator message with a series of coordinates. As you notice, the bricks on the bottom floor make up a grid: lines go from 1 to 4 (from left to right), columns go from A to J (from up to down). All by facing the exit corridor direction; you should notice a "C" and a "1" as blood stains to give you the idea. Just touch the bricks in the order of the coordinates and avoid all the red bricks. If the combination is completed, you should hear a loud sound. You can now press the lever found on the iron planks to temporarily open the exit gate.
  • The gimmick of the map is to find a Relic, a glowing white key which opens the way to the Holy building. It appears in various places of the map, pretty much anywhere you can go; it glows so you can spot it easily; if you're lucky you can just find it near the Foundry entrance and complete this map quickly. The appearance of the white key is randomized every time the brick puzzle in the previous area is completed, in case you want to know.
  • The Shadow battles are mostly mandatory throughout the valley but luckily for you they won't be re-activated. The most dangerous Shadow waves are the Squid ones in the Foundry entrance (MANY MANY of them and you may get kicked in the pit, which means game over) and a HUGE Shadow Skaarj wave next to the Holy building, which only happens once the Squid ambush has been triggered; doesn't happen on Easy difficulty. However, you can cheat this Skaarj wave by staying next to the Holy building entrance. As you have noticed, Shadows can't enter the area illuminated by the candles. This will prove useful in the next map.
  • The closed entrance to the Magatsu territory has a Demon Saturation Flare.
  • The road to Aztec's entrance (as in the Unreal Beta) has hidden Combat Seeds. Also, approach the EXU Shield Belt by just walking - one false step and you're dead in the void.
  • The infinite tunnel has a Big Shadow Skaarj ambush, triggered when you walk on the Blood Keg. Three Big Skaarj in total; one appears behind, the second appears in front, the third behind again. One after one upon their deaths. Since they jump so much all around the place and the tunnel is long and dark, you have better chance locating and killing them with the Clusterfucker secondary fire. You don't have to face them on Easy difficulty.
  • Once you pick up the Relic, you can enter the Holy building Exusia and end the map.

G59-07: Holy Mausoleum of Exusia
  • This coversion is my fucking nightmare. It was conceived at first as a Holy-only map until I dreamt about something and "fuckit" I add a second theme and deal with this frustrating engine. As you can tell, this is Nexus from the Unreal Beta and likely another map which will feel really new to some people. And since the original Nexus was already confusing enough, I wouldn't be surprised if most people will lose their heads even more in Exusia since not only the map is not anymore open-ended (doors are locked, etc...) but you have to deal with a "second" Nexus which is very creepy navigate through. Basically you gotta jump from one world to other in order to reach the exit. Tough job.
  • Both themes differ from textures, lighting and of course GAMEPLAY. In the HOLY theme you fight Saint pawns, with various Demon ambushes that are against you and also against the owners of the place (of course); this is more like standard EXU2 gameplay, however it relies on fights against few but extremely strong enemies. The SHADOW theme is just what it is: the place now looks like an abandoned industrial structure with barely any light, and Shadows are around every corner, stronger than ever; the EXU2 Shadow gameplay is as insane as it gets. Each world is accessed throughout blue portals but you have to remember that portals to each world are placed in different position. Don't think that you can enter a world and immediately leave it.
  • The Holy theme is bright and surely it'll get filled of white and red blood.
    • The Saint pawns are, obviously, completely different from the default EXU2 ones. They're bigger, they glow, a ghost-like appearance and all their combat properties are heavily boosted, with their projectiles being almost quite unavoidable unless you take cover. There aren't cases where they spawn and they aren't that many in the map but they're fullproof tanks. They take more damage from the Hellgun but their health is still high enough to warrant the use of RFPC, Clusterfucker and Hyper Flakker. Overall, they're the least powerful cretures you'll be fighting in this level - be sure that there's something to hide behind nearby ALL THE TIME. You'll usually face groups of Saint Gasbags that make up some extreme bright light; when in doubt, use a RFPC orb to destroy almost them all. Lastly, G59 introduces Virtues, aka the Saint Warlords. They have lots of health and use the strongest Holy projectiles. RFPC is an ideal weapon to use against them as the Virtues usually drop its ammo.
    • All the Demon battles are ambushes of some sorts here. You'll mostly fight them once you return from the Shadow world (after you've done something important or crossed a certain portal). They're generally more dangerous than Saints as they're smaller, giving them much more mobility. The Demon spawned are generally of the strongest types that you have met so far: Demon Police, Agidynes, Demon Krall Elite, Advanced Demon Krall, Advanced Demon Krall Elite, Demon Skaarj Lords, Skaarj Fiends and ADVANCED Skaarj Fiends; these latter are exclusive to G59, they're like Skaarj Fiends except with 1000 more health and each pentagram they shoot deal double damage. Most of these stronger Demon pawns appear on higher difficulties only, replacing the basic Demon ones. No Demon Slith and Demon Pupae involved. Given the massive health of these enemies, RFPC and Clusterfucker are the only weapons to use in direct battles; if you use coward methods, the Hyper Flakker is your friend. Note that most of the spawning are grouped: you enter an area and you'll meet like 10 demons. BioHazard, Munition and Clustershock Flares can be used when the situation is too overwhelming for you to deal with directly. You can also use the Tachyon blasts if you feel suicidal enough and actually works pretty well!
    • Note Demons and Saints will fight each other on sight. This doesn't happen very much but if it does, you might consider shooting RFPC orbs in the middle of duels. I'd recommend "helping" the Saints since the Demons are much more stronger against you. Also Demons are weak against Saint projectiles.
  • The Shadow theme is industrial, dirty, creepy as shit and almost literally dark except those broken Searchlights and the holy candles. The Searchlight item you get is near-infinite so don't worry much; though I can see people that don't want to stay there so much for long. BIG NOTE: the Candles in this world block every Shadow from approaching you. You're 100% safe in the illumination of the candles... as long as you find them anyway but they're common.
    • The Shadows in this map are all of a red color; they're not really much stronger than the standard ones though it's true that they deal more damage and have more health (which is pointless since the small Shadows all die with one Hellgun blast). The swarms here are generally much MORE (there are 500-shadows waves) longer and dense there so the Firestorm Generator is once again a lifesaver, especially against Mantas (remember to turn on and off the Firestorm Generator to avoid wasting it). The longevity of swarms depend on the difficulty chosen and you'll also be dealing with different types of swarm creatures put together... which frankly doesn't make anything any different than before. Shadow Skaarj waves might appear in previous Shadow world areas, when you're far into the map.
    • The Big Shadow Skaarj are once again the big problems there; the Red versions barely differ from the standard ones but are healthy enough to piss you off. Once again most of their appearances aren't mandatory but the chances of them popping in are way higher, compared to VOIDNESS; difficulty chosen plays a major part too. Ambushes always do happen however. Due to the colors of the textures, the Big Shadows are hard to spot but thanksfully you have the Clusterfucker here: aim around and the secondary fire target reticule should locate them.
    • There are new Shadow enemies here: the Shadow Gasbags and Shadow Mothers. Shadow Gasbags are wave-type enemies and the biggest ones as well. There are like, one or two occasions where you fight them. Hellblasts instantly kill them but they do have high melee power. Shadow Mothers are Queens only in name; they don't release Pupae upon death. Kill them before they approach you - they're very fast and can do between 300 and 700 damage with melees. A Tachyon beam works!
  • Trivia note: the translator messages from the Holy writings DO change once, right after you're done with a particular objective in the Shadow world. They don't say anything useful for gameplay stuff but they point out the "failures" of your character; you should understand if you look around (it's the last map where you see corpses of Bane).
  • The first Demon ambush you'll have to deal with happens before you enter the Shadow world for the first time; the location is in the room after the Funeral Chamber (I'll call the rooms by their names as shown in-game on this text). Once you trigger the translator message something along the lines of "Look your back", that means the Demons are coming. Retreat in the Funeral Chamber and fight them from there in the way you want (aka Hyper Flakker grenade spam go go).
  • The Funeral Chamber has a hidden Demon Saturation Flare behind one of the pillars. It doesn't appear on Easy difficulty.
  • You can break the wall right next to the Nuclear Keg for a quick shortcut to the beginning of the map (you can't break the wall from the other side). Note that this will spawn a minor Demon ambush on Easy/Medium/Hard. On Unreal difficulty it spawns a whole group of Advanced Skaarj Fiends! Not a big deal since they can barely attack you if you stay behind the wall.
  • The non-linearity part of the map begins once you exit out from the first Shadow area (note: Demons have spawned in the first part of the Saint world). The exit location is the same one as it was in Nexus (if you don't know it then explore. It's the final door located at the end of the corridor with all those glowy fountains, guarded by Virtues) but it's closed. You need the key and one of the Demon messages flat out says that it's in the hugest pool of the map, with the spot being marked by a hell symbol... however, it also says that the key is in the Shadow world of the same location. Precisely, you need to reach the final corridor in the Saint world, take the portal to the Shadow world you find there and from that point you can reach the big pool chamber (which doesn't have water, of course). The level is just a shitbitch to explain but you got the quickest point.
  • The Saint Skaarj Lords are big and can't fit into small doorways. Though, they shoot extremely strong Saint projectiles. Avoid direct fighting and exploit the environment as much as you can.
  • The door that blocks the access to the Soul Ritual Chamber from the first section of the map cannot be opened in any way.
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  • The Soul Ascension chamber (the one with the big white orb in the middle) has a group of Saint Gasbags in the cylinder located at the top of the room. Shoot a RFPC orb and enjoy the gib waterfall. By the way, there's an EXU Shield Belt over one of those green planks.
  • If you enter the second section of the Shadow world and then exit from it by using the portal in the corridor with the window facing the dried big pool, it will spawn a new Demon ambush in the Saint world, nearby your location. If you didn't kill the Saints in this area, you'll see a battle between both Saints and Demons. Enjoy.
  • If you enter the Big Crucifix room (not the one with the shiny pool), a Demon ambush will be triggered outside and it's very dangerous! Might use Flares in this case. The same thing happens in the Shadow world; if you enter there and then exit, you'll be welcomed by a massive Shadow Skaarj wave. You can retreat in the Chosen Ones room, the candles there won't let any of the Skaarj pass. Have fun. Note that there's a Munition Flare on top of the Crucifix (Saint world). Either way, entering the chamber is completely optional.
  • Talking about the same section of the level, next to the Crucifix room there's a chamber which leads to the Soul Restrooms throughout a ramp (in the Shadow world you cannot access the room in any way). When it comes to this specific chamber in the Saint world, you can translocate over the green planks to find Clusterfucker ammo.
  • The Chosen Ones chamber in the Shadow world has a strange Demon message about souls which relates to the secret there. To unlock it, you have to hit the six blood pentagrams scattered around the Shadow world to unlock a bonus Backpack Missile in this room. You need to hit the pentagrams with something like the Hellgun primary. If done correctly, you should hear a loud Demon-themed horn soundbite. Locations of the pentagrams are:
    • The Shadow Squid ambush room in the first section of the Shadow world.
    • In one of the corridors that would lead to the Soul Ritual chamber in the Saint world. It's visible from behind the bars in the Shadow "Soul Ascension" chambers and you can shoot the pentagram from there.
    • On the wall next to the doorway to the short spiral staircase (in the Saint world there's a wooden elevator in a nearby area).
    • In the Shadow version of the room with the upside-down crucifix and the blue pool.
    • In the room with the ramp that leads to the blocked Soul Restrooms area.
    • In the huge, cylinder-shaped room, on a wall. WATCH OUT at this area: has many, MANY Shadow Mantas, to the point that the Firestorm Generator is literally required.
  • In the huge cylinder room, Saint world version, you can translocate on the top platform for various hidden items. This area is rather dangerous on higher difficulties due to the many spawning Agidynes.
  • Note that there's a trap in the Great Hall (the corridor to the exit) that is activated by the Pope Queen. The first time she shoots something, lots of holy orbs will be also shot from any of the glowing fountains. Stay away from any of them until that happens (because this happens only once). The Pope Queen does not appear on Hard difficulty so you don't have to worry about the trap.
  • The ultimate Shadow ambush that you have to deal when you get the key is sort of hard. You fight all kind of Shadow wave enemies there (Skaarj/Manta/Squid/Gasbag) and the total amount becomes progressively higher on harder difficulties. The safest way to win this battle is to hope that your Firestorm Generator has enough charge. Activate it as soon as you get the key and begin jumping around the room non-stop while you shoot Hell blasts or even Tachyon blasts. You should be almost untouched during the chaos. The Beelzebub Sin Pillar can also be used if you're desperate. If you run out of Firestorm charge (oops), consider using all the Demon Flares you have (because this is probably the last time you'll ever use Hell weapons) and pray for the best. Once the wave is over, the door will open after a minute or so, revealing a group of Big Shadow Skaarj. Just spam RFPC/Clusterfucker non-stop from afar when the door starts moving and use some item like the Backpack Missile to have an additional advantage. Once you're done, you can finally exit the Shadow world... to go back to the Saint world and deal with the final Demon invasion. There will be many of them spawning this time so be careful.
  • At the beginning of the boss area you'll notice six bright lights inside doorways. These are teleports but only one works at the beginning. When you enter the working one, another one unlocks; enter this latter and yet another one unlocks and so on. The sixth teleport will lead you to the Shadow world version of the boss area. There's no mistake to be done with this teleport activation combination; it's hard to figure out which one you've entered and which one got unlocked. The unlocked teleports will be active forever.
  • Now when you enter the Shadow world version of the boss area, you'll have to deal with the same puzzle found at the beginning of the previous map, except this one is much bigger, the insta-kill Shadow traps are still present and the code is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay harder to get. To find more like; you want the coordinates? It's located in the chamber with the upside-down crucifix. You have to walk around the shiny pool until you get the translator message with the coordinates. Write it down on a piece of paper because due to all the messages in this map you're sure to lose it. If you're lazy, here's the code: I4, C2, E2, H3, N4, N1, H1, F4, M4, M3, M2, M1, J2, L3, K4, K2, G2, A4, C4, L1, F1, A1. The coordinates system is the same; the letter "A" is near the exit portal and the letter "N" is all way down at the beginning of the area. Might take lots of tries. Will unlock a MegaBlast Flare and a Frost Armor on the platform next to the exit (should be visible), once you hear the loud confirmation sound.
  • Note that the secret area mentioned above is the only way to get out of the boss area in the Saint world, in case you want to go back into the previous sections of the map.
  • ► Show Spoiler

  • You're back in the dark Nagomi (just like how you exit Nexus End in the Unreal Beta). The unnamed Shadow God is there watching you and the valley is filled of insta-kill Shadow Mantas. In this short map, your objective is to reach the entrance of the Magatsu by following the trail of candles. Go in the darkness and the void will eat you, simple as that. Also no Red Shadows anymore.
  • Big Shadow Skaarj and Shadow Broods are located/defeated with the Clusterfucker. RFPC is better used on the Pupae though.
  • Just like in NOTHINGNESS, you'll have to deal with the same first Shadow Skaarj wave and with the huge Shadow Squid wave near Foundry. The strategies don't change (in the Squid battle you have less space to manouver though).
  • After the Foundry section you have to deal with a Shadow Mother and two Big Shadow Skaarj. Destroy her guards first, since the Mother isn't very aggressive.
  • ► Show Spoiler

G59-09: Nephesh Ruah
  • EX Phase 2's first map. As you see, this is a full-blown new theme for the new enemy race exclusive to G59, the Magatsu. Unreal Beta's Morose will be played in reverse, much like SHADOWNESS and BI's Map 15. The map's layout is overall the same, it's just that almost every room is different to make them much easier to walk through - no more lava, no more water pools, no more traps and no "press-button-to-activate-bridge" kind of things. It's all about the Magatsu race from now and on.
  • Obviously you have zero experience with these new enemies; worst, since they're designed to be an "artificial race born from the best of the other ones", their gimmick is that every Magatsu enemy type have special tricks of their own that characterize them. If there's one big thing they have in common, is the list of their resistances/immunities. They drain Hell damage, are immune to Corroded and Frozen attacks, resist the Piddledoper damage and some of them also greatly resist Exploded damage (Clusterfucker primary / Hyper Flakker), Burned damage (RFPC) and Tachyon damage (the Queens are almost immune to it). So only few weapons work and the BioHazard Flares do only half of the damage against them.
    • The Magatsu Trooper is the first enemy you encounter, though after that they'll only pop up on higher difficulties. They are Doom Troopers with a lot of more health and their weapon of choice is the Freezer. The Freezer is -VERY- strong unlike standard Ice projectiles; you better of killing the Troopers with homing rockets or from some place where they can't hit you. Otherwise, use a Tachyon blast (which is a seriously sensible choice.
    • The Magatsu Assassins are the red-colored Ice Skaarj. While they shoot homing red orbs (the damage is not so high but they're impossible to dodge), 90% of the time they just decide to leap so fast next to you and proceed with melees (just a lot like Morax and Big Shadow Skaarj do). They're not strong but they're excellent annoyance that keep popping up when you're fighting other Magatsu enemies such as the Mercenaries. The biggest danger about them is that you're shooting something with the RFPC and suddenly one of these Skaarj pops up in front of you and you end up burning yourself with the weapon (and they resist Burned damage as well).
    • The Magatsu Guardians are the huge red Skaarj Lords. Unlike the Assassins, they exclusively prefer using ranged attacks and mostly try to stand still by guarding key areas. They shoot arc bolts... yeah remember those Unreal's arc proj skins? Well those. Anyway in this case they act like powered up Skaarj projectiles. Each one does max 50 damage, for a total of 400 damage if all bolts hit you. And the Guardians shoot them precisely and quite rapidly; essentially you need some cover to protect yourself. If there are many of them then you should use a Tachyon blast (7500 HP is quite high and they won't be alone). Otherwise use a Clusterfucker if you feel sure enough of yourself.
    • The Magatsu Dactyls are the Pupae. They are thin and pink, and might be hard to kill since the Piddledoper primary doesn't work too well (the secondary does). They are weak but the problem is that the Krall continuously spawn these.
    • The Magatsu Cores are the Slith. They're quite large and clunky and simply shoot Demon Skulls. Upon death they release Dactyls. Nothing much to say about them, since they're very rare and not strong either in any of the encounter. They have a lot of health though.
    • The Magatsu Bots are the Mercenaries. There are four types; while they all look the same, they shoot different projectiles. Regular ones shoot Demon Riot balls and Doom Bombs; Alpha ones shoot instant-hit bullets and Plasma balls (these are the most dangerous!); Beta ones shoot yellow bolts and Fusion balls; Omega ones shoot red Piddledoper orbs and red EAR bolts. That said, they only appear in the two of the three Queen battles in this map. Use the usual heavy weapons to kill them before they kill you; if you see one shooting RFPC-like orbs, kill him first.
    • The Krall Swarm Leaders are douches. They have a lot of health, they are very fast at melees and they keep spawning Dactyls every time they shoot, though with a random failure rate. Not strong enemies but drain a lot of useful ammo, and the Tachyon blast doesn't work 100% of the time. You simply don't want too much Dactyls around, so use the Shitgun to clean up their mess from time to time.
    • Magatsu Stalkers are encountered once in this map, in the room where you have to read the three Magatsu lecture panels. After you activate the panels, stay in the centre of the room; if you look closely, you'll see a bunch of invisible Brutes standing still and waiting for you to come clear. Those are Stalkers and that's their gimmicks. They melee pretty fast but you can null their invisibility trick by using the Clusterfucker secondary fire.
    • Magatsu Gassius are the Gasbags and they are Unreal difficulty only and for a good reason. Every time they shoot their red orbs, they create a clone of themselves! This can chain up really bad to the point that they can overwhelm you in a short time unless you use a really strong Flare or Tachyon blasts. Once you see a Gassius, kill him before anything else. Or you'll regret it. Don't forget that Gaskill Flares exist (there are two of them in this map).
  • In the first battle room, there's a Munition Flare, a Fusion Flare and an Unreal-difficulty only Gaskill Flare found over each doorway to the side corridors.
  • The first major battle is better to be dealt from inside one of the side corridors (left or right, depends on your weapon hand option for better results) because it's really hard. Gassius also appears already on Unreal difficulty. Just keep spamming Hyper grenades into the main area and every once in a while use the Clusterfucker primary too. Later in the battle you might want to start using Tachyon blasts. The first Magatsu Queen is tough as she shoots many Doom Bombs - if you're exposed for like 10 seconds, you're dead! You have to try to attack her from any direction, either from the corridors or from the second floor. You can try using even the Shitgun or the EAR against her, or hell, Fusion Flares. Those enemies are able to take down all your armor points so don't play dumb before the Queen appears. If you didn't notice, all enemies spawn from those six platforms, while the Dactyls appear on the holes from the roof. The Queen's spawning is fully timed so kill as much enemies as you can when it's the time. BioHazard Flares are better thrown in the middle of the main room.
  • The underground cavern found in the successive area has two BioHazard Flares behind the panel. Note that once you go back to the elevator, Magatsu Cores will spawn.
  • When the second major battle begins, don't forget to deal with the Krall Swarm Leaders coming out from the hidden alcoves (one is in the room where you trigger the battle, the second one is somewhere outside). As for the battle, retreat to the elevator and wait for all the enemies there. Use the RFPC or the Clusterfucker (not many enemies spawn). The second Magatsu Queen shoots Demon Riot balls so she'll be about as dangerous as a standard Magatsu pawn...
  • The third battle has Krall Swarm Leaders as the main enemies and as you might guess, it'll take a lot of time before every single one of them is dead (Gassius also appears on Unreal difficulty). Retreat in the previous chamber (the one with the ramps) and shoot everything that comes. The continuous spawning of Dactyls will likely force you to retreat, so don't forget to kill the buggers if they become too annoying. Remember that the Shitgun works wonders here. The third Magatsu Queen shoots streams of Demon skulls - still far away from the power of the first Queen.
  • From now and on, you can pretty much blaze throughout the rest of the area by simply using Tachyon blasts, especially when Magatsu Gassius are prominent (in the second-to-last chamber there are many of them).
  • There's a sequence of secrets that must be unlocked progressively; you will have likely noticed those by reading those clue messages. The sequence begins in the second-to-last room of the level. On the first floor (exterior part though! So over the ledge) you should find, at the opposite side of the door, a broken brick where you can see through the floor. You'll spot a button - shoot it; if you played the original Morose, you should know this secret. Now make your way back to the corridor located after the second Magatsu Queen's spawning point: the floor door is opened and you can drop into. No lava this time but a Magatsu Core. Proceed in the corridors to face another Magatsu Core and to end up in the mirror room. This chamber is sort of an illusion: the items beyond the mirror are actually located on your side too, on the same positions, except they're invisible. Use the mirrored side to pick them up. You might also see a bright red brick as well and two Magatsu Assassin. Touching that red brick twice will trigger the Skaarj on your side for real and the last secret door. This one is located in the pathway between the first major battle room and the second battle major room, where the elevator to the Magatsu Core cave is located. There should be a little room on a wall with the Magnificent Armor inside.
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Subject: Re: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 22:39

Ok done. Have to check up for grammar errors in the next few days cause lol there are MANY because I wrote this thing so fast. 30000 words.

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Subject: Re: Batshit Insane / G59 Tips List

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"Instant-hit" when referring to some enemies should be changed to "hitscan".
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For some reason when i click on the "Show spoiler" links, nothing happens.

Might be an issue on my end, I'm at work.

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Yeah spoilers work there.

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Stuck in Doomhouse level. Shot all the hellfire spheres. Been to all the rooms and underwater pasages I can find. Yet the gate to the alcove with the lever just never opens for me. What am I missing? :/
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Did you hit the lever at the start like in the original level?
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Hmm. I know of the lever by the red hydraulic tank. I remember in the original level there was a lever in a room you had to swim and emerge into. I thought I found that room, but no lever. Where at the start of the level is another lever?
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Hmm, this video is super old but still relevant for that map - skip around toward the end and maybe you'll see what's missing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gao070WR9NU


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