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EXU2: Batshit Insane v7.2: DOWNLOADS & INFO HERE! [3-10-2018]

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Subject: EXU2: Batshit Insane v7.2: DOWNLOADS & INFO HERE! [3-10-2018]

Post Posted: 06 Aug 2012, 21:14


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Version 7.2 [3-10-18]

While you download, have a look through the Known Bugs list!

EXU2 v7.2 FULL (518MB):
MD5: 08cf2c960c5e2a37f7185392a5158342
Download Mirror 1 - Download Mirror 2 - Download Mirror 3

* * * * * * *

EXU2 v7.1 - v7.2 Patch (41.2MB):
MD5: b649a469de0c6990ac54a81c3371fdd5
Download Mirror 1 - Download Mirror 2 - Download Mirror 3

* * * * * * *

Open Beta? Wait, what?

This mod is currently in Open Beta mode, which means that while it is fully playable, it is not finished! Beta means beta. Bugs remain, along with things that need to be polished / fixed / completed. This is your opportunity to contribute! You can report any issues you encounter, especially gameplay, and post about them in the latest release thread, which will always be a sticky in this forum.

You are also highly encouraged to make your own EXU2 levels and content if you feel so inclined! Post a thread for your work here and I'll support it as best as I can. Do keep in mind, though, that Open Beta assets will be updated frequently, so gameplay and technical balance may shift from patch to patch. I will try to be as transparent about changes as possible so you know what to expect.

So if you download EXU2 Open Beta, feel free to help me smooth it out by messing around and pointing out the rough patches!

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Subject: Re: >>> EXU2: Batshit Insane Open Beta DOWNLOADS AND INFO HERE! <<<-

Post Posted: 11 Aug 2012, 17:35


Installing EXU2 is easy! But this is just a brief overview. For more details, see the Installation section of the EXU2 Wiki documentation, which is included with the mod.


EXU2: Batshit Insane:

  1. Install UT Patch 436*, UT Bonus Pack 4, and Oldskool Amp'd v239. Instructions included with each, but they're pretty simple.
  2. Unpack the EXU2 archive to your ..\UnrealTournament\ directory. Ensure your archiver preserves the folder structure. View the EXU2 Files List to see where all your files should go if any are misplaced.
  3. Start UT. Go to Mod >> Enable Oldskool Amp'd from the main menu.
  4. Go to New Singleplayer Game and select EXU2: Batshit Insane from the dropdown list. After some light configuration, you should be good to go!

Multiplayer/Botmatch Games:

  1. Start a practice session and open the Mutators window. Pick any EXU2 mutators you want.
  2. If you want monsters, install MonsterSpawn and edit MonsterSpawn.ini to your preferences, then load the mutator. Feel free to browse the EXU Changelog or Summons List to see what creatures sound like fun.
  3. Start the game. Waves of monsters will spawn in according to your MonsterSpawn.ini settings and/or weapons will be modified EXU2-style, etc.


  1. Delete the files listed in the EXU2 Wiki's Files List.
  2. Seek therapy.


  1. * The new unofficial UT patch 469A is currently not recommended for EXU2. You may experience strange rendering and audio issues depending on your config. Stick to 436 for now.
  2. The D3D8 and below renderers WILL NOT WORK with EXU; use EXUOpenGL or D3D10 (or better), both of which are included. Note that D3D9 works, but does not have uncapped drawdistance, which will completely fuck up certain maps.
  3. Configure your renderer settings according to the UTGLR settings page or by using my own OpenGL settings. This is a guide; these settings might not work well for you.
  4. If you use EXUOpenGl.drv, set MaxLogTextureSize to 12 or else it will downsample any 512x512 textures to 256.
  5. Set your Min Desired Framerate in UT to something like 30. If you set it too high, LOTS of effects will not spawn, including decals, because your FPS will always be lower than your minimum. Set it to 0 if you have a really good PC and can handle anything.
  6. Avoid setting your ingame volume slider above 50%! UT's stock audio engine has some really, really bad distortion effects when cranking the volume to maximum that are especially obvious in EXU, but even affect the stock sounds. Increase your actual speaker volume to compensate if needed!
  7. Note that RMusicPlayer has its own Volume Controller. It's under the Mod menu item from the main UT menu. Restart UT after choosing a volume level.
  8. Do not use FMOD if you have music/audio problems. Use Galaxy, Unreal's default audio subsystem, instead.
  9. Set up keybinds: cycle inventory, use inventory, increase/decrease HUD (default: + and -), Quicksave and Quickload. Optional: EXU2 keybinds for EXU Jump Boots, Firestorm Generator, Missile Backpack, and/or Armor/Combat Seeds
  10. Generally-speaking, the game should look and sound more or less as it does in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3nD1y-bQj8

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Subject: Re: >>> EXU2: Batshit Insane Open Beta - DOWNLOADS AND INFO HERE! <<<

Post Posted: 11 Aug 2012, 17:36


Excessive Unreal 2: Batshit Insane is a large singleplayer campaign for Unreal Tournament with full coop support. It is set in Hell on Na Pali, and is completely over-the-top with absurdly powerful weapons and giant hordes of a huge variety of enemies. It's Unreal like you've never seen it before.


  • Absolutely chaotic gameplay of the highest caliber
  • Hundreds of new monster varieties with advanced features and AI
  • An entire arsenal of unique, absurdly powerful weapons
  • Brand new + extremely-heavily-modified Unreal / Unreal: Return to Na Pali maps
  • Dozens of special inventory items and Battle Flares™
  • Full coop support with lots of specialties, plus complete multiplayer support via mutators
  • Amazing Cybernetika soundtrack with contributions from Nicolas Eymerich
  • Tons of other stuff!


  • The Extractor: Industrial mining vacuum. Sucks the guts out of enemies at point-blank range and lets you launch them later. Also has a scope. Yeah.
  • The Flare Gun: Shoots your BattleFlares™ much farther than you can toss them.
  • The Piddledoper: Faithful, rapid-fire energy pistol with recharging ammo.
  • The Shitgun: Riot weapon that sprays, you guessed it, beanbags. Err, uh, "organic waste."
  • The Energy AR: Powerful, accurate laser rifle. Bolts can pierce multiple enemies.
  • The Hyper Flakker: Very powerful explosive energy weapon. Can clean out entire rooms with ease.
  • The Hell Gun: Demonic pulse rifle with a defensive area-blast alt fire.
  • The Tachyon Driver: Hard-hitting charge-up energy weapon. Alt fire unleashes a huge shockwave and tachyon storms.
  • The Clusterfucker: Area-saturation cluster grenade launcher / nanite seeker missile launcher in one.
  • The RFPC (Rapid-Fire Plasma Cannon): Launches superheated plasma. Scorches enemies even if you miss.
  • The Screamer: Launches aspect-seeking or dumbfire anti-fighter missiles.
  • The SK-6 Rocket Artillery Cannon: Can fire up to six artillery rockets at once for massive areal obliteration.
  • The LRPC (Long-Range Plasma Cannon): Hand-held anti-starship artillery piece. Seriously.
  • The Translocator: From UT. Allows you to telefrag most enemies and explore out-of-reach areas.


Originally, EXU was a retake of Unreal's singleplayer campaign using a variety of crazy monsters and Excessive UT's hilariously overpowered arsenal, hence the name. Now, though, there's EXU2, which is bigger and better in every possible way.

Batshit Insane, the singleplayer map pack, is built with EXU2's ridiculous weapons and monsters, and is set in dramatically-modified Unreal maps (plus a few new ones). You'll tear through hordes of wildly varied enemies with weapons as diverse as they are devastating.

And if that's not enough, you can also use EXU2's plethora of weapons, items, and enemies in multiplayer games or botmatches using any combination of EXU2's mutators. Turn any game into an Excessive discord spree by swapping Unreal or UT guns with EXU2's, adding monsters, and other fun stuff!

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