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Unreal Engine 5 content

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Subject: Unreal Engine 5 content

Post Posted: 13 Feb 2024, 16:38

Good day to one and all. I wanted to find out if I'm the only one interested in making an Unreal Gold based title in Unreal Engine 5? I've been making assets and ultimately want to create a game that has a similar feel to GTA, but is based on Na Pali. It would feel like Unreal in its open, explorative environment, and would aesthetically resemble the original Unreal more than anything. It would have multiple camera modes, and feature a similar melee feature to the one found in UC2, but more up to date with today's standards. Similar vehicle mechanics to the ones found in UT2004 would also fit right in.

So far, I've got high poly versions of all the original creatures from the first unreal, except the Skaarj Queen, Titan and Nali bird. The Skaarj base models all look outstanding, but I'll need to work on the different types of armor that the Skaarj use, and also start working on various inventory items, that enemies and players can wield. So far I've only rigged, animated, and textured the tentacle model. I had made more progress on my previous laptop before it was stolen, but thats all in the past now.

In any case, any feedback is appreciated. Am i the only one who would like to see Unreal carry on into the latest versions of Unreal Engine? If you had to play an open world Unreal title, what elements would you welcome, and what elements would you reject? Personally, UT3, in many ways, represents an aesthetic style that I would not rely on for inspiration(for example) But we all have our own ideas of what has and has not worked over the years.
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