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PSA: Vertex Mesh Exporting from Unreal engine 1 games not having UnrealEd 2.2

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Subject: PSA: Vertex Mesh Exporting from Unreal engine 1 games not having UnrealEd 2.2

Post Posted: 19 Apr 2022, 21:35

So, the "2.2" Unreal Editor included with 227 and 469 allows vertex mesh exporting through the interface. For most versions, the only requirement is that the Mesh browser is DOCKED, to give access to the relevant menus.

But, what if you can't export a vertex mesh because your game runs UnrealEd 2.0 or UnrealEd 1.0 and there are no prospects for an upgrade?

You can either try asking people well-versed in the deepest secrets of the engine such as Smirftsch, Anth or Marco to help you out, but given they are most often extremely busy, chances for swift reply are low. Besides, don't we all love being self-sufficient?

So, third-party software it is. Most often I hear recommendations of Wotgreal Exporter, UTPT and Gildor's umodel/UE viewer program.

I've long known that UTPT can break vertex meshes. I don't know the specifics, it just does. So, to export a vertex mesh out of, e.g. Wheel of Time, I used Wotgreal Exporter... and the mesh in question turned out to be corrupted. Lighting issues, cut-off animations... and, upon testing UTPT, filesize was byte-to-byte identical and also corrupted.

Gildor's umodel provided an export that was significantly larger in size and as reported by my Unreal-wizard-teammate Yrex, that result was working properly.

So, if you need to export a model out of a UE1 game, umodel currently seems the program to go to.

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out and I hope this is helpful.
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