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X-Vehicles (demo)

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Subject: X-Vehicles (demo)

Post Posted: 20 Aug 2018, 02:10

X-Vehicles is a pack of fully driveable vehicles for UT99, consisting of 4 tanks and 2 jeeps.
This package is just a demo, and the mod itself has been canceled, so no further development will be made on it (at least from myself).

This mod is very old, and was first developed around 2009, and by using the initial base code by .:..: (Dots).
The initial state of the code by .:..: had already some solid bases to work on concerning AI and the base controls, but it had no physics whatsoever for terrain vehicles, let alone the support for treaded vehicles like tanks.

Therefore, a lot of work was put into this mod to give it the bare minimum physics so that vehicles behaved like vehicles.
The code ended up being a mess, very unstable and mediocre in general, reflecting my own skill at the time, and a few years have passed and now the current vehicle designs are just no good for me, hence canceling the whole mod altogether.

In the future it may be possible to create a new vehicle mod, and it is indeed possible to develop pretty realistic vehicles with good physics and multiplayer support using UnrealScript alone, but some pre-requirements have to be met first through the development of a different mod, in order to have the necessary underlying framework and technology to facilitate the development of such a mod.

In the meanwhile, you can try, and maybe have some fun, with the current state of this mod, in the form of a demo, which you can download here: ...

If you wish to further the development of this mod in any way, you're absolutely free to do so in any way you see fit, and you can find the source here: ... C.rar/file

Have fun! :)

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