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Mapping Collab in the style of "The Descent" - Pirates of Nali Land

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Subject: Mapping Collab in the style of "The Descent" - Pirates of Nali Land

Post Posted: 02 Jan 2023, 06:39

~ Pirates of Nali Land ~

Ahoy there sailor! Have ye ever longed to sail the seas of Na Pali and beyond? Or to live off plunder, fairly finessed from the bellies of laden Skaarj vessels? What if even a landlubber like yerself could join me crew and partake in the finest of mapping collabs to be found across the oceans and seas both!
-- Captain Szyskardh of the Vandora's Fancy

This event is a mapping collaboration along the same lines as The Descent project that began in 2020. Mappers will have a period of two months to make a playable map with a nautical theme, set on Na Pali.

  • Mapping can begin now!
  • Maps should be submitted in a playable state on or around March 1st, 2023
  • After that time there will be a period of approximately one month to playtest and fix bugs, but the final maps should be submitted by May 1st, 2022
  • The goal is to release the pack as a playable campaign on May 22nd, 2023, in time for the 25th anniversary of Unreal. (Unreal was originally released on May 22nd, 1998)
  • The target platform will be 227j. This does not mean mappers must use 227j necessarily, but the map must run on 227j.
  • Use of firetrucks 1.3 is very highly recommended. Several of the firetrucks actors were made available for The Descent collaboration and they proved to be popular, and this new version has many new features that are coop compatible and gametype agnostic.
  • The map's stories should be episodic in nature, but with a definite start and end that includes somehow returning to the Vandora's Fancy with a Macguffin in tow and a story to tell the crew. When played in single player there will be a hub allowing players to choose which map they wish to do next, and these macguffins from completed maps will be visible on the ship. When played in coop, the maps will directly link from one to the other, like traditional campaigns do.
  • These Macguffins can be literally anything... whether it is story important or just a souvenir is up to you.
  • Each map, aside from the hub, should be coop compatible.
  • Each map, aside from the hub, should not be tied to a specific gametype.
  • Mappers may work together or individually, as they choose.
  • Mappers has as much or as little custom content as they choose.
  • Mappers can use whatever other tools they like... aseprite, AutoCAD, FL Studio, KidPix Studio, etc.
  • Unlike The Descent, mappers will not be constrained to a 4096^3 space this time.
  • Unlike The Descent, there will be no requirement to add custom content to the MyLevel package.
  • Provided templates may be useful to mappers, but it is not a requirement to use them.
  • If a mapper chooses to use a template, they may modify it in any way they deem appropriate.
  • Before the event's end we also aim to have a nautical themed HUD, some meshes and other assets, and a few other extras, as well as hooking up the hub ship to the various maps.
  • Maps can integrate the theme as much or little as they like. Maybe a map is a high-stakes high-seas adventure, or maybe it's a classic romp through a (space) shipwreck or ancient.utx ruins. Maybe the rowboat takes a wrong turn towards the oceanic islands and ends up in the sky islands instead. Maybe it's something avant-garde the likes of which can't be captured in text? It's your call what to make.
  • This event is open to everyone of any Unreal community, be they a veteran mapper, someone's first time with the editor, or anywhere in between.

Below is a list of the notable crew aboard the Vandora's Fancy: Mappers may or may not choose to include these characters at their discretion
  • Captain Szyskardh
    Captain of the Vandora's Fancy. This old sea dog might have lost his good eye but he still sees everything that happens on the ship. Some say he can still see out of that glass eye of his, even when it isn't in his head. Or maybe he leaves it laying around on purpose to scare the greenhorns.
  • First Mate Vybugho
    His first and only love was the sea. Stern but fair when it comes to enforcing discipline.
  • Hog Eyed Willy
    A lady's man who is handy in a fight. Often caught slacking on work.
  • Ntui The Cannoness
    Likes guns a little too much. Joined the Nali Navy to shoot even bigger guns, but a bout of "surprise target practice" with the main cannons resulted in a dishonorable discharge. Hooked up with pirates to keep shooting big guns.
  • Skut-ra "Anchors" the Bucannier
    Ship's cook. Knows spices and cuisines better than anyone. Of all the things one might complain about on this ship, Anchors makes sure the food isn't on that list.
  • "Peg-Leg" Tunjida
    The ship's shantyman. Despite the moniker, he has two good legs.

And where would we be without some other characters to round out the world building? Mappers may or may not choose to include these characters at their discretion
  • Jiboudae Koos the Explorer
    Entrepreneur and explorer. Discovered the island chains now inhabited by the Nali pirates. Lost at sea 250 years ago, sailing their galleon into uncharted territories.
  • Dread Pirate Xouthala
    Infamous retired pirate captain of the Coin a' Plenty, which has been docked at the one and only free port around for the past ten years. Wanted everywhere else, but manages to avoid capture due to a powerful network of informants. Willing to divulge information about trade ships' routes... for a price.
  • Admiral Ymudo
    The Nali Navy's foremost authority on pirate hunting, with an impressive list of pirates captured or killed. Also captains the fleet's flagship: Harobed's Revenge. Famously carries a brace of four pistols and has been known to wield all four at once. Wherever they and their fleet are, it's best to be somewhere else... as the saying goes "forewarned beats four-armed"
  • Captain Khorax
    Captain of the Reaper of the Neve and personal Rival of Captain Szyskardh. This dirty dealer has beaten the crew to the plunder more than a few times.
  • "Xean Hubbart"
    We're pretty sure that's not really his name but we've never thought to ask. Captain of a mercenary salvage ship. He prefers to send other ships to the bottom on the sea first before salvaging the remains.
  • The innumerable Skaarj pirates
    The Skaarj pirates like to use really small ships to go undetected and get close to board larger vessels. We hate these jerks, but our crew can usually take them in a fight.

Links to templates and assets... I think all these links should work let me know if they do not.

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Subject: Re: Mapping Collab in the style of "The Descent" - Pirates of Nali Land

Post Posted: 08 Jan 2023, 23:15

Wow, I am so excited to see where this new Unreal Mapping collab will lead to!

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Subject: Re: Mapping Collab in the style of "The Descent" - Pirates of Nali Land

Post Posted: 08 Jan 2023, 23:39

Count me in! Time for creating another atmospheric map for a collab!

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Subject: Re: Mapping Collab in the style of "The Descent" - Pirates of Nali Land

Post Posted: 09 Jan 2023, 01:03

I'm in too \o/ , I already started working on my map, pushing my BSP terrain skills to the limit.... :B
Somewhere in Nevada...

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Subject: Re: Mapping Collab in the style of "The Descent" - Pirates of Nali Land

Post Posted: 14 Jan 2023, 22:40

I really wish I could have given time to this. Lockdown was such a nice and rare opportunity to dip back into this hobby, I'm glad we got the rock band back together for The Descent. Well mateys, best of luck- we have rough seas ahead, but I know ye be clever.
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