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[ut] Excessive Unreal 2: Batshit Insane

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Subject: [ut] Excessive Unreal 2: Batshit Insane

Post Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 04:49

Developer: Lord Waffnuffly "War Bonnet" Letz
Status: Developing (Open Beta - Click Here to Get It!)

Image Image
Image Image

Synopsis: EXU2: Batshit Insane is the official EXU2 singleplayer campaign, set in Hell on Na Pali. You run around and slaughter hordes of the most absurd bestiary ever conceived with some of the most awesome and ridiculously-overpowered weapons of all time.

- Mind-destroyingly-chaotic gameplay of the highest caliber
- EXTREMELY-heavily-modified Unreal/RTNP maps
- Hundreds of varieties of new monsters
- All new weapons, including specialty heavy weapons and gimmicky things
- An enormous variety of entertaining (and useful) Battle Flares, as well as other new items
- So far, 16 fully-playable campaign maps with more on the way
- Extensive flexibility for multiplayer gametypes and just about anything else. Unlike the campaign, EXU2 is multiplayer-complete, but new features are always being added
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Post Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 18:36

Thread locked as requested so that all discussion can take place over in the main EXU2 thread.

I had to do a lot of surgery to this thread to get it to work properly on the main site. I tried using list tags but they didn't work properly. I'll take a look at some point and see if there's any way I can improve the performance of the BBCode parser.

EDIT: Thread unlocked, as Waff was unable to edit it while locked (of course - I should have thought of that).
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Post Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 19:28

*** Please keep all comments in the EXU Forum! *** I will only be using this to post news updates (which will appear in the main thread anyway), so I won't respond to anything posted in here. The rest of this post now becomes:

News Archive

[3-7-11] Well what do you know? Two new MP videos are up! CTF-Vengeance again, this time with all the latest goodies added since Demo 4, and CTF-FoT-Stonemarsh, another excellent map which really shows off how amazing the new EnergyAR audio/visual effects are. You can also see the mostly-finalized blood and gore in action (including KICKABLE GIBS), exploding Doom Orbs, and other shenanigans. Check them out brougheims

[1-11-11] Aww sheeit check out this new video which shows off Piddledoper beams, the new gore system + EXU MoreGore, pawn impact effects, blood effects, improved seeking projectiles, and a number of other goodies/improvements. Probably the biggest visible improvement is the subtlest; check the video's description to see what I mean!

[1-4-11] CALLING ALL TEXTURE ARTISTS! Do you want to do some horribly boring, unf--uh I mean REALLY EXCITING awesome work helping us skin some new models? We've got a bunch of items and vehicles and shit that have been UVMapped and need to be textured so they don't look like blobs of crap in-game. Since I suck balls at texturing and UA is busy as fuck already, we really could use a hand from anyone with the skills to make good skins.

We have high-ish poly models you can use for reference on where certain details go and for baking certain details. I'm also willing to edit the UVMaps to accommodate the texture artist! HOW MUCH NICER DOES IT GET? NOT A LOT. You, of course, will also be paid $0.00 per texture from The Legionnaire's massive treasury which currently contains untold riches: over -$32 dollars! Post or email me if you are interested and show samples of your work!

[12-4-10] Progress is really good lately. If you haven't been following the thread, I've posted shots of a lot of new changes and features, like multicolored blood and custom hit effects for pawns, sustained beam weapons, and some other stuff. UA and I have been going nuts fixing netcode bugs and optimizing even further, too.

[10-15-10] v2.1 Patch is out! This fixes a bunch of outstanding issues since release, introduces a number of new and extremely entertaining flares, and applies a number of balance improvements to the singleplayer campaign and MP stuff. It's a good patch man what are you waiting for GET AWN IT

[7-25-10] Demo 4 released! It's about daaaaamn time. Demo 4 is a quantum leap above Demo 3 in terms of stability and performance both on and offline, featuring major code and AI improvements, keybinding options for commonly-used items, new/remade sounds & textures, bajillions of bug fixes, improved campaign maps, some new features, and tons more stuff. There's never been a better time to play EXU2! SO YOU HAD BETTER DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW YOU JERK

[3-21-10] A request: help me find new sources of audio! I'm trying to reduce EXU's reliance on ripped assets from other games so I can distribute it more widely, treat it more professionally, and just generally not worry so much about getting sued into oblivion for using so many damn sound effects from other games. See this post for more details. I really need help finding free sound libraries and/or cheapo royalty-free stuff and ESPECIALLY music. If you're a musician and you want to help work on EXU's soundscape for your portfolio, feel free to drop me a line!

[12-14-09] Battlesphere fully operational and churning once more. Weep for humanity. And check out the new shit at the end of the thread! You don't wanna miss the shots of the Demonic Missile Base (yeah that's right, things are gettin' NASTY now).

[8-20-09] All EXU work is on hold until December. I'm taking a hard as fuck class this fall and need to focus, and I have a few other classes that demand a lot of my time to boot, so don't expect new stuff from me until at least January. I might still be able to get v5 out soon but that's because my part of the work on that patch is (and has been) done. You can still contact me, of course, here or via email with any hatred/comments/questions etc.

[2-15-09] v4 Patch Released. Massively decreases the difficulty for Easy and somewhat for Medium. If you had trouble before, get this!

[2-13-09] Another patch is due out fairly soon. EXU2, while much more polished than EXU1 ever was, is still VERY much a work in progress. This includes bugs and gameplay balance. Thanks to feedback from you guys, I now know there are still a lot of major gameplay issues to address, so I'll be uploading a patch within a couple of days to try and start cleaning these problems up. Stay tuned. Patch notes here.

[2-9-09] OH BOY IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN, FOLKS!!!!! Holy crap there has been an utterly insane amount of work done by UArchitect and myself for this demo, and the last two days of bug-crushing have been pretty exhausting for us. But now it is all done! And I've gotten five more maps completed, two of which are THE ABSOLUTE BEST in the entire demo, holy fucking shit I love them. I think you will too!

I've added shit tons more stuff to the code: new creatures, improved sound effects, new/improved effects, code optimizations, netcode optimizations, etc. All sorts of goodies. On top of all that, UA has completed the new EXU HUD! You'll notice new fonts for the numbers, as well as some seriously badass things I don't want to spoil. Awesome.

Another thing I'm doing this time around is working to really spread this around, because I know it's so much better than before and it deserves more attention. I've fixed up a ModDB entry for EXU2: Batshit Insane and, within a week or so, will be posting this at BU/elsewhere. Please do me a favor and don't beat me to the punch! I want to release it here for you guys first, since this is the real home of Unreal SP, and I also want to ensure no one has any major issues before I send it out to the poor, tender minds of the rest of the internet. Once a few weeks have passed, though, and you know of any sites that might be interested in covering it, feel free to let them know about this!

In addition, I've made the whole mod a lot more newbie-friendly with some improvements to Medium and Easy difficulty, and I have included a new Menu map with some modest tutorials and a Firing Range where you can get a feel for EXU2's arsenal. Check it out!

Anyway, there's way too much stuff for me to talk about here, so just go download the demo and start PLAYING AGURF#GJIFHv

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