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26/02/2017 - "Station H2SO4" by SJ85

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Subject: 26/02/2017 - "Station H2SO4" by SJ85

Post Posted: 27 Feb 2018, 00:53

Map Title: Station H2SO4
Author: Serge "SJ85" Jaeken
From: Station H2SO4
Filename: H2SO4.unr
Music Files: K_Vision.umx

Synopsis: The mission is to sabotate the facility, make it go asplode and escape from it as soon as possible.


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Subject: Re: 26/02/2017 - "Station H2SO4" by SJ85

Post Posted: 27 Feb 2018, 14:09

A good single map that reminds me of more free-form classic Unreal maps. The open layout lets you approach the map in several ways, and, while some are probably easier than others, there's enough equipment around for any approach to work in the end. On Unreal the amount of hitscanners (and surprise Flakker) can be nasty, but there's enough items to recover from a bad fight or two, plus items like the amplifier let you just delete problem enemies. The non-linearity also helps as you can approach hard fights from a different angle. The visuals are relatively simple, but DecayedS and Skaarj are mixed in a way that's somewhat unique, and there's enough details to make it varied. The story could be implemented a bit better, as just having an earthquake effect doesn't really sell that you're destroying the base. There could also maybe be a more intense fight to finish up too, but the non-linearity makes that tricky to do I guess.
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Subject: Re: 26/02/2017 - "Station H2SO4" by SJ85

Post Posted: 01 Mar 2018, 20:13

SJ85 wrote: 

Definitely pulls it off better than most maps with the Skaarj x DecayedS theme (especially you Zero Black) and doesn't throw Mercenaries in the middle together with the Skaarj. Doesn't exactly follow all the time the laws of logic (i.e. a command panel that's located in the middle of nowhere, over a pit of slime unreachable by normal means) unless you project your mind into '90s gaming but it's not important to point out at the end of the day.
It's simple and fun to play every time, and the story premise is good enough to stay strong till the very end.

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Subject: Re: 26/02/2017 - "Station H2SO4" by SJ85

Post Posted: 03 Mar 2018, 18:17

Very happy with this MOTW, an SP stand-alone map which is both super recent and doesn't require a big commitment to play through :)

So I downloaded this today and played through it for roughly half an hour.

Like others I am glad classic style SP maps still get made without too much fuss - the result this time round is good and I got old school vibes from it.

It reminds me of some Quake maps actually, and so it's no surprise SJ85 had previously dabbled with Quake and Quake 2.

The Skaarj x DecayedS mix is good yeah (and thumbs up for the main, central area), and the gameplay is nice - just enough challenging on the Medium difficulty setting to create some suspense and get me into trouble without actually killing me :) so perfectly balanced on that setting (I just reloaded once because I was left really weak after a surprise encounter with that ASMD-wielding Skaarj). The best original touch is the "lift" section :P The finale is harmless fun.

A good map and I hope SJ85 will continue mapping for Unreal, he could end up making great stuff :tup:
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Subject: Re: 26/02/2017 - "Station H2SO4" by SJ85

Post Posted: 04 Mar 2018, 17:21

Nothing much really to add to my comment in viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4210#p75396.
Nothing exceptional in this map but on the other hand nothing at all wrong with it (perhaps unfortunate lighting where the ASMD Skaarj can cling to walls and is almost invisible).
Certainly a promising map which makes me think the author could well risk something more ambitious. Having seen the playthrough now, I realise that I actually took the hard route (with less firepower, but perhaps safer because I cleared the lower section completely before taking the lift).
Yeah, I'ld like to see more maps by SJ85 (actually the first compatriot I know of making an Unreal map).

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