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09/10/2017 - "Enslaved" by Maciej (Kaka)

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Subject: 09/10/2017 - "Enslaved" by Maciej (Kaka)

Post Posted: 09 Oct 2017, 18:24

Map Title: Enslaved
Author: Maciej (Kaka)
From: Enslaved
Filename: Enslaved.unr
Music Files: Opal.umx, Watcher.umx, Moroset.umx, Dusk.umx, Fourth.umx, Hub2.umx, QueenSong.umx

Sypnosis: You're enslaved on a massive Sky Island overtaken by the Skaarj. Prepare for a long escape!


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Subject: Re: 09/10/2017 - "Enslaved" by Maciej (Kaka)

Post Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 11:47

Not too much detail I remember about this map except that visually is was really impresive.
Oh yeah, 2 negative points
1= the spawning Skaarj (twice). The first time it's OK because the instigator of the attack is more or less visible and can be killed before the Skaarj become overwhelming. But the second time it takes too long to find and kill the instigator and by that time the number of spawned Skaarj attacking seem like 20 or more (and the useable turret becomes a death trap).
2 = there was something wrong with some triggers when you teleported to the top of a high rock where a portal should have been opened (so basically you're stuck there, although IIRC it was possible to survive a descent and to rework your way up but I'm not sure whether the trigger sequence then worked.

Gameplay was quite good I thought with Krall and Skaarj roaming in some high graas which kept the player alert.
AFAIR this map was an (unfinished and very unpolished) contester in an Unrealsp speedmap contest and received lots of praise (and justly so).
It's certainly a keeper but replayvalue is limited by the aforementioned hickups.

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Subject: Re: 09/10/2017 - "Enslaved" by Maciej (Kaka)

Post Posted: 13 Oct 2017, 01:05

I hadn't actually played the new version until now. This level has a bug problem, and not in the pests sense. There's invisible walls (and related lighting errors), various objects embedded in scenery (including a turret that needs to be killed with AOE weapons because other attacks don't work), a door you have to ghost through because it doesn't unlock when it should. After the first Warlord fight there's also a part where you're dumped on a tower and the only "legit" way down I found is to exploit geometry to survive a huge drop. The FOV being reset after using a turret is irritating too, and the messages need proofreading. For the original speedmap contest this was forgivable as it's a massive level made in a short time period, but for it to be just as buggy after a few extra years of development? To be fair at least none of the BSP issues seem to kill you.

The evil Nali spawner mechanic is interesting but the base design doesn't really work as it is. You either instagib the Nali and only get one or two Skaarj or don't find them and end up with a potentially game-breaking army of them; because the Nali are very vulnerable but also have no real limit on their ability there's no middle ground at all and they're essentially a learn by dying mechanic. For this version it seems the solution (beyond giving them a new skin to make them stick out more) was to just remove all but a few fights with them, which is an improvement I guess, but doesn't address the actual issues with their design. On Unreal the start is also oddly ammo-starved (to the point you pretty much need to use the Dispersion Pistol), but that seems to go away later.

The big issues are a shame because the rest is excellent; the environment is fully fleshed out and links together in cool ways with rewards for exploration, the combat sequences that aren't full of weird problems are generally enjoyable, and there's a nice focus on vertical combat at a few points. It's one of the most impressive looking maps around and makes use of some advanced effects like the grass (too bad that also has some flickering issues). The ending is also nicely improved from the original map, as it was a horde of spawner Nali in the original release, whereas here you get more dynamic and fun encounters between a Titan and Warlord fight, with a little extra content to break up the middle. This could be one of the best single maps of all time, and in some ways it is, but all the issues end up making it feel more like something akin to a Davinci painting that happens to have a bunch of dicks drawn over it.
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Subject: Re: 09/10/2017 - "Enslaved" by Maciej (Kaka)

Post Posted: 13 Oct 2017, 18:01

The Da Vinci analogy describes the map perfectly. It only needs some fixes to be perfect.

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