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Jones is doing WHAT!?!?!

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Subject: Re: Jones is doing WHAT!?!?!

Post Posted: 11 Dec 2011, 22:10

Maxer 64 wrote:Okey, so I was playing UT99 on the map "DM-7B-BulletTime" ( A map that came with 7 Bullets),So I thought I could ghost around the map, and I found Jones (with no shirt on), doing what looked like to me, which was, jamming his penis up a naked girl's ass. :shock: WTF?

I think the WTF here is that you say he's doing it to a woman's ass but then equate that with gay sex.

Can't be gay if it's a man doing a woman... :? well, unless he's really gay and he's just doing the gal to cover it up.


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