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Savage Development Diary

For public discussion of "Savage Land" and other Red Nemesis projects.

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Subject: Re: Savage Development Diary

Post Posted: 14 Sep 2023, 17:24

If you own either UGold, UT, or any of the other versions of Unreal on Steam you should be in the clear. I myself am currently developing my Savage Land content using my UGold from Steam. For the other digital storefronts it is similar, far as I've last heard. Someone can correct me if this has changed.

What sort of stopped a lot of mod developers dead in their tracks at the announcement (and even now people are going through it) is the fact that this effectively means we as a community have reached a hard place when it comes to hoping new people discover our old game.

Those of us with family or friends have the luxury of sharing our digital copies or even our physical discs on the chance we might get someone interested in Unreal. Otherwise, the displeasure I think some people are feeling is that our work will not extend much beyond that.

People like Krull0r have made very public strides promoting his Redux project on social media. Twitter, Youtube, ect. In my opinion this might be worth exploring going forward, as I believe that in this day and age nostalgia for "when shooters were good and innovative" still tends to circulate with gamers. You get a good viral trailer to pop off on the internet and....well who knows :o This is the situation Epic has created for us.

In regards to Savage Land, this project was always more about giving something back to the longtime Unreal initiated. It will continue to be that.


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