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Happy 21st Anniversary,!

Posted: 21 Jun 2022, 15:21
by ividyon
Another year older! This one passed *real* fast.

I made a couple of turbulent experiences, such as finally moving to a larger flat, getting situated in a brandnew city 300km across the country, and preparation for fulfilling my life-long dream of owning a cat, which will become reality this Friday. Needless to say, this forced some pushback on our plans for the site.

Site updates

You may have noticed that the forums relocated back to their "" path, off the root of the domain. This comes with seamless redirects from the previous URL paths to the older-but-now-newer, so any links posted on other forums should be preserved just fine.

The list of actionable items for the release of the new main site has shrunk significantly to:

  • Add a way to tease specific articles from another page (ex. for page listings for the Game Guide, article overviews...)
  • Transfer existing content into the new system, rewrite some parts for better structure. (Reviews are already all transferred!)
  • Deploy on the live server for everyone's consumption.

The rest of active USP staff have offered their gracious help with the content transfer, so that should be in good hands. Overall, right now it's looking pretty good...

For the sake of getting it over with, extra goals previously included in the launch were moved to a later post-release time. This includes the renewal of the forum (update to the newest phpBB, sorting out all the registration and email issues once and for all) and various bonus features for the site to extend it beyond its original scope.

I hope this will bring us closer to completion of a "minimum viable product", to let us gauge activity and interest in the community before committing to further action.


And so, as of now it's a bit of a quiet moment, but there are some interesting developments on the horizon. Look for news of The Descent v1.1, an upcoming nautical collaboration, and perhaps more, soon. Not to mention the rumours of an impending 227j release and talks of an Unreal remaster by Nightdive Studios...

As always, thank you for your continued patronage! We'll see you around.

Re: Happy 21st Anniversary,!

Posted: 21 Jun 2022, 15:28
by AlCapowned
Happy anniversary! Thanks so much for keeping the site going, ividyon!

Re: Happy 21st Anniversary,!

Posted: 21 Jun 2022, 17:49
by Mister_Prophet
Happy anniversary :tup: So great that this place is still going strong after so many years!

Re: Happy 21st Anniversary,!

Posted: 21 Jun 2022, 21:46
by Aspide
Happy anniversary \o/ \o/ , this website is living proof that Unreal still lives, thanks to all the people that participate in this community, looking forward to future projects :D

Re: Happy 21st Anniversary,!

Posted: 22 Jun 2022, 00:41
by Tarydax
Happy anniversary! :o

Re: Happy 21st Anniversary,!

Posted: 23 Jun 2022, 20:31
by UnrealGecko
Happy Anniversary :)

Re: Happy 21st Anniversary,!

Posted: 28 Jun 2022, 23:18
by Hellscrag
Okay, so I may not have posted on the day, but I did pause to remember my firstborn.

Happy anniversary, my summer solstice child. ;)