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Looking for new site logo

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Subject: Looking for new site logo

Post Posted: 06 May 2015, 11:32

Hello everyone,

for a work-in-progress aimed at bringing the site's content back from its current limbo, I'm looking for somebody to design a simplistic logo for our website. While I'm somewhat happy with the current one, it is kind of antiquated, and offers nothing special in terms of its typeface, instead depending on fancy, unnecessary patterns and styling.

For the upcoming reveal, I'd like a recognizable logo/banner that remains familiar - as UnrealSP.org is mostly the sum of its regulars and oldtimers - but can also be displayed in a single/simplistic colors without losing its flair.

If any of you feel up to it, throw me a message, or post here for more details! :)
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Subject: Re: Looking for new site logo

Post Posted: 07 May 2015, 01:21

I'd like to try and design it, though I can't draw for shite and my Photoshop skills are medium... Hmmm...
Trying to get back into the swing of things.

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Subject: Re: Looking for new site logo

Post Posted: 31 May 2015, 19:46

I must say I lack the imagination for this stuff but I had a simple idea so I made a quick 2-colour draft of it. Can't say I impressed myself and you probably meant something with a bit more out of the box thinking, but here is the idea.


It might work as a flat logo with very simplistic colours or a bit more 3d-ish (bevel at the edges) and a metallic shine, the way we got used to seeing the name "Unreal" when the game starts (but less fine detail). The "SP" part could be in some different color but still with a metallic shine. In case of a non-flat logo the escape pod could be "realistic" like in the game, or at least slightly shaded indicating a 3d object. I would also make the pod a bit rotated instead of a full front view now that I think about it.

I can work on it if you like the concept.

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