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Potential contest participants, post here.

For discussion about itself.

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Subject: Re: Potential contest participants, post here.

Post Posted: 21 Jan 2015, 09:57

Sweet, we have some movement in this thread again :)
I like some of the ideas posted and I could try to contribute something small (even though I still have 0 experience in SP). If it will be 227, then it ain't a problem for me now :D
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Subject: Re: Potential contest participants, post here.

Post Posted: 21 Jan 2015, 16:40

Gosh, a lot of ideas to discuss!
My reaction to the latest posts, in a few words:
-for the main collaborative effort, I agree the Déjà Vu standard could be a good default option if no consensus is reached with respect to other ideas.
-I also think the bursting of ideas here is fantastic but, realistically, only several projects, not one, could make them all see the light of day.
-I still think the active section-by-section thing could be tons of fun and more of a side project that needn't absorb all the energy that the community may possess for this year (I mean, come on, only one person at a time would be mapping for a week before passing on the .unr file to someone else - no big deal, and then, the former could always come back several weeks later for another 1 week session depending on interest etc.).
-Furthermore, ebd mentioned something that's just common sense (for what is being considered here): short scope development cycles. (And the game of telephone in UED would be ideal in that respect.)
-I may be giving off the impression that there could be several projects emerging from this discussion - but mind you, I naturally don't want to split up the "get-together" momentum, we definitely should agree on some common "event" project which gathers a maximum number of participants.
-However, I just wanted to signal my interest in Delacroix's idea which, I believe (unless I am much mistaken), will prove too singular to gather the majority required to see it become the main collaborative "event"... but if Delacroix is indeed willing to provide a handout in the next couple of days then I'd love to read it. It could be another relatively small scale project, which could be carried out during another period of the year. I like the fact that the mappers would be pretty free as to how they'd carry out their own maps in the context of this idea.
-At the end of the day, I also believe that this collaborative event-project would allow people to appreciate the current mapping enthusiast pool of the community... which could then lead to new endeavours.
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Subject: Re: Potential contest participants, post here.

Post Posted: 21 Jan 2015, 17:44

I really like Proph's idea of one main story, hub leading to other maps which all have their own story whilst keeping in contact with the central one. This idea is actually very similar to Del's idea of having one main ship which leads off to "mind games" (the one main story thing applies here too with the disabling generator thing) each "mind game" could essentially work as a separate map with individual stories and objectives.

I've worked with this UnRogue thing - it really is just warpzones that lead to a random other warpzone (or randomizing teleporter) so you go to a different location everytime you play.

Lot's of interesting ideas here though, I would be happy taking part in any of them :)



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