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Review: Jiganara Kingdom 3

Don't expect very much

Project information

Jiganara Kingdom 3
Mattias "Uran 238" Ekh
Single Map

Main review

"Uran 238" is actually Team Unrealsp's "Maekh"! And this map, when compared to his Deja-Vu map, is a good example of how much a mappers skill can progress over the years.

You start off the level in a hut, and, after getting the Dispersion Pistol and breaking some stuff for a few weapons and the translator a Nali in the house tells you to head for the "temple of time" (A Zelda reference perhaps?) and find the Nali priest there. That's it in terms of story as the level ends when you enter the temple and there are no other translator messages. Also, there was one part with Nali standing around a globe that had little point to it.

The starting village

The architecture is basic, although the temple at the end could have looked quite nice with a bit more work. The village uses the author own Nali huts, but they are very cubic, although the structures around the terrain with arches show that the author does have some skill with the editor. The terrain itself is relatively flat, although parts like the approach to the temple show some use of levels. The way the mountain peaks went above the clouds in the skybox was actually quite an interesting effect, although I'm not sure if it was intentional. The texturing on the terrain is pretty bad; On curved parts of it the texture repeats itself around the curve, which looks horrible. The skybox clouds also moved too fast. But the houses and the temple at least have appropriate textures used.

The terrain is mostly zonelit, the only lighting comes from lamps, which require no input from the author to cast light, and therefore they are just placed around the level to light things. But at the least the lighting IS sourced! The only sound comes from the creatures in the level, but the music chosen fits the level well enough.

Although the level is simple there are some BSP holes around, and one (quite big) "invisible wall" error. If you jump to look down the well there is a BSP hole on one side. And the lake has one at certain angles too. The temple also has two entrances blocked off for no reason, which makes the level look unfinished.

The Temple of Time

At the start you are made to face a horde of Krall with only 12 health. The amount of ammo provided makes this easy enough, but it is very inconsitent seeing as this fight is the hardest battle in the level. At least a horde is Krall is fun to fight, but then again, with enough ammo a horde of Krall is fun to fight in ANY level! Other than the village the only other fight is at the temple, and the Krall there can be easily sniped with the rifle.

Places like the temple entrance show the author had a bit of a concept in mind when the level was made, but it is still basic, and bits like the globe look to be a random thing thrown in because the author couldn't think of anything else.


If you really want to play an Unreal level but can't find anything then this is probably just about worth a go. Don't expect very much though.

Build (8%)
  • Architecture
    Imagination, realism and detail of structures used in the design of the level.
  • Texturing
    Use of textures in the level. Technically speaking, alignment and scaling. Choice of textures, and quality of any custom textures used.
  • Lighting
    Lighting of the level: does it look cool? Use of light colour and other effects, and sourcing of lighting (no light out of nowhere).
  • Sound
    Use of ambient sounds and event sounds to give the level atmosphere, and the quality of any custom sounds. Appropriate use of music and silence to complement the atmosphere.
  • Technical Execution
    Technical soundness of the level, i.e. no visual glitches, no random deaths or other gameplay bugs, and a good framerate.
Cast (7%)
  • Conceptual Grandness
    Scale, imagination, awe & originality of design and layout, physical foreshadowing of future areas.
  • Story Construction
    Backing story & progression via translator, subplots, and script of voice acting where applicable. Logical choice of opposition.
  • Story Implementation
    Progression of the written story via the events of the level, and performance of voice actors where applicable.
  • Gameplay Awe
    Quality of scripted sequences, originality and staging of combats. Maps that force the player to "learn by dying" will be penalised.
  • Gameplay Balance
    Balance of weapons and items to creatures, including difficulty settings. Most importantly, fun factor.
Very poor

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