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"Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited v2.01" Map-by-Map Review

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This is a map-by-map review of Deja Vu 2.0 using an older review schema, however it has been preserved as a detailed alternative take on the set. This is the current review.


In June of 2003, Deja-Vu Gryphon Revisited was released by UnrealSP.Org to celebrate their second anniversary. It was conceived as a project roughly one month previous to release and consisted of 13 maps with ending sequence. In and of itself, quite an accomplishment. However, as might be expected, the build time became somewhat evident as one progressed through segments of the pack. These issues were aptly discussed in a review posted by Drevlin & eVOLVE shortly after the release. All were quite valid.

Fast forward – June 2004. Deja-Vu 2.0 (2.01) is released, consisting of 16 maps with ending sequence. It represents roughly a year, on and off, of striving to improve the original, to coincide with the sites third anniversary. It weighs in approximately 20mb in excess of the original. Does more = better? We offer our observations and opinions.

A Map by Map Review

This is a map by map review where comments and scores have been given in all categories except for story. The story will be dealt with separately since this is to be played as a coherent pack with a red line. If we were to include a story grade on each map, there would be some maps that would be severely punished for it, while others who have implemented subplots would have benefited.
All reviews have followed the schema found at’s custom review page, and individual maps have been given an overall score based on the average grade for each category.
We hope you enjoy the read.

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"Déjà Vu" v2.01 Map-by-Map Review